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Jakarta Memilih 1.0.5
"Jakarta Memilih is a game themed around Jakarta’s 2017Gubernatorial Election with illustrated characters of each of thegovernor and deputy governor candidates. In this game, players willbe able to choose and challenge a governor and deputy governorcandidate to take action in solving common problems found inJakarta. Here are the the problems that players will be tasked tosolve: -River Cleanup Players are tasked with collecting trashes inJakarta's rivers. To do it, simply move the boat left and right tocollect trashes and to avoid obstacles. -Jakarta Tour Players aretasked with guiding tourists to various tourist attractions inJakarta. To do it, simply tap on tourist characters and drag it totheir desired locations. -Traffic Management Player are tasked withmanaging Traffic in Jakarta. To do it, Tap one Traffic Light toturn on green light. after tapping one traffic light, there are 4seconds interlude to tap others traffic light. To keep thehappiness index remained high, you can collect points by playingthe game at any time. Game Information : Happinnes Indicator ispoint accumulation from every game result has been played by userwith any character. "
HaiBunda 1.0.2
HaiBunda features trusted information and tips acrossparenting,pregnancy, breastfeeding, and mom’s life from experts aswell asfellow moms’ experiences. A Variety of News Categories: -Kehamilan- Menyusui - Parenting - Nama bayi - Mom's life - Ceritabunda -Infografis - Video - Komik
Insertlive 1.0.2
Insertlive delivers the latest celebrity gossip, entertainmentnews,and live streams TransTV programs such as Insert Pagi, InsertSiang,and Insert Today. A Variety of News Categories: - Hot Gossip- Seleb- Style - Film & Musik - TV - Sorot - Foto - Infografis- Indeks
A place to contribute news or events through articles, photos andvideos.
CNBC Indonesia
Berita Bisnis dan Ekonomi Indonesia Terpercaya
HaiBunda: Pregnancy, Parenting
Pregnancy tracker, parenting tips, and baby name ideas, only onHaiBunda app.
The Most Updated Entertainment News & Celebrity Gossip