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Flashlight super bright 2.7.2239.5
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Do you want a flashlight to help you atnight,Do you want a signaling lamp to help you in an emergency,But you don't want to take real FlashightDon't worry, we understand all your problems, so we have developedFlashlight application, that can be installed on the mobile deviceand can solve your problems.The application is extremely simple, extremely helpful. Flashlightuses the flash / light as a flashlight screen should support themost powerful light in the night.With simple interface, turn on / off the flashlight immediately,less power consumption should be one Flashlight app and most usefulsmart for you.- Flashlight is present everywhere, all the time you need:You're in one place without light, you do not know which way to go,you just open up and just one Flashlight tap, Flashlight helps youfind your way even in the darkest places.- Colorful neon lightChange the color and brightness of your phone's screen to helpguide you where you want to go. Choose from a palette of colors tofind your favorite light. You can also use your own light to signalto friends in times of going out at night.- Blinking ModeThe application supports flashing light mode with 10 differentfrequencies, and SOS signals are integrated, allowing you to use indifferent situations. You can also use the flashing capital toprivate messages with your friends.- Brightest Flashlight: use of camera flash to emit light moststrongly. Note that some devices without camera flash. In thiscase, LED flash will be disabled, but you can still use the screenlights.- Camera LED Flashlight: use the camera LED as a lightsource.- Screen light: Originally, screen basic white light. You can useit as your primary flashlight in case your device does not have theflash or you want to save battery power. The application supportsColorful neon light allows you can change the brightness, color,Screen flashes of Light.- Built-in SOS signal, Alarm signal mode: to bring you a greatconvenience for many different situations.- Blinking Mode: Allows to change the speed of a torchlightning- Save batteryFeature:- Brightest Flashlight- Powered Flashlight- led flashlight- SOS signal.- Alarm signal mode.- Blinking Mode.- Stunning graphics.- Colorful neon light.- Save batteryThank for using the application
Mp3 player 1.9.3629.01
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Music player, audio player, voice playerBy using Music player, you can listen to all audio file typesMp3 Player is the best music player for Android. Play your favoriteMusic Mp3 and others files with style!Music Player will guide you easily to find all the music in yourphone.Features:- Search music, album, artist, songