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goalunited LIVE 1.7.0
(Free goalunited PRO account for browserneeded)For your club in goalunited PRO you get a new partner to help youout in goalunited LIVE. One that will permanently provide you withall important information:**LIVE ticker**Follow each minute of your players on the field live in theticker**Line-up**Set the line-up for the next matches and beat your opponents withthe best tactics**1on1 matches**The usual number of matches is not enough? Then you can play 1on1matches at any time and collect ladder points, as well as amazingrewards. Can you beat your opponents?**Match report**Analyze your matches and plan your tactics for the next match**Club profile**Prepare optimally for the next opponent, find his weaknesses andruthlessly plan your victory**Player details**The strengths and weaknesses of your players always at aglance**Card deck**Access to your cards with which you can for example influence thematch in the live ticker**Further development**Permanent additions make the app a powerful Assistant Coach that isalways at your side.
Rail Nation: The railroadgame 2.3.1
Create a rail and trade empire! In thiseconomy simulation you continuously build new transport routesbetween different cities. You decide which goods to trade in andwho to trade with. You will only make a profit with the rightstrategy. You can upgrade your train station with your profits. 11building types and more than 250 upgrade levels are available.Invest in research and ring in new eras yourself! You will playthrough a total of six eras and travel full steam ahead towards anendgame, for which only the best will qualify. Only if you investin research can you become a railroad tycoon and start new eras.With the right strategy you will develop new trains and certainlyout-drive your fellow players with your more advanced engines.Form alliances and win as a team! Find new alliances from amongyour 2.5 million fellow players and become the new logisticsmagnate. As part of a powerful railroad association it will be yourtask to extend your own railroad empire step by step. Only onceyour trains dominate the logistics sector, you will be the newrailroad tycoon of Rail Nation.All features of Rail Nation at a glance• Build the most lucrative routes for your goods• Research new, realistic engines (steam, diesel, electric) andexperience 6 eras of railroad history• Make your train station with 11 buildings and 250 upgrade optionsinto a hub• Form alliances and win as a team• Be part of a huge network of 2.5 million players• Get crucial bonuses from competitions and workers• Experience the classic era of locomotivesCan also be played in full and with the same account in abrowser on a PC! Full cross-platform functionality!Problems & questions: http://help.rail-nation.comForum & community: requirementsRecommended: Dual Core CPU, 1,5GB RAMRail Nation can be downloaded and installed for free. Somein-game features may be purchased for real money. If you don't wantto use this function, please disable in-app purchases in yourdevice's settings. A network connection is required.
goalunited PRO soccer manager 1.6.0
Just imagine YOU are the boss of your ownsoccer club. YOU take over a small club and push it through thechallenges on the way to the top. Only YOU can lead yourprofessional club to soccer worlds’ glory. In goalunited PRO youare the soccer manager and coach of the future, who the PremierLeague (GB) | Major League Soccer (US), international leagues andFIFA have always been waiting for. An incredible experience, fromkick off to the end of the season!Form your team for 2016 with title aspirations! Train your squadand improve it by making strategic purchases on the real-timetransfer market. Not only shall you build a stadium worthy of thefame of worlds’ top clubs, you will also create a perfectenvironment for your players. Choose the best tactics and the rightplayer transfers for your team, dominate the rival managers withyour club from match to match in the multiplayer game and seizeyour chance to score the winning goal with the right tactic. OnlyYOU can decide how successful your season will be and whichtrophies you take home.goalunited PRO is the benchmark game for soccer managementsimulators! It inspires players with its unique realism and anincredibly complex gaming depth that's matched by no other managergame. A community of the best soccer managers in the world iswaiting for you. Take the lead, instead of chasing others for theball! What are you waiting for? Play goalunited PRO for free now onour server.Features:***Career mode***Earn money as a soccer manager, improve your team's formation, anddominate the league.***1 on 1***Challenge online soccer managers or friends from around the worldat any time in the multiplayer game. Do you have what it takes towin?***Live ticker***Follow each and every minute of your squad's performance with thelive ticker. Can they come out on top?***Formation***Choose a suitable tactical formation for your players, opt foreither an offensive or defensive strategy, and lead your team tovictory.***Stadium environment***The stadium is important, but it's not everything. Acquire the bestclub premises, open a youth academy and set up an excellent medicaldepartment. Your fans will appreciate good infrastructure, as wellas snack stands or restaurants, and will cheer on your goalunitedsoccer team in your colours!***Training***Train your squad and develop young potential into real superstars.***Squad***A good squad is absolutely essential in order to lead your club tointernational success.***Transfers***Is your squad too weak? Get hold of the best candidates in no timeat all with the right transfers.**Merchandising**Fulfill the demands of your club's fans. You are responsible forthe production and sale of memorabilia items.***Youth***By investing in the youth of today, you'll soon be rewarded withyour own stars - and save lots of money on the transfermarket.***An Internet connection is required to play.***goalunited PRO can be downloaded and installed for free. However,some of the features in the game can also be bought for real money.If you don't want to use this function, please deactivate in-apppurchases in your device's settings.
