Total Loyalty Solutions Apps

Franco's Pizza 0.8
Franco’s Pizza now has an app. Already famous for fabulous pizza,chicken wings and fingers, salads, tacos, wraps, subs and more,Franco’s has just made it easier and more convenient to orderonline with exclusive discounts that will app-eal tobudget-conscious Buffalonians! Tap the app for takeout, scrollthrough for specials and money-saving offers, dial in for delivery– all from the convenience of your mobile device.Franco’s Pizza’s app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Menus (including catering)• Photos• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe Franco’s Pizza app is free and you will receive your firstreward soon after it is downloaded.With five locations in the Western New York/Buffalo area,Franco’s Pizza is famous for freshly baked pizza, chicken wings andfingers with a variety of sauces, wraps, subs, tacos, salads andeven daily lunch specials. Add a new app, and the convenience andsavings from Franco’s expands. Order a meal to take home. How abouta party platter of wings and subs and salads for the big game?C’mon in for lunch or dinner. Better yet, tap the app for fast, hotdelivery to your home or office and enjoy the convenience of thenew app from Franco’s Pizza.
Los Toltecos Frederick 1.2
You will say “Olé!” when you download the newapp from Los Toltecos of Frederick! Exclusive discounts and offers,a menu of authentic Mexican cuisine, pictures that look good enoughto eat, catering options, directions and more will be at yourfingertips. App-reciate the convenience and avoid the crowd whenyou tap the app to place your order, reserve a table, or make aninquiry.The Los Toltecos app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty Program• Menus• Photos• Event Information• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe Los Toltecos app is free and you will receive your firstreward soon after it is downloaded.Los Toltecos, the place for authentic Mexican cuisine inFrederick, Maryland, has a new app. Planning a party? Joining agroup for dinner? Want to order your favorite dinner to take home?Los Toltecos has it all, from spicy to soulful, tasty south-of-theborder appetizers, meals, bar-fresh drinks and more. Download ournew app today and start your own fiesta!
Smoker's Outlet 0.8
Download the app for Smoker’s Outlet and enjoysmokin’ discounts, great customer service, a great selection andthe best prices for smoking supplies and accessories. From pipesand tobacco to cigars, e-cigarettes, hookahs and other supplies,the Smoker’s Outlet has it all. Scroll through the app and shopfrom the convenience of your mobile device. Keep track of recentorders, accumulate rewards, send a gift – all without turning yourbudget to ash!The Smoker’s Outlet app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Easy shopping• Discounts and special offers• Rewards program• Online access to new products• Photos and newsletters• Locations through York, Hanover and Manchester, PAThe Smoker’s Outlet app is free and you will start receivingrewards soon after it is downloaded.Whether you puff a pipe or flavor your own smokes, the Smoker’sOutlet with shops throughout York, Manchester and Hanover,Pennsylvania has all of the tools, supplies, tobacco andaccessories you need. This app provides easy shopping for a varietyof products with discounts and loyalty punch card savings that willkeep you smiling. So whether you need something special, want totry something new or have your regular order already on file, tapthe app for even more discounts, savings and special offers fromSmoker’s Outlet.
Rosati’s-Carol Stream Hiawatha 0.8
Download the app for Rosati’s Pizza on Hiawatha Drive in CarolStream and save. From an exclusive download offer to a loyaltypunch card, the discounts and special offers are yours. Known fordelicious Chicago-style thin crust as well as their double doughdeep dish pizzas, Rosati’s will satisfy your app-etite any way youslice it. At the family-friendly Carol Stream location, you candine-in, tap the app for carry out or even have your next mealdelivered. Planning a party? Check out their party platters withdelicious meats, pasta, sauces and sides . . . and add deliciouspizza and cold drinks to your order!The Rosati’s app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card program• Menus• Photos• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe Rosati’s app is free and you will receive your first rewardsoon after it is downloaded.Rostai’s Pizza of Carol Stream, Illinois is your one stop spotfor great food, great fun and now app-ealing savings! Famous forChicago-style thin crust pizza as well as double dough, piled highpizza goodness, calzones, pasta and delicious drinks. Scrollthrough the app and order “the Godfather” or “Rosati’s Monster”pizzas for pick up or delivery. Check out their in house and offsite catering specials, or c’mon in with family and friends toexperience the food, the fun and the atmosphere at Rosati’s onHiawatha in Carol Stream.
Fuji Japanese Steakhouse 1.2
When you have a yen for sushi savings anddining discounts, download our new app and come on in to the FujiJapanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar. Scroll through the menu, get asneak peek at sushi and hibachi preparations, and take a look atthe upscale ambiance – all from your mobile device! Use your appadvantage for exclusive discounts, take-out orders or special boxedlunches; even reserve a spot for your next gathering of family andfriends.The Fuji Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar app provides:• A Download Incentive• Menus• Photos• Discounts & Special OffersThe Fuji Japanese Steakhouse app is free and you will receiveyour first reward soon after it is downloaded.From the sizzle and flames of the hibachi grill to watching yourfresh sushi being expertly rolled, Fuji Japanese Steakhouse &Sushi Bar is your ultimate one-stop Japanese cuisine and diningexperience. Tucked in the upper level of the Galleria at CrystalRun Mall in Middletown, NY, this large, airy restaurant haseverything from a sushi bar and multiple hibachi tables tocomfortable table seating. From kid’s meals to steak, chicken,seafood and vegetables prepared with traditional Japaneseexpertise, come on in when you have an app-etite for the finest inJapanese cuisine.
Lin & Lu Hibachi Buffet Grill 1.4
It’s time to download your free app for theLin & Lu Hibachi Buffet Grill. Not only will you save money andbe able to access their delicious selection of food, but you canalso dine (and save!) at both locations using this app. Who knewthat such great deals on sushi and sashimi, along with seafood,poultry and beef were so close with a simple app download? It’stime to take advantage of today’s technology and tap the app tosatisfy your craving for Japanese, Chinese and even Italian andAmerican cuisine- and savings- from Lin and Lu.The Lin & Lu Hibachi Buffet Grill app provides:• A Download Incentive• Loyalty Program• Menus• Photos• Event Information• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special Offers• Locations in Harrisburg and Hanover, PAThe Lin & Lu Hibachi Buffet Grill app is free and you willreceive your first reward soon after it is downloaded.With Lin in Harrisburg and Lu in Hanover, central Pennsylvaniaboasts twin hibachi buffet grills that will satisfy your yen forJapanese, Chinese and even Italian-American Cuisine. With over 200items rotating weekly, you will enjoy a full complement of sushiand sashimi, snow crab legs, clams, oysters, shrimp, duck, steak,scallops, shellfish, seafood, chicken and even ribs; there issomething for everyone. You can choose from their extensive menu orfill up with their lunch and dinner all-you-can-eat buffets. Plusyou can order on line for take-out or delivery, right from yourapp.
EATS! American Grill 1.1
Download the app for EATS! American Grill andenjoy the discounts, savings and specials as you savorcross-country culinary flavors and foods. First, the freshestingredients and creative chefs; now money-saving apps, loyaltypunch cards, specials and more to satisfy your app-etite as well asyour budget. Dine in or take out, bring the family for a sit downmeal or join friends at the bar to cheer on the team . . . or try acombination of both with a choice of TVs with tableside speakers,movies for the kids, and of course, a delicious meal. FeaturingFlorida craft beers, menus that celebrate American comfort food andnow an easy-to-use app that will save you money – all for you fromEATS! American Grill.The app from EATS! provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card programs• Menus and photos• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special Offers• Multiple Florida LocationsEATS! American Grill’s app is free and you will receive yourfirst offer soon after it is downloaded.EATS! American Grill with locations in Riverview and Tampa,Florida is your one-stop-spot for yummy American comfort foodprepared with fresh ingredients, using home-style recipes fromaround the country. From burgers and wings to salads and pasta,taste-tempting fare from California to New Orleans to New York canbe found at EATS! Florida craft beers, happy hour specials,appetizers, snacks and even patio dining in Riverview showcase theFlorida vibe but the flavors represent culinary crafts from allover. Take a special meal home after a busy day, plan a party onthe patio and save some room for their Fried Oreo Sundae – a sweettreat that app-eals to kids and adults alike at EATS! AmericanGrill.
J’s Crab Shack 1.2
The J’s Crab Shack app is here and it’s thebest way to net some big savings on high-quality seafood withouthaving to drive to the shore! Just one bite and you’ll be hooked,discovering for yourself why they say J’s Crab Shack is “Where theportions are bigger and the fish is fresher!”The J’s Crab Shack app provides:• Loyalty Program• Menus• Photos• Event Information• Food & Drink SpecialsThe J’s Crab Shack app is FREE and you’ll earn your first rewardas soon as it’s downloaded!J’s Crab Shack, located in Hartford, CT, features a fresh fishmarket, seafood restaurant and bar, offering both the option to eatin or take out. Our fresh market features fresh fillets, shrimp andshellfish, live lobsters and snow crab clusters as well as prepareditems including crab cakes and stuffed clams. Our extensiverestaurant menu includes all the bounty the ocean has to offer.Whether fried, steamed, baked or broiled, our simple preparationsallow the fresh flavors to truly shine. Start your seafood feastwith our clam or seafood chowder, lobster or shrimp bisque,appetizers of clams and oysters on the half shell, mussels in abriny broth, spicy calamari, shrimp cocktail or even more typicalbar food. Follow this tasty beginning with one of our freshlyprepared salads, burgers or fish sandwiches, lobster or clam rolls,pasta dinners featuring a variety of seafood, steamers, combos andplatters. Steak and surf & turf will appeal to the landlubbersamong us. Kids’ meals are available for guppies age 12 and under.Our casual “sea shack” atmosphere is highlighted by a colorfulundersea mural and a wall-sized tank displaying eels and tropicalfish. We offer wine and beer to accompany your meal, and liveentertainment in our bar includes jazz on Monday and Thursdaynights and karaoke on Friday nights.
Taqueria Dona Maria 1.3
Download the app for Taqueria Doña Maria andsave on the delicious, nutritious and freshly made, authenticMexican cuisine reminiscent of the family’s roots on the BajaIslands of Mexico. Enjoy an exclusive download offer and startsaving with their loyalty punch card program. Menus, dailyspecials, Happy Hour information and more are right at yourfingertips; scroll through and order takeout or delivery and checkout the catering options. Sip a leisurely glass of wine and enjoy arelaxing meal on the patio, or ice the spice with a cold mug ofbeer. C’mon in and start your own family traditions at TaqueriaDoña Maria.The app from Taqueria Doña Maria provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card program• Menus and photos• Event Information• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe app is free and you will receive your first reward fromTaqueria Doña Maria soon after downloading.Taqueria Doña Maria in Brandon, Florida is a family celebrationof a mother’s legacy. Feeding a large family and running a smalleatery by serving healthy, locally sourced, made-from-scratchMexican meals left a lasting impression on this family who honoredher last wishes by opening the restaurant and using family recipespassed down for generations. Start with house-made salsa andtortillas; try the variety of Guisados or braised meats and somesignature dishes like Pozole, Chilles Rellenos or Machaca and topoff your meal (maybe take it home!) with a decadent dessert. Tapthe app and take advantage of the delicious food and savings fromTaqueria Doña Maria in Brandon.
The Works Wyomissing 1.1
Fun, food and savings when you download theapp for The Works. From high-speed go karts to foam ball blastingand climbing for kids; from a multi-million dollar arcade game roomto a bar and lounge to cheer on your favorite team, The Works hasit all. Tap the app, choose your location and have a blast. Thishuge restored warehouse houses a three-in-one indoor festival offun for kids and adults. Go kart racing at “Slick” Willy’s is evenmore fun when you put the pedal to the metal around hairpin turnsand race your friends. Foam ball blasting along with a kid-friendlyclimbing structure at Ballocity provides plenty of safe, indoorfun. Challenge your BFF in a series of arcade games. Maybe theloser can pick up the tab for a drink (or a meal) in Building 24.Never worry about the weather – there’s always lots of indoor funat The Works.The Works app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty Program(s)• Menus• Photos• Event and entertainment• Food and Drink Specials• Multiple activities within a 125,000 square foot refurbishedwarehouseThe app for The Works is free and you will receive your firstreward soon after it is downloaded.From birthday parties to weekend fun and games, The Works inWyomissing, Pennsylvania is your one stop spot for family fun andevening entertainment. Adults can watch the big game as they quaffa cold one and down some wings, while the kids blast each otherwith foam balls. Family arcade fun, go-kart racing, great food(including locations with craft beer and gourmet fare), and eveningentertainment will keep you busy from open to close. Tap the appand check out the concert schedule, happy hour specials, comedyclub, nightclub fun – plus app-only coupons. Remember, there is ahotel within walking distance if you discover that you need morethan one day to cover all the fun at The Works.
Los Toltecos Woodbridge 1.8
The Los Toltecos app is here and ready totransport you on a culinary adventure! Consider this your palate’spassport to true Mexican cuisine. It will give you full access toall the muy delicioso news you can use—and special offers, too!--right in the palm of your hand.The Los Toltecos app provides:• Loyalty Program• Menus• Photos• Event Information• Food & Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe Los Toltecos app is FREE and you’ll earn your first rewardas soon as it’s downloadedLos Toltecos, located in Merchant Plaza in the village of LakeRidge, outside of Woodbridge, VA, features a wide variety ofauthentic Mexican favorites: nachos, tacos, fajitas, burritos,enchiladas, skillet dishes, chimichangas, flautas, ceviche—evenMexican jambalaya! Steak, chicken, pork, fish and seafoodvariations as well as a multitude of vegetarian options and a kids’menu ensure that there’s something to please everyone. Desire eventruer Mexican flavor? Simply add a side of our chiles toreados:grilled peppers and onions marinated in our own secret recipe. Toaccompany your meal, we offer juices, sodas, jarritos (Mexicansodas) and Mexican coffee. Our full bar provides an extensiveselection of draft and bottled beer, wine, tequila and mixed drinksincluding margaritas, daiquiris and all your favorite libations.And for the perfect ending, we feature traditional sweet treatsincluding flan, churros, sopapillas and fried ice cream.
Mayberry's Family Restaurant 1.3
Download the app for Mayberry’s FamilyRestaurant and step back into an era of homemade food and fast,friendly service with a modern twist and enjoy the savings,discounts and special offers you’ll get from your smartphone app.Receive an instant reward for downloading the app, virtual punchcard benefits and app-only coupons – maybe the perfect reasons touse new-fangled technology! Scroll through the menu and check outour spotless restaurant – you can almost breathe in the tantalizingaroma of fresh baked rolls and freshly ground coffee. Join us orcarry out your next delicious home cooked meal with a tap on theapp from Mayberry’s.Mayberry’s Family Restaurant app offers:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card program• Menus• Photos• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe Mayberry’s app is free and you will receive your firstreward soon after it is downloaded.Mayberry’s Family Restaurant in Farmington Hills, Michigan isthe quintessential old fashioned family restaurant. Sparklingclean, homemade favorites and old-fashioned specials make this aplace that Andy, Opie and Aunt Bea would go for a sit-down meal.Open seven days, Mayberry’s understands today’s busy lifestyle andensures a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, delicious stick-to-your-ribscomfort food and old-fashioned goodness like made-from-scratchmashed potatoes and rolls. But, if you’re in a rush, you can ordera carry-out meal from the app and your family can still enjoyMayberry’s famous pot roast or goulash or fish & chips. Forthat special celebration, how about some carry out cateringprepared to your taste and budget? Old fashioned goodness and amodern day app---a marriage made special by Mayberry’s FamilyRestaurant.
Ripley’s Florida Attractions 2.9
Download the app for Ripley’s Believe It orNot Attractions and become a believer in savings, discounts,special offers and fascinating facts that range from odd todownright spooky. Tour the Odditoriums, experience a 7D MovingTheater and the Mirror Maze, view shrunken heads and become part ofa paranormal experience. Learn the history and folklore behind theexhibits and artifacts – it’s fun, educational and ideal for fieldtrips, family groups, camp outings and even birthday parties. Tapthe app, get out of the sun, come in from the rain and discover awhole new world of weird at Ripley’s Believe It or Not Attractions.The Ripley’s app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty program• Photos, videos, and adventurous offers• Event Information (group outings, parties)• Discounts & Special Offers• Multiple Locations throughout FloridaBelieve It or Not, Ripley’s app is free and you will receiveyour first offer soon after it is downloaded.Ripley’s Believe It or Not Attractions in Key West, Orlando,Panama City and St. Augustine, Florida await your visit. Eachattraction has its own spooky specials from a Mirror Maze toInteractive Paranormal Experiences. Tour the haunted seaboard asthe sun goes down and the fog rolls in. Learn the story behindshrunken heads and vampire killing kits. Explore the wild spinningvortex tunnel or immerse yourself in a Haunted Lockdown. You canalso create your own wax hands, host a party, shop at one of thegift shops and enjoy a historical show in one of the Odditoriums.Is it true? Is it fake? You’ll never know until you tap the app andjoin the fun at one (or all) of the Ripley’s Believe It or NotAttractions.
Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen 1.3
Download Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen app and enjoydelicioussavings on our freshly made Cajun & American Food! Nowyou cantap the gator app for exclusive offers, unadvertisedspecials,news, entertainment and more! Plus, you’ll get a specialoffer justfor downloading! Bring the family for a great meal or thegang forour delicious beer, cocktails and appetizers. Our menu ishuge andwe’re always cooking up surprise specials so there’salwayssomething delicious to please even the most discerningpalate!The app provides:• A Download Incentive• Loyalty Program benefits• Menus from Cajun to All-American Fare; Small Plate and Kidsmeals,Happy Hour• Photos• Event Information including Ghostly Dinners, Comedy,Karaoke,Trivia, Music and Magic• Food and Drink Specials the entire family will love• Discounts & Special OffersThe Prudhomme’s app is free and you will receive yourfirstreward soon after it is downloaded.Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen was found in the river townofColumbia, Pennsylvania! This historic and possibly hauntedhotelfrom the 1800s has been home to Prudhomme’s for well over 20years,and features authentic Cajun cuisine brought north by DavidandSharon Prudhomme as well as local favorites with a flavorfulflair.From blackened catfish, gator and frog legs to Big Bubba’sSeafoodCombo, Prudhomme’s offers tasty temptations for theadventurous aswell as milder menu choices like their own decadentbaked macaroniand cheese and hushpuppies. They offer daily taverntreats, kidsdining specials, very happy bar specials and smallplate meals. Andyou can shoot some pool or throw some darts in thegame room! Sotap your app and take advantage of the fun and food atPrudhomme’stoday!
The Landing Bar & Grill 1.7
Touch down on the app for Landing Bar & Grill and enjoy adownload offer, savings, specials and up-to-date information aboutthe food, the happenings and the happy hour specials. Swoop in withyour smart phone and check it out – team trivia, live music,karaoke and yes, a cash corn hole tourney every Sunday. Scrollthrough the menu for the best built burger, beer-battered fish fry,Southern fried chicken and a weekly salute to the deliciousness ofbacon. Food + Fun + App-Only Savings = a great late afternoon orevening (seven days a week and open late) at the Landing Bar &Grill. The app for the Landing Bar & Grill provides: • Anexclusive download offer • Loyalty punch card program • Menus andphotos • Events and entertainment calendar • Food and DrinkSpecials • Discounts & Special Offers The app from the Landingis free and you will receive your first offer soon after it isdownloaded. The Landing Bar & Grill is your one stop spot inValrico, Florida for great food and drink that celebrates Americancuisine, entertainment and events that celebrate fun and community,and savings that celebrate small business loyalty! Tap the app tocheck out happy hour specials, off-site catering options, and dailydining delights that include Bacon Day on Thursday and Mondayevening kids’ meal specials. Take home a delicious dinner after along day at work, or dine in and relax. From comfort food meatloafTuesday to fish freshly fried on Friday, rev up your app-etite andc’mon in to the Landing Bar & Grill.Remember to tap the app foreasy online ordering!
Fig Southern Bistro 0.8
Download the app for Fig Southern Bistro and check out thesavingsand southern-style soul food. With exclusive app-onlydiscounts anda loyalty punch card program, smartphone savings areat yourfingertips. And Fig Southern Bistro’s lunch buffet, in arelaxed,casual atmosphere, is one of the many popular reasons tovisit thisgrowing eatery. Delicious food like garlic cheesebiscuits, primerib steak sandwiches, specialty chicken saladsandwiches and bananapudding are crafted from family recipes withthe chef’s uniqueflair, with new, seasonal dishes added regularly.Tap the app forsupper club updates, patio dining specials,entertainment and ofcourse app-ealing discounts on delicious foodat Fig SouthernBistro.The app from Fig Southern Bistro provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card program• Menus• Photos• Event and entertainment information• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe Fig Southern Bistro app is free and you will receiveyourfirst reward soon after it is downloaded.Fig Southern Bistro in Cleveland, Tennessee is growing insize,popularity, menu variety and now has a convenient, easy-to-useapp.Soulful, southern flavors of Po-Boys, Fried Chicken, Catfish,andTennessee Whiskey Burgers make choosing a favoritealmostimpossible. Enjoy a lunch buffet or a dinner where you areable tobring your own bottle of wine and relax on the patio.Seniorspecials, a supper club, weekly entertainment and even anexpandedspace for private events make this eatery a popular go-tospot whenyou crave homemade southern cooking. Food is Good (FIG)and now anapp - at Fig Southern Bistro.
Area 51 BBQ 0.7
Download the App for Area 51 BBQ and enjoysavings and deliciousness straight from the smoker! An exclusivedownload reward, loyalty bonus offers, special deals and pushnotifications will keep you coming back for lots of savory, spicybaby back ribs, wings, St. Louis ribs, pork chops, sandwiches andmore. Scroll through and check out the menu basics, order somesides, consider taking enough home so you won’t have to cook, orenjoy being a guest at your own party with catering done right.Casual atmosphere, brimming with flavor and now someknock-your-socks-off savings – all for you from Area 51 BBQ.Area 51 BBQ’s App provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty Program• Menus• Photos• Notification center• Discounts & Special OffersThe App is free and you will receive your first offer soon afterit is downloaded.Area 51 BBQ in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania has a way with wings .. . and ribs . . . and brisket. Straight from the smoker, thesesavory, saucy, succulent meats will satisfy any App-etite. Addsides like baked beans, coleslaw, macaroni & cheese or potatosalad and let the feasting begin! Serving the Belle Vernon,Rostraver and surrounding areas, this smokin’ BBQ joint serves upfood that “will vanish without a trace” when you tap the App andchow down at Area 51 BBQ.
Doggie Diner 1.0
For doggone great savings, download our newDoggie Diner app. From hot dogs and burgers to gyros and wings,enjoy great food and great discounts at the tap of the app. Withmultiple locations, punch cards for tasty treats and a Doggie Dinerloyalty program, unleash your app-etite for your favorite fastfoods in the Chicago area!The Doggie Diner app provides:• A Download Incentive• Loyalty Program and punch cards• Menus• Photos• Event Information• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special Offers• Multiple LocationsThe Doggie Diner app is free and you will receive your firstreward soon after it is downloaded.Don’t let the name Doggie Diner fool you! This is westernChicago fast-food heaven, complete with hot dogs, burgers, wings,gyros, seafood, ice cream, subs, fries and almost any other comfortfood you can imagine. And all of this deliciousness is not just forthe young pups! It’s a great place for a family meal, a bite to eatbefore or after a movie or sporting event, a pick-me-up on the wayhome from work or a casual date. Doggie Diner also offers cateringfrom dessert trays to creative meals for any budget or event.
BodyBrite - Metairie 0.9
Download the app for BodyBrite and takeadvantage of savings, App-only discounts, special offers andnon-invasive treatments that will help you love the skin you’re in!The professional aestheticians offer skin assessment and advicewhile adhering to the “IN” approach to skin care – Intelligent,Innovative, Inspiring, Inclusive – so that you look your best withsafe, affordable skin care. Wrinkle reduction, non-invasive skintightening and skin rejuvenation are only part of the package.Consider permanent hair removal, oxygen facials, teeth whitening,and contouring treatments for body, face and neck. Both men andwomen will benefit from the latest technology and skilled services,as well as money-saving App specials from BodyBrite.The BodyBrite App provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty program• Notification center• Photos (including before and after)• Discounts & Special OffersThe App is free and you will receive your first offer soon afterit is downloaded.BodyBrite’s Metairie, Louisiana location is ideal for women andmen who demand safe, innovative skin care at a reasonable price.Scroll through and check out all the services from bridal skin carepackages, microdermabrasion, cellulite reduction, and facials toLadies’ Nights (with snacks and cocktails), where you can bring afriend and receive additional discounts. Tap the App and see what’shappening – from Flash sales to Gift Card offers – that keep skincare affordable and fun. Bring a friend, App-reciate the savingsand let your beauty shine at BodyBrite.
The Wow Factory 0.9
Download the app for The WOW Factory toreceive exclusive savings on indoor fun. Add up the rewards as youenjoy over 50 arcade games, an indoor playground, laser tag, anelevated ropes course, Ballocity, rock walls and a family friendlycafé with great food. With advanced degrees in party fun, let thestaff help you plan a birthday party – they do the work, you takethe credit! Toddlers and little ones have their own areas toexplore and crawl through as the older kids (and kids-at-heart)challenge each other to master the maze of ropes and ladders, climbthe rock wall with speed and skill and turn those gaming skillsinto arcade action. Take a break in the Nuts and Bolts Eatery andfortify your energy with some delicious food and drinks. A beer orglass of wine may app-eal to the adults as the kids jump back intoaction at The WOW Factory.The WOW Factory app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty Program• Menus (food, drink, attractions)• Photos and videos• Event information and planning• Discounts & Special OffersThe app is free and you will receive your first WOW offer soonafter it is downloaded.Rainy days or blazing sun are no match for the indoor games andfun at The WOW Factory in South Florida’s Coconut Beach. And whoknew that a school or camp field trip could make learning scienceconcepts so much fun? Swipe your WOW card to check your bonuspoints, use them on site or save them up for your next visit. Knowthat the areas are cleaned and sanitized every evening andinspected for safety several times a day by the trained supervisorsat each station. And you can even order “adult” meals for you andother parents at kids’ birthday parties. So tap the app, c’mon inand enjoy a day of active fun at The WOW Factory.
Uncle Chubby's 1.1
Download the app from Uncle Chubby’s and youmay never cook again! Seriously, check out the savings, thediscounts, the specials, the lunch punch and download your rewards.Then scroll through the menu and online ordering options - you’llunderstand. Tap the app for easy ordering and delivery. Use yourloyalty rewards for ongoing savings. Treat family and friends tomoney-saving specials or pick up a weekday treat on your way home.It’s app-easy to order great meals like pizza, seafood, subs,salads, burgers and sides from Uncle Chubby’s.Uncle Chubby’s app provides• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty lunch punch and dining programs• Menus• Photos• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special Offers• Multiple LocationsUncle Chubby’s app is free and you will receive your firstreward soon after it is downloaded.Uncle Chubby’s, in the Syracuse and Central Square areas of NewYork, is ready for you. Feeding a crowd? Need a quiet meal at home?Craving some seafood or pizza? Use the app to place your order.Pick it up, have it delivered, even stop into the shop and enjoy afresh seafood platter, some pizza, calzone, stromboli or wings.Chicken and pasta, turkey and roast beef, subs, salads, burgers and“extras.” Ooohhh, those yummy extras! But save room for some deepfried Oreos, cheesecake slices or Uncle Chubby’s famous “Doogles.”So whether you ever cook again, or not, remember to tap the app forsavings and specials from Uncle Chubby’s.
Rancho Bowl & Lounge 0.7
Download the app for Rancho Bowl & Loungeand save on bowling, beer, banquets and more! With 32 remodeledlanes that boast everything from kids bumpers to the latest touchscreen consoles and cameras, Rancho has it all. Lounge on the couchwith a snack and watch the kids bowl. Grab a beer and shoot somepool, play some arcade games or add some jukebox music. You caneven check out the private banquet facilities for a kids’ birthdayparty or corporate team building event – all from the convenienceof your smart phone. Their full service restaurant offers meals andsnacks that will satisfy any app-etite. Enjoy your exclusivedownload offer and loyalty bonus punch cards when you tap the appfor Rancho Bowl & Lounge.The Rancho Bowl & Lounge app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card program• Menus and photos• Event Information• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe app from Rancho Bowl & Lounge is free and you willreceive your first offer soon after it is downloaded.For a day of great fun, great meals, cold beer and bowling inSanta Maria, California, pin your app on Rancho Bowl & Lounge.Start with a yummy breakfast, rent some shoes, bowl a few gameswith the kids. With app-savings to spare, try a Rancho lunchspecial and jump into a pool challege or test your arcade gameskills. Meet your friends after work for some fun and set the moodwith some jukebox favorites, dinner and a cocktail while you waitfor the DJ to start spinning tunes. Dance or bowl, eat and drink,rent private party space or enjoy hanging with friends and family.When you scroll through the app, you’ll see there is alwayssomething going on at Ranch Bowl & Lounge.
2520 Hair Salon & Day Spa 0.9
Download the app for 2520 Hair Salon & DaySpa for savings on haircuts, nail care, skin care and massage. Fromexclusive discounts to loyal customer punch cards, their serviceswill leave you looking as stylish and pampered as you feel.Experienced stylists will cut (and color) your hair for a new-youlook, licensed massage therapists will relax tense muscles,certified nail techs will leave your feet and hands lookingoh-so-pretty – while you enjoy app-only benefits, right at yourfingertips. Professional staff, professional products, a variety ofservices and an app to save you money from 2520 Hair Salon &Day Spa.The 2520 Hair Salon & Day Spa app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card program• Photos• A menu of professional services and products• Discounts & Special OffersThe 2520 Hair Salon & Day Spa app is free and you willreceive your first reward soon after it is downloaded.2520 Hair Salon & Day Spa in York, Pennsylvania has expandedservices to include professional hair design, massage therapy, skincare and nail care. Their team of stylists, therapists andaestheticians will help you look as good as you feel with optionsranging from manicures and pedicures to sugar scrubs, waxing anddetailed nail design. Tap the app and scroll through their menu ofservices and special offers; select one or select several for a dayof pampering or a gift. Using high-quality professional products,skin, hair and nails will stay looking healthy and beautiful,season after season. And if a wedding is on the horizon, schedule aconsultation about the look you want on that most important day.From stylish and professional to carefree and radiant, you willfeel as good as you look, and look as good as you feel with salonand spa services from 2520 Hair Salon & Day Spa.
Raintree Restaurant 3.0
The Raintree Restaurant app provides: - Loyalty program - Menus -Photos - Event information - Food & drink specials - Discounts& special offers The app is free and you’ll earn your firstloyalty reward as soon as it’s downloaded. Located in sunny St.Augustine, Florida, The Raintree is a local institution. It hasfacilities for weddings, family reunions and business functions.
