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Data & Call Plan
Data & Call Plan is the easy to use app giving you powerfulrealtime details about your data and call consumption of yourCellPhone. Data & Call Plan helps you to fit on your monthlyplannot surpassing the limits, and letting you to take the mostfromthe money paid to the mobile company. Data & Call Planprovidesyou with: - Counters to easy follow up the data, voice andsmspackages so far. This app allows you to introduce as manydifferentcounters as you wish, to get the so far usage on any typeof dataor call you want track. - Great set of alarms to keep awatchdog onconsumptions you want to track. - Full stats reports toget easierdetails. - Forecast to the end of cycle of anyconsumption up todate, so you can fit your use to your budget. -Set up of freecontacts. Data & Call Plan has been developed bythe leaderteam on telecom expense app development on real time.Treconeoffers you for free this app to help you out of keep themonthlycost at bay. Get the máximum of your cell phone with Data&Call Plan on Android. Solutions forentreprises:
Consumo Datos Móvil
Con Consumo Datos móvil controlas tu plan de datos sabiendo cuantollevas acumulado en cada momento del periodo. Al ser independientea la compañía de teléfonos, podrás comparar tu medición con lafactura. Conseguirás AHORRAR cada mes, ya que además controlaráslos datos GRATIS. Aprovecha al máximo tu PLAN sin pasarte ycontrola en tiempo real tu consumo con la garantía de Trecone, losdesarrolladores líderes en control de costos telecom. Te ofrece: *CONTADORES del consumo de tu PLAN mensual en tiempo real: datosmóvil y wifi. Crea tantos contadores como quieras sobre aquellosconsumos que quieres mantener a raya. * ESTADISTICAS: Visualizarápidamente tu consumo diario, de la semana y de meses anteriores.Identifica las apps que más has utilizado en cada periodo y en quegastas tu saldo.
Traffic Monitor & 3G/4G/5G Speed 11.7.0
Demand more. Have it all at your fingertips. Speed - Data - QualityWith the ad-free Traffic Monitor you can check your 3G / 4G and 5Gspeed and keep an eye on network coverage and data usage on yoursmartphone. Integrated key-features: speed test for 3G / 4G and 5Gnetworks, inspection of network availability and data usagemonitoring. Speed test The speed test of the Traffic Monitor showsyou the speed and latency of your UMTS, LTE, 5G and Wi-Fi networkon a speedometer, separated into upload, download and ping speed.After each test you receive an assessment of your result, comparingit to users in your region. So you can find out if you surf the netfaster or slower than the rest of the world. All speed tests arearchived with all details and can be accessed anytime and viewed onthe integrated map view. The archived data helps you to recognizespeed variations quickly. Coverage Discover the reasons of badnetwork performance with Traffic Monitor! The coverage map displaysnetwork availability depending on your current position. Thenetwork coverage of each provider is shown on the coverage map forselect countries, with more countries added over time. RoamingAvoid unpleasant surprises after your holidays. Traffic Monitordetects foreign networks if you are abroad and shows dedicatedroaming counters. So you can always keep an eye on your roamingusage. Data usage Monitor your data usage in a self-specifiedperiod of time. Therefore you can set all your details of your dataplan like the starting date of your billing period or your maximaldata allowance. You can also choose between weekly, monthly or30-day billing period lengths. Traffic Monitor measures your datausage in general and by app. So you are always well-informedbecause Traffic Monitor warns you if you have exceeded yourspecified data volume. In addition, data usage abroad is shownseparately so that you can track your roaming charges easily.Traffic Monitor is for free and does not contain any ads! We arehappy about positive ratings and your feedback :-). Thank you!