Arkheim – Realms at War: RTS Team & MMO War Game 2.0.6
Discover Arkheim - Realms at War, the new fantasy MMO war game fromthe makers of the MMO strategy classic, Travian. Build an empire,raid and battle in true cross-platform PVP – the depth of an RTSstrategy game, with the accessibility of a mobile app. Arkheim,once a legendary empire, has been destroyed with remnants of itskingdom floating in the sky. Its ancient relics have enthralled newexplorers such as yourself, promising power and answers about thepast. A prophecy foretells that once all three moons align into theFull Moon Trinity, those worthy will ascend into a Kingdom ofEternal Light. You must gather mystical orbs that let you channelthe energy of the moons, and transfer them into a colossal relic atthe center of your realm: the Ark. The stronger your Ark, the morepowerful your empire will become. Build your empire and command amighty army. Dungeon battles will have you face-to-face withtwisted demons. Battle demons to gain ancient knowledge andpowerful items in return. Command Warlords with unique sets ofabilities and send multiple armies into epic PvP battles. Raidother realms to gain powerful orbs and increase the power of yourArk. Fantasy war tactics will make or break your empire. Create analliance and discuss MMO strategy, and fight alongside players allover the world. RTS strategy will lead your empire to the Kingdomof Eternal Light...or to destruction. You hold the fate of yourpeople in your hands. Will you be deemed worthy to ascend into theKingdom of Eternal Light? ARKHEIM FEATURES: Fantasy RTS Games: -Command an army of fallen soldiers & harvest the power of thethree moons - Build up your economy & train a mighty military -Raid other realms and steal their orbs to increase the power ofyour Ark Build Your Empire: - War Commander, Pioneer &Ascendant: Gifted with rare abilities, you're destined to turn yoursettlement into a flourishing city - Battle as a ruthless elf or aninventive dwarf and enter war over an ancient prophecy - Unite in apowerful kingdom, your realm, with players from all over the world- Kingdom defense and expansion: Fight for territorial conquest& epic loot Alliance Strategy: - MMO strategy: Join a realm andmeet allies to battle with - Build mighty alliances in your realm -Team-based 4X strategy game - where teamwork is key War &Dungeons: - Raid other realms and goblin towers to gather mysticalorbs to channel the energy of the moons - Battle twisted demons,gain ancient knowledge and collect powerful items - Command mightywarlords and clash with other players - PvP battles: Devise cunningstrategy to conquer enemy towers and prevail Create a prosperousfuture for you, your people and your realm. -- Arkheim - Realms atWar offers in-app purchases. You can disable this by turning offthe in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Privacy Policy:
Hyperdrome - Tactical Battle Racing 3.7.4
Two cars. One race track. And a whole arsenal of power-ups.Welcometo the dynamic racing world of the future. The first caracross thefinish line wins the race – that's how racing was andthat's howracing will always be. Yet with ever-faster cars andperfectedracing lines, motorsport soon became too predictable. In abid tobring fun back to the sport, ways of combat, subterfuge,andspecial abilities were added to the cars. A new game emergedwhereit's not only the fastest who wins, but the most cunning:EnterHyperdrome. INTENSE 1V1 DUEL RACING It's not just racinganymore –it's Tactical PVP Battle Racing. Hyperdrome puts a twiston thegenre by removing steering controls in favor of tacticalabilities.Outsmart and outpace your opponent to win. Whether you'rea rollingbastion, all about the epic counter-move, or just like togo fullwipeout – we've got you covered. Clash with players from allaroundthe world and race your way to the top. 34 WAYS OF DOMINATINGYOUROPPONENT Craft your own strategy by equipping the eightpower-upsthat best suit your playstyle. Then punish your nextopponent forbringing a gun to a flamethrower fight. Collect,unlock, andupgrade your favorites. Choose from 34 unique abilitieswith evenmore to come. You can teleport ahead, lay tactical mines,or justlet your combat drones do the hard work. We won't judge. Aslong asyou're winning. GARAGE Choose from a pool of cars and selectthevehicle that suits your playstyle best! Fast, armored or maybeyouprefer an All-rounder? You can customize each vehicleindividually!Change anything from your vehicle’s components orcolors all theway to designs and start the race with your personalcar. Dominateyour opponent and mock them with your horn! FINISH INSTYLE Thefuture looks sleek. Burn rubber on one of four stunningracetracksand marvel at the kaleidoscopic visuals of tomorrow.Complete witha thumping soundtrack that's sure to make you raiseyour hands inthe air – if only you didn't need them for playing!Crushing yourfriends has never felt better. The race is on.Features: • Tactical1v1 PvP battles • Worldwide matchmaking • 34unique power-ups •Customize your cars • 6 action-packed race tracks• Spectacular,futuristic visuals • Wicked soundtrack tailored toeach level Andnon-stop, nerve-wracking, breathtaking fun.