Gatti's Pizza - Knoxville TN 1.5
Ya gotta get your Gatti’s free app now! Frompizza with tasty toppings to games galore, powered-up pizzaperipherals and a sweet finish, Gatti’s has it all. Download yourapp, save some money, have a party, play some games, and let yourfingers do the walking as you choose from their fresh made pizzaand game areas in GattiTown.Your free Gatti’s app provides:• A Download Incentive• Loyalty Program• Menus including pizza, toppings, sides, dessert and drinks• Photos• Discounts & Special Offers• Many locations throughout the southeast including GattiTown gamerooms• Carry-out and delivery optionsThe Gatti’s Pizza app is free and you will earn your firstreward soon after it is downloaded.Gatti’s Pizza, a southeastern favorite since 1964 boasts over 97restaurants complete with pizza buffets, spacious dining rooms andgazillions of games in GattiTowns across the region. The food focusis on fresh ingredients, real cheese, daily made yeast-risen dough,tangy pizza sauce and top of the line toppings. Fresh salads, colddrinks and pizza inspired sides and desserts make up the rest ofthe menu. And GattiTown has the latest video and arcade games fromhigh-tech simulators, low-tech skeeball and lots of prizes for kidsof all ages . . . whether you are hosting a birthday party or ateam-building event. There’s even an All-You-Care-to-Eat partyoption that includes unlimited pizza, pasta, a salad bar anddrinks. It’s time to get to Gatti’s for a great time – and the bestpizza in town!
Q&M’s Fish, Chik & Ribs 0.4
Download the app for Q&M’s Fish, Chik& Ribs and treat yourself to savings, discounts, special offersand loyalty punch cards. Scroll through the menu and check out themouth-watering lunch, supper and daily specials that includebuffalo barbecue, wings, pulled pork, slow-smoked brisket and more.Drop in for a quick meal or call ahead and have your order ready togo when you arrive. A pig roast or Carolina-style pulled porksandwiches will be a hit at any party and it’s fast and easy to tapthe app and order up some chicken, wings and ribs, belly-bustingsides and maybe even a little dessert. Whether you drop in for aquick bite or order for a big crowd, enjoy the smokin’ deals fromQ&M’s Fish, Chik & Ribs.The app from Q&M’s Fish, Chik & Ribs provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card program• Menus• Photos• Food and Drink Specials• Meaty Discounts & Special OffersQ&M’s app is free and you will receive your first offer soonafter it is downloaded.Q&M’s Fish, Chik & Ribs, in Plum Pennsylvania (justoutside of Pittsburgh) is an app-ealing small town restaurant whereyou can order some of the best ribs, fish and chicken north of theMason-Dixon Line. The ribs have been described as ‘tender, smokyand loaded with BBQ sauce.” The pulled pork and brisket rated justas high with special kudos for the cornbread. Q&M’s may be asmall takeout spot with a few seats inside for lunch and supper,but the smoky and sweet pack flavor and heat into every bite. Checkout the daily specials, bring supper home to friends, family orhave your next gathering catered. Watch the game in style, picnicand party, bring home a treat and remember the napkins! It’s justlike coming home to Grandma’s kitchen when you eat at Q&M’sFish, Chik & Ribs in Plum.
Caddy Shack Restaurant 1.7
The Caddy Shack Restaurant app is here andit’s like hitting a hole in one—you’ll have access to all the linksto keep you informed on the latest and greatest going on in ourclubhouse.Drop in, where the 19th hole never tasted so good--andexperience how being “above par” (at least when it comes to foodand service) is actually a good thing! And because we like to treatour duffers and others who enjoy flavorful fare in a fair way,we’ll even help you save a little green!The Caddy Shack Restaurant app provides:- Daily food specials- Discounts & special offers- Frequent buyer programs- Upcoming events- Menus- PhotosThe app is free and you'll earn your first loyalty reward assoon as it's downloaded!The Caddy Shack Restaurant overlooking Armitage Golf Course inMechanicsburg, PA offers a fun family atmosphere that pays homageto the well-loved classic film Caddy Shack. Featuring a fullystocked bar, a menu with everything from our famous wings andsandwedges to hearty entrees and delectable desserts. There’s $9.95specials every weekday and even a kids’ menu for the LittleGophers! We have outdoor dining on our deck for approximately 200and indoor seating for 150, including full banquet facilities,making us the perfect venue for any special event or occasion.Closed December-February.So my friends enjoy the app and welcome to the club.
George's Restaurant 1.6
The George’s Restaurant app is here and it’severything you need to know about our family-run, family-friendlyrestaurant. Consider this your local connection to good, down-homecooking with all the news you can use—and special offers, too!--right in the palm of your hand.The George’s Restaurant app provides:• Loyalty Program• Menus• Photos• Food & Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe George’s Restaurant app is FREE and you’ll earn your firstreward as soon as it’s downloaded!George’s Restaurant, located in Kendig Square in Willow Street,PA, is the epitome of a traditional family restaurant. Open 7 daysfor breakfast, lunch and dinner, we pride ourselves in offering thefinest home cooking, generous portions, reasonable prices and awarm and friendly atmosphere. Our comprehensive menu runs thegamut, with breakfast offerings (available all day) ranging fromeggs, omelettes, grilled egg sandwiches, baked oatmeal, homemadecreamed chipped beef and sausage gravy to griddle specialties likepancakes, waffles and French toast, as well as delectable appledumplings and grilled sticky buns. For lunch or dinner, try one ofour homemade soups or fresh salads, an assortment of hot and coldsandwiches including burgers, cheesesteaks, subs, clubs and wraps,or one of our delicious entrees featuring prime steaks and chops,broiled or fried seafood, chicken, ham, turkey, pork, veal or oneof our Italian pasta specialties. Save room for dessert, though,because our cakes and pies are not to be missed! Children’s menufor those under 12. Daily specials and senior citizen discountsavailable.
SPAradise Day Spa & Salon 1.5
Download the app from SPAradise and enjoydiscounts and loyalty rewards on the latest trends for women, menand children in hair, skin care and nails. Unwind after a long daywith a refreshing adult beverage as you are pampered from head totoe. Let the kids choose a funky and fabulous hair style, make sureyour hands look great for that engagement picture, gather the groupfor some pre-prom pampering – and take advantage of the app-ealingsavings and special offers right at your fingertips. Join us for afabulous experience in SPArardise.The SPAradise app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty Program• Photos• A “menu” of spa services• Discounts & Special OffersThe SPAradise app is free and you will receive your first rewardsoon after it is downloaded.As you smilingly exit SPAradise into the bustling hub ofMetairie NOLA, folks may wonder why you look so polished andpampered. Did you have your hair cut, colored and conditioned? Ormaybe a manicure and pedicure with a luxurious paraffin dip. Maybeit’s that perfect glow from an organic, skin moisturizing spray tanor a body wrap in a luxurious setting with an adult beverage (andlots of loyalty rewards!) that has you looking so relaxed.SPAradise, a full service hair, skin and nail salon, caters towomen, men, and yes, even kids who want to look their stylish bestand offers multiple ways to save. Why go to a regular salon whenyou can go to SPArardise?
T.J. Rockwell's
TJ Rockwell’s, T.J. Rockwell’s, Elizabethtown PA, Mechanicsburg PA,VooDoo Juice
Giggleberry Fair 1.1
Download the app for Giggleberry Fair andlaugh your way through specials savings, loyalty offers, family funand more. Take advantage of your exclusive mobile download offerand start adding up the bonus loyalty savings for fun-filledparties, special activities, camp outings and family gatherings –all from the convenience of your mobile device. Fromfamily-friendly dining at the Painted Pony Café to a fun andchallenging obstacle course, the kids will have a blast. App-eal totheir natural curiosity with a visit to Giggle Discovers. Enjoy acarousel ride or challenge the kids to some family friendly arcadegames. Tap the app for savings and enjoyment at Giggleberry Fair.The Giggleberry Fair app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card savings• Menus and photos• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe Giggleberry app is free and you will receive your firstoffer soon after it is downloaded.Giggleberry Fair at Peddler’s Village in Bucks County,Pennsylvania is an old fashioned festival of fun specially designedfor families with young children. Five attractions from a café to agame room app-eal to kids of all ages and their families. The joyof a restored carousel will bring back memories for parents andgrandparents, alike. Watch the kids scramble up the obstacle courseand take some pictures as they conquer the challenge. Introducethem to the games you enjoyed as a kid and see if your skills arestill sharp, and pique their interest in nature and the worldaround them with a visit to Giggle Discovers. Special app-onlyoffers and savings make it fun and easy to laugh the day away atGiggleberry Fair at Peddler’s Village.