Plan Monitor
Plan Monitor gives you SELF-CONTROL of the month-to-dateCONSUMPTIONof your Smartphone Android device to not exceed yourplan limits.Save money and get the máximum of your mobile phonewith PlanMonitor fitting into your plan limits every month. PlanMonitorhelps you out to check the montly carrier bill, sending areport (oncsv format generated from your phone activity) of yourcalls, SMSand data conections details to your email. Features: -Real TimeConsumption Monitor and Counters including so farconsumption tocontrol your plans. You can keep the cost at the bayand you willnot exceed your plan limit again! - Customize yourplan introducingvoice, SMS and data limits applying to you. Youwill not run out ofthe plan limits. - Control yours SMS and callsto FREE NUMBERS ->Consumption at this numbers will be notdeducted from the plan set.- Plan Monitor provides a independentcall log got from the deviceactivity. You can to export it to youremail to check with yourmontly carrier bill. Even if the phone logis deleted, Plan Monitorwill preserve the full call detail recordsin the file sent to you.- Set up of ALARMS to let you be notifiedanytime you get closer toyour plan limits. Solutions forentreprises:
Data Usage Monitor 2.1.6
If you have wondered how much data consumption you make throughoutthe day, you have considered finding out about the quality of yourWi-Fi signal and you want to know which is the best <b>coverage area by operators such as Movistar, Vodafone, Orange,among others CoCo is your application and also without ads DataConsumption Control CoCo allows you to control data consumption sothat you know in which applications you are using the most data andbe able to manage it better. You can configure your rate andcontrol the data consumption made to avoid exceeding the contractedlimits. Controlling your data consumption will allow you to see inwhich applications you are spending your contracted gigabytes andmanage the time you spend on the phone because, who wants to runout of data before the end of the month? Measure Wi-Fi ConsumptionYou will be able to measure the Wi-Fi consumption and know thenumber of gigabytes that you invest in your applications, thusbeing able to control the Wi-Fi consumption that is made on yourmobile. Measuring Wi-Fi consumption is complementary to measuringdata consumption since it will help you optimize the consumption ofgigabytes that you make monthly. Wifi Signal and Coverage MeterCoCo also allows you to find out about the quality of the coverageand the signal of operators... Which will help you choose the bestoperator according to your area and coverage signal. You will beable to measure the 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G signal and know thepercentage of time that the mobile device is in 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5Gcoverage and measure the signal in dBm. In this way, you canprecisely know the connection's quality and later compare operatorsin your area. Access to coverage and signal maps CoCo allows you toaccess coverage and signal maps so you can discover which areas ofyour country, region, or state have better or worse qualitydepending on the technology and the chosen operator. History ofyour average level of coverage and signal The signal meter willallow you to compare and analyze your coverage and signal levels ona daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis. In this way, youcan check if the poor coverage or connection failures are due to aspecific problem or if they are due to a specific location. ———MORE ABOUT THE APP CoCo requires certain permissions for itscorrect use. The necessary permissions and their importance aredetailed below. Approximate and Precise location permission (AccessCoarse Location and Access Fine Location): to be able to correctlycollect information regarding the quality of the existingconnection (in decibels), based on the location in which you findthe user. Phone State (Read Phone State): This permission allowsthe app to know if the device is on, off, in airplane mode...essential information to discover the percentage of time that isspent on each device. condition. All data is anonymized, we willnever ask you for personal information. If you have questions writeto us at [email protected] — Do not hesitate to contact usto suggest new proposals about our data consumption application.
Gastos Datos y Llamadas
MONITORIZA y CONTROLA TU CONSUMO DE DATOS y LLAMADAS. CONFIGURATUPLAN DE DATOS y VOZ Configura tu plan de datos prepago opostpagocon los límtes contratados en tu operador. Este pasoesindispensable para un buen control de tu plan. CONTADOR DE DATOSYLLAMADAS a través de sus interfaces podrás en todo momento teneruncontrol de tu consumo diario, semanal y mensual. NÚMEROSGRATUITOSdefine tu números gratuitos (amigos, elegidos, etc),númerosespeciales, y establece los límites de tiempo en llamadassiaplica, y no te pases. Para que se puedan contabilizardeberásllamar desde la app. EXCLUYE APPS GRATIS excluye las appsque tuoperador te ofrece un consumo gratuito. ALARMAS ampliasopciones dealarmas para que tengas alertas de cualquier consumo quequierascontrolar. Evita sorpresas en la factura. ESTADÍSTICAScompletodetalle de estadísticas para poder visualizar de formasencilla tusconsumos acumulados, diarios, o por aplicación. … ymuchas másopciones que irás descubriendo a medida que la vayasusando. Estaapp te ayuda a monitorizar tu consumoindependientemente seas de:Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Tuenti,Yoigo, Jazztel, Simyo,Pepephone, Eusktaltel, R, Telecable, Amena,Telcel, AT&T,Unefon, Claro, SFR, y un largo número deoperadores y países.Siempre es un placer escucharles! Si deseanhacer algún comentarioo pregunta, envíanos un correo electrónico a:[email protected]