Rail Nation - MMO Rail Logistics Economy Manager 1.464.61
Join the online economic train simulator, where you coordinateyourlogistics and discover new routes. From loco, diesel, andbeyond,steam through the ages, play together or against otheronlineentrepreneurs, and generate the highest profit possible! Youstartin a small city that needs to be supplied with goods. Boosttheeconomy to make the city – and your railway company – growfast.Experience the history of railways in six authentic eras.Researchmodern technologies and choose from 150 realistic enginesandtrains. Feel the power of your team: Get together withotherplayers in corporations, dominate your game world, and leadyourcity to victory! Find the right tactics, build your railwayempire,and become a successful entrepreneur. Features: • Realisticeconomysimulation: Pay attention to supply and demand, considerproductiontimes, and smartly trade 48 different goods. •Cooperation andcompetition: Play with other players in corporationsand become apowerful alliance to beat the competition. • Real-timecalculationsystem: Make decisions throughout the day. • 6 eras ofrailwayhistory: Experience historic steam engines, powerfuldieselengines, and ultramodern electric engines. All trains aremodeledwith great attention to detail. • 3 different scenarios:PlayClassic on a fantasy map featuring 50 cities. Fight forsupremacyin the battle of East vs. West on the USA map. TravelthroughEurope in Steam over Europe and bring the continent toprosperity.• Also on your PC: Playable in a browser on your PC orMac with thesame account! Issues & Questions: & Community: RequirementsRecommended:Dual Core CPU, 1.5 GB RAM Requires Android version 4.2or aboveRail Nation can be downloaded and played for free. Somein-gamefeatures may be purchased for real money. If you don't wantto usethis function, please disable in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings. A network connection is required.
Travian Kingdoms 1.12.9116
The Travian Kingdoms with more than 1.5 million players now as anapp. Play now Travian Kingdoms New features • Choose your role aseither KING or GOVERNOR • Turn your village into a flourishing city• Raid ROBBER CAMPS and steal resources • Form SECRET SOCIETIES •Play on both, your PC and/or smartphone • Experience tactics, skilland strategy - ANYTIME, ANYWHERE The classic features • Found aGaul, Roman or Teutonic village and build it up to become thecenter of your empire • Recruit a mighty army and join your troopsin waging war against your enemies • Fight as a team and formalliances with fellow players to bring your enemies to their knees• More than 1.5 million players are waiting for you! Found avillage and turn it into an EMPIRE! Be it a Roman, Gaul or Teutonicvillage that you begin with – using elaborate tactics, you willsoon be the ruler of a mighty empire in this strategy game. Yousecure your power and influence through conquest. You raid Gold andresources and do trade with others. You also form alliances withother players (MMO). Start as a GOVERNOR or KING! New in TravianKingdoms: You decide whether to start as a king or governor. As aking, you will be responsible for the protection of your governors.You expand your empire with the help of powerful alliances and leadyour troops into battle. The role of a governor is appealing, too.Here you can concentrate fully on building up your world. As partof secret societies you can pit different kings and tribes againsteach other. When the time is ripe you kick the king off his throne!Forge ALLIANCES with other players! This lies at the core ofTravian Kingdoms. Celebrate your battle victories with otherplayers and pick up the pieces together after military defeat. Butwatch out: Alliances are not always what they seem to be and wholearmies change sides just as you call to battle. Travian Kingdoms isfree-to-play and one of the most successful and popular multiplayergames (MMO). It has been holding fans of simulation games from allaround the world in its grasp for around ten years. The Traviandevelopers have not only further improved the graphics in this newversion, but also opened up lots of new strategic opportunities.  Issues and questions: Forum &community: Facebook: T&Cs: Travian Kingdoms can bedownloaded and installed free of charge. Some game features canhowever only be purchased with real money. If you don't wish to usethis function, please deactivate the in-app purchases feature inyour device's settings. A network connection is required.