Emmerling Ice Cream 1.5
Let’s all scream for Emmerling Ice Cream!Better yet, download the app for savings, special offers, exclusivediscounts and all the soft, sweet, delicious benefits available onyour smart phone. 20 flavors of ice cream, weekly soft swirlselections and hand scooped specials, sundaes, milkshakes,twisters, floats, smoothies and even ice cream pies and ice creamcakes to tempt your taste buds and tickle your sweet tooth. Tap theapp and scroll through Emmerling’s lunch specials. Or be the heroon a sweltering day when you order a sweet treat for the family (oroffice!) from Emmerling Ice Cream.The Emmerling Ice Cream app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Menus including soft serve, hand scooped, sundaes, floats, pies,cake and even lunch!• Photos• Food and Drink Specials• A loyalty punch card programThe Emmerling Ice Cream app is free and you will receive yourfirst reward soon after it is downloaded.Emmerling Ice Cream in Cheswick, Pennsylvania is your one stopshop for sweet, smooth, cool, creamy deliciousness. At the entranceof the Community Park and Founders Field in Indiana Township, youwill find enough flavors and cool, creamy treats to keep you happyseason after season. Soft serve flavors switch out weekly and over20 flavors of hand-scooped ice cream app-eal to all tastes. Howabout a scoop of coffee with a scoop of peppermint? Or cotton candyand cherry? And, of course, everyone’s favorite, chocolate. Orvanilla. Or cookie dough. Whatever your favorite, remember todownload the app and enjoy some sweet savings from Emmerling IceCream.
Alpha School of Massage 0.8
Download the app for the Alpha School ofMassage and enjoy offers and discounts that will help you feelbetter for less! Reap the rewards of a relaxing massage done by astudent under the direct supervision of an experienced clinicaltherapist and teacher. Enjoy different massage modalities frommyofascial release and reflexology to hot stone, deep tissue andneuromuscular therapy massage. Try a sweetheart massage and relaxwith a loved one, or consider a four-hand massage where twotherapists relax your muscles, increase blood flow and help youfeel oh so relaxed. Tap the app and check the times and specialsfor on-site appointments or off-site chair massage events from theAlpha School of Massage.The app from Alpha School of Massage provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty Program• Photos• On and off site event Information• Discounts & Special OffersThe app is free and you will receive your first relaxing offersoon after it is downloaded.Massage releases a lot of stress and there are increasing healthbenefits to ongoing, regular massage therapy. The Alpha School ofMassage in Jacksonville, Florida knows this and guides their manystudents into successful, professional careers. Students gain a lotof experience helping YOU relax under the supervision of practicingclinicians and experienced teachers. Massage therapy will restoreenergy, release tension, diminish headaches, calm the body, reducestress, and help you feel great. Add in military discounts,convenient appointment times and now a money-saving app, relaxunder the ministrations of caring, student hands with experiencedsupervision at the Alpha School of Massage.
Frankie & Augie'Z 3.3
Frankie & Augie’Z, Jefferson Valley NY, Italian Restaurant& Pizzeria
Newburgh Buffet 0.9
Download the app and slide through the screenfor special app-only discounts and a take-out menu that makes theNewburgh Buffet a palate-pleasing favorite. From sushi and freshfruit to Mongolian BBQ and desserts, this buffet offers a deliciousvariety of Chinese and Pan-Asian cuisine. When you have a yen forplentiful and delicious Chinese food, check out your choices andtap the app for fast, convenient take-out. Or join us in therestaurant for some grilled-to-order meat, seafood and otherspecialties.The app provides:• An Exclusive Offer just for Downloading!• Buffet and Take-out Menus• Photos• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe Newburgh Buffet app is FREE and you can take advantage of yourexclusive offers as soon as it is downloaded.The Newburgh Buffet, located on Route 300 in Newburgh, NY is apopular Chinese eat-in and take-out establishment known for itsAsian cuisine including sushi, Mongolian BBQ, grilled-to-orderspecialties with accompanying fresh fruit and desserts. Fresh foodand plenty of variety (including Mongolian-style grilling) setsthis reasonably priced buffet apart from the rest. From crab tospare ribs, this Chinese eatery features over 150 items each dayand is open 7 days a week. So download our Newburgh Buffet app,check out your exclusive app-only offers and c’mon in.
Villain Vape Shop 0.7
Download the App for Villain Vape Shop andenjoy some smokin’ offers and rewards as you discover the joys ofvaping. C’mon in and sample some different flavors, buy a starterkit and check out the modifications you can make from their widerange of replaceable parts, accessories, fillable tanks andrechargeable batteries. With an extensive variety of flavors ande-juices, all made in the USA, the staff can help you get startedor enhance your non-smoking, vape experience (and offer terrificApp-only deals) at the Villain Vape Shop.The App for Villain Vape Shop provides:• An exclusive download offer• Digital loyalty punch card rewards• Flavors, kits and accessories menu; photos• Notification center (super-special offers, new flavors)• Discounts & Special Offers• Multiple LocationsThe App is FREE and you will receive your first offer soon afteryou download.Stop smoking and start vaping with lots of options from theVillain Vape Shop in Cheswick, Lawrenceville and (soon to open inmore) areas of western Pennsylvania. Stop in to check out theirstarter kits that include rechargeable batteries, replaceableparts, lots of flavor cartridges and options as well as mods –accessories to help you personalize your vape. Tap the App foronline ordering and shipping, great discounts, up-to-dateinformation and more from Villain Vape Shops.
Quigley's Irish Pub 1.5
If you want great craic, along with discounts,deals and special offers, download your free app from Quigley’sIrish Pub. Staying true to their Irish heritage with a nod to theirNaperville neighbors, this Irish pub is the hot spot for icy beer,authentic Irish food, great gatherings and rockin’ entertainment.The Quigley’s Irish Pub app provides• A loyalty program• Complete lunch, dinner and kids menus• Photos• Monthly fun including live music, Quiz Night, televised sports,seasonal patio (and pup-friendly) dining• Food and Drink Specials including over 40 beer selections andweekend breakfasts• Discounts & Special OffersQuigley’s Irish Pub app is FREE and you will receive your firstreward soon after it is downloaded.Nestled in the Jefferson Hill Shops in downtown Naperville,Illinois, Quigley’s is simply the hub for a pint, some greatentertainment and delicious, authentic Irish fare. Their tip of thehat to Irish craic (friends, food and fun) includes a wide varietyof beer, live music and once-a-month Tuesday trivia and televisioncoverage of European soccer. Join Quigley’s for a traditional Irishbreakfast on weekend mornings or try some classic dishes likeBangers and Mash or Irish Lamb Stew, served with Betty’s Irish SodaBread – a local favorite! And for special celebrations tryreserving either of their banquet rooms, or ask for a ‘snug’ formore intimate dining and conversation. Slainte!
Freihofer's 0.8
Download the app for Freihofer’s and save onthe best breads, rolls, buns, sweets and treats at one of their 12bakery outlets. The best thing since sliced bread (which isdelicious!), the app provides an exclusive download offer, a listof products and specials, locations from Maine to New York andtheir delightful family history. Made with the freshest ingredientsand chock full of taste and nutrition, Freihofer’s breads (fromsliced white to artisan wheat), rolls and buns make any burger orsandwich taste better. And their donut varieties, cookies andholiday fruitcakes will tempt your taste buds. Scroll through andtake a look at the outlet specials while you save some dough atFreihofer’s.The Freihofer’s app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Photos• Discounts & Special Offers• A menu of breads from sandwich slices to sweet treats• Multiple locations throughout the northeastern USThe Freihofer’s app is free and you will receive your firstreward soon after it is downloaded.“Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods .. .” according to the late food maven James Beard, and Freihofer’shas been baking these satisfying loaves since 1884. With outletsthroughout the northeastern United States, customers in Maine,Vermont, New Hampshire and New York have been enjoying satisfyingslices and a homemade taste made with the best ingredients since1913. They’ve added artisan breads, sweet donuts and cookies, bunsand rolls, croutons, English muffins, corn toasties and evenholiday fruitcakes. Enjoy an English muffin toasting bread, scrollthrough the app and recreate one of their tried and true sandwichrecipes, try some toast and top it with whatever tickles your tastebuds. From sandwiches to burger buns, donuts to cookies, toast withyour tea and more, tap the app, enjoy the specials and save atFreihofer’s.
Landmark Diner 1.2
Download the App for Landmark Diner and enjoyexclusive discounts, savings, special offers and more. Anold-fashioned, family-friendly diner with booths, tables and a fullbar, the folks at Landmark serve up delicious breakfasts, lunches,and dinners every day – from 6am to past midnight. Tap the app andorder online, request delivery, check out the catering and makesure you enter their monthly drawing. Scroll through all of thedelicious menu options, take advantage of your free download offerand go all-in for their pancake punch card loyalty program, allyours when you download the app from Landmark Diner.The app from Landmark Diner provides:• Easy online ordering with our mobile App• Exclusive specials and offers• Updates and notifications• Digital punch card rewards• Our media galleryLandmark Diner’s App is free and you will receive your firstreward soon after it is downloaded.What a great place to dine! Landmark Diner in Ossining, New Yorkhas made sure that you never need to cook again if you don’t wantto! Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, adultbeverages, and more, you can get 3 square meals a day, snacks andcocktails, desserts and a before-bed nosh. A delicious variety offoods from soup, salad, burgers and entrées, to App-etizer fingerfoods and diner decadent desserts, there’s something for everyApp-etite at Landmark. Slide into to a cozy booth, watch themorning news as you sip coffee and eat breakfast. Join your friendsor take a break from work with a hearty lunch. Order online forcarryout or delivery, or drop in for drinks and dinner to unwind.And Landmark’s open late when you want to extend the date!Catering, carry out and delivery, parties or your favorite seat atthe bar, and now a money-saving app – all from Landmark Diner.
Funtime America 0.9
Download the app for Funtime America IndoorAmusement Park and save on a ton of fun, games, food and parties!Start with an exclusive download offer, add in loyalty punch cardsand coupons and delight in the discounts and deals that will keepthe good times rolling without breaking the budget! Funtime Americahas it all – laser tag, bounce areas, rides (including bumpercars!), obstacle courses, arcade games and a café. What a greatplace to hold a birthday party or fundraiser . . . maybe apost-prom party . . . or even a “play date” when the weather won’tcooperate. Scroll through the app and discover adventures fortoddlers to teens – and even adults at the Funtime American IndoorAmusement Park.The Funtime America app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card program• Menus – both food and activities!• Photos• Event Information• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe app for Funtime America is free and you will receive yourfirst reward soon after it is downloaded.No sunburn, no sand, no snow or rain . . . just lots of fun andgames and food at Funtime America Indoor Amusement Park inEatontown, New Jersey. Every day is party day with three giantinflatables, four major carnival rides, 108 gaming play options, astate of the art laser tag arena, a rock climbing wall, obstaclecourses, bumper cars and a world class café! You can even followyour favorite sports teams on one of many flat screen televisions.Let the staff plan your next birthday party complete with a partyroom, refreshments and lots of activities to keep the kidsentertained . . . all you have to do is tap the app and choose adate. No fuss, no mess to clean up and a most memorable party. Hosta fundraiser, team building or post-prom event, bring the familyfor a day of fun, or even surprise your scout troop in this safe,clean, well-supervised indoor amusement park. Monmouth County andthe surrounding areas have it made in the shade with all theactivities at Funtime America.
Plato's Closet - Exton 1.5
An app on your phone means more cash in yourpocket from Plato’s Closet in Exton. Download our app and enjoy theexclusive savings, learn how to become part of the fashionconsignment scene, earn PC cash and follow our blog for the latestupdates. Plato’s Closet buys and sells gently used name brandclothing and accessories for teens and young adults. Scroll throughthe app, swap out your wardrobe, fill your closet without emptyingyour bank account and look great doing it!The Plato’s Closet app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Special offers and discounts• Photos• Consignment needs• Clothing inventoryThe Plato’s Closet app is free and you will receive your firstreward soon after it is downloaded.Plato’s Closet in Exton, Pennsylvania caters to trendy teens andyoung adults. From fashion-forward couture to sturdy, gently wornclassics, Plato’s Closet is the perfect place to add wardrobebasics, find party clothes, sell clean-out-your-closet clothes andpair them all up with trendy accessories. Clean out that closet!Find that perfect party dress! Add the perfect accessory! And staywithin your budget when you tap the app for Plato’s Closet.
Clean Getaway Car Wash 0.8
Download the app for Clean Getaway Car Washand save money inside and out! Keep your baby the cleanest of theclean, the shiniest of the shiny and the envy of the road withapp-only savings, discounts and special offers. From express washesto custom detailing, the professionals at Clean Getaway use thebest, environmentally-friendly products to keep your car fresh andpolished. Enjoy a special download offer and a loyalty punch cardprogram; Clean Getaway values your trust, business and loyalty.Whether your car is an expensive, new model, a restored beauty or afaithful family member, keep her clean with regular service fromClean Getaway Car Wash.The Clean Getaway app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card program• Menu of service options• Photos• Discounts & Special OffersThe app for Clean Getaway Car Wash is free and you will receiveyour first offer soon after it is downloaded.Clean Getaway Car Wash in Jacksonville Beach, Florida is thehometown spa for the cleanest, shiniest, buffed, well-maintainedcars in the area. Turn heads as you drive down the road showing offyour baby. Bring her in for a regular express wash or schedule acustom detail that includes carpet-scrubbing, headlightrestoration, waxing, dusting and spray cleaning salt and sand fromthe undercarriage. A clean car is a happy car . . . and it doesn’thave to break the bank when you tap the app for Clean Getaway CarWash.
Two Cousin's Pizza - Mt Joy 1.0
The Two Cousins app is here and, no matter howyou slice it, it’s the easiest way to stay up to date while savingdough on what has become recognized as the“Best Pizza in LancasterCounty.”The Two Cousins app provides:• Loyalty Program• Menus• Photos• Event Information• Food & Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe Two Cousins app is FREE and you’ll earn your first reward assoon as it’s downloaded!Two Cousins Pizza & Italian Restaurant, located on West MainStreet in Mount Joy, PA, has been serving an extensive menu ofItalian and American favorites for over 34 years. As one of thefirst Two Cousins in Lancaster County, this location continues tobe a local favorite, recently being named the site of“Best Pizza”and “Second-Best Subs” in Lancaster County. All items are freshlymade to order, and our food is consistently of the highest quality,whether you dine in or choose to take out, made even moreconvenient with our drive-thru pickup window. Gluten-free optionsinclude gluten-free pizza, pasta and subs. We offer daily food anddrink specials, including our Mega Lunch Specials Monday-Friday,and have a kids’ menu for the younger set. Desserts includesoft-serve ice cream, sundaes, milkshakes, mini cannoli andtiramisu. We have a selection of beer on tap as well as cold beerto go; you are welcome to bring your own bottle of wine. Four largeflat-screen TVs complete with the Football Package mean you’llnever have to miss a game. Catering available. Open 6 days (closedTuesdays).
The Watering Trough 1.0
The Watering Trough app is here and the bestway to stay linked to good food and drink, good service and goodtimes at the “new” place to be in Mount Joy!The Watering Trough app provides:• Loyalty Program• Menus• Photos• Event Information• Food & Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersThe Watering Trough app is FREE and you’ll earn your firstreward as soon as it’s downloaded!The Watering Trough Restaurant & Bar located on West MainStreet in Mount Joy, PA is the perfect destination whether you’rein the mood for casual bar food, family-friendly comfort fare, orfine dining with the best of land and sea. Recently renovated andunder new ownership since 2011, the “new” and improved WateringTrough features food and drink specials 7 days a week. Fromappetizers, soups and salads, wraps, burgers and specialtysandwiches, entrees featuring steak, chicken, seafood and pasta,The Watering Trough menu has something to appeal to everyone—andour kids’ menu will surely satisfy even your pickiest eaters! Ourfull bar (with both smoking and non-smoking areas) provides a largeselection whether you prefer beer, wine or cocktails. You can watchsporting events on our big HD TV screens, play pool, enjoy livemusic or DJs spinning, participate in karaoke contests or one ofour regular theme parties. We also have a separate party room foryour next special occasion.
Uncle Mike’s Smokehouse Grill 1.2
Download the app for Uncle Mike’s SmokehouseGrill and receive exclusive discounts, savings and special offers –all on your smartphone. Scroll through and check out the weeklyspecials, bar fresh drinks, homemade comfort food and their rockin’entertainment calendar! Belly up to the bar for some beer andwings, bring the family to a brunch buffet, join us for karaoke,boot-scootin’, comedy and a great meal; consider Mike’s cateringoptions for your next formal or casual get together, too. Be partMike’s community of food and fun - fundraisers, talent searches,AYCE crab legs, ladies night and more while saving big bucks whenyou tap the app from Uncle Mike’s Smokehouse Grill.Uncle Mike’s Smokehouse Grill app provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card program• Menus• Events and entertainment calendar• Photos• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersUncle Mike’s Smokehouse Grill app is free and you will receiveyour first reward soon after it is downloaded.From Hot Wings to Rib Eyes, Uncle Mike’s Smokehouse Grill isserving up the tastiest comfort food with the best entertainment inthe Plant City, Florida area. There’s always something going on atMike’s whether boot scootin’ dance lessons, karaoke,all-you-can-eat crab legs or ladies’ night entertainment. You maynever have to cook again – just order from your app for dine-inreservations, takeout, delivery or a fully catered event. Fromblack tie to BBQ, their banquet hall holds up to 300 people. Comedyand wings, DJ, dancing and burgers, teen night with appetizers andsoda, a “bikers’ bash to raise community funds, even a specialoccasion buffet with Christian entertainment and more . . . alldelicious, all yours at Uncle Mike’s Smokehouse Grill.
Scooters Bar & Grill 1.1
Download the app for Scooters Bar & Grilland enjoy an exclusive offer, a loyalty punch card program,up-to-date information on menus and events and happy hour specials.Take advantage of the convenience and ease of having informationand discounts right at your fingertips. Make a reservation, ordersome takeout or simply drop in for an afternoon or evening full offun, delicious food, great drinks, and of course, app-only offers.Watch your favorite sports team on TV, chow down on delicious,hearty food from pulled pork and pizza to steaks and seafood, quaffan icy local craft beer and even shoot a game of pool. With asalute to true Americana (check out the American flag, disco ball,military support information and homage to Harley!), join in forgreat food, fun and entertainment at “the biggest little bar inFlint,” Scooters Bar & Grill.The app from Scooters Bar & Grill provides:• An exclusive download offer• Loyalty punch card program• Menus• Photos• Event and entertainment calendars• Food and Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersScooters’ app is free and you will receive your first rewardsoon after it is downloaded.Scooters Bar & Grill in Flint, Michigan truly is “thebiggest little bar in Flint,” Michigan. Chock full of great barfood including burgers, wraps, pizza, pulled pork, wings and more,as well as craft local beer, yummy sides and weekly specials, yourapp-etite will be sated without breaking the bank. Each nightthere’s something special going on from Bike Night Wednesday to aFriday Fish Fry. Grab the mic and sing, cheer on your favoritesports team, dance to the live bands or DJ mix and play some pooland poker. Whether you’re a regular or just dropping in for adelicious meal, tap the app and check out the nightly food, fun andfestivities at Scooters Bar & Grill.
Poblanos Mexican Cuisine 1.2
Poblanos Mexican Cuisine now has their ownFREE app that will save you money, keep you up-to-date on all theirevents and send you exclusive offers on your smartphone or mobiledevice. Fresh Mexican cuisine made from traditional family recipes,tucked along the river make Poblanos the place to enjoy the best inMexican cuisine.Poblanos Mexican Cuisine app provides:• A download incentive• Loyalty program• Menus• Photos• Event and catering information• Food and drink specials• Discounts and special offersThe Poblanos Mexican Cuisine app is FREE and you can expect yourfirst reward soon after it is downloaded!Poblanos, an authentic Mexican restaurant nestled on RiverStreet in Chattanooga, Tennessee offers upscale meal options in acozy setting. Delicious food, made fresh to order using familyrecipes makes this hot spot hard to beat. With outside deck seatingin warm weather, entertainment, catering and Poblanos specialtycocktails, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings aswell as the food! Poblanos also offers a Loyalty Punch Card, so themore you visit, the more you earn. They also take reservations,offer delivery and take-out options and are known for theirfriendly service. So if you want authentic and delicious Mexicancuisine without the trip to Mexico, come on in to Poblanos for yournext delicious meal.
Max & Bella's Restaurant 1.0
The Max & Bella’s app is here and willkeep you linked to all the latest tee-riffic tidbits while treatingyou in a fair way and helping you to save some green. Max &Bella’s is the place to be, whether you’re grabbing a round (afteryour round) at the19th hole or wining and dining in style in ourgraciously appointed dining room overlooking the golf course.The Max & Bella’s app provides:• Loyalty Program• Menus• Photos• Event Information• Food & Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersMax & Bella’s app is FREE and you’ll earn your first rewardas soon as it’s downloaded!Max & Bella’s Restaurant is located at the Ann Arbor CountryClub in Ann Arbor, MI and is open to the public Tuesday-Sundaybeginning at 5PM. Our varied, seasonal menu appeals to a wide rangeof tastes: from those seeking pub fare including finger foods,hearty burgers and sandwiches, freshly made hand-tossed pizzas, tothose desiring a more gourmet, fine-dining experience featuringseafood, beef and poultry dishes with extraordinary sides anddelectable house-made desserts. Carryout & delivery available.Our relaxed atmosphere with fabulous views of our golf course isthe perfect setting for an intimate meal for two, hosting acorporate meeting or entertaining a larger group to celebrate aspecial event. Our full-service bar is highlighted by a fullcomplement of Michigan microbrews, a vast array of martinis andevery type of spirit and libation in between. Happy Hour 5-6:30PMwith 20% off all appetizers and the chance to score some greatdrink specials. Live entertainment every Wednesday, Friday andSunday.
Primo Hoagies Leesburg, VA 2.2
The Primo Hoagies app provides:-Daily food specials-Discounts & special offers-Frequent buyer programs-Menus-PhotosThe app is free and you’ll earn your first loyalty reward assoonas it’s downloaded!Located in Leesburg Virginia, Primo Hoagies is theareasmust-stop authentic Philadelphia style hoagie shop. It notjust ahoagie, it’s a PRIMO!So my friends enjoy the app and welcome to the club.
Bongiorno's Philly Steak Shop 0.9
The Bongiorno’s Philly Steak Shop app ishereand, no matter how you slice it, it’s the best way to savesomedough while "steaking" your claim on the most authenticSouthPhilly cheese steaks, hoagies and other great bites right hereinAtlantic Beach!Bongiorno’s Philly Steak Shop app provides:• Loyalty Program• Menus• Photos• Event Information• Food & Drink Specials• Discounts & Special OffersBongiorno’s Philly Steak Shop app is FREE and you’ll earn yourfirstreward as soon as it’s downloaded!Bongiorno’s Philly Steak Shop located in the Pan AmShoppingCenter (between Dutton Island Road and Assisi Lane, infront of theNEX) has brought the great food of South Philly toafamily-friendly setting in Atlantic Beach. Everything aboutourfood is authentic, from our mouthwatering cheese steaks andhoagiesserved on genuine hearth-baked Amoroso rolls fromPhiladelphia, toour clubs, wraps and specialty sandwiches, 1/2pound burgers,filling salads, quesadillas, shrimp baskets, giganticwings,freshly made chili and our homemade brownies and cannolis. Weofferboth imported and domestic beer, including 6-packs to go,andfeature Sutter Home wines. The little ones will delight inourchildren’s menu. Daily food and beer specials, andmilitarydiscounts to honor those who have served our country. Andwith allour HDTVs, you’ll never miss a game or sporting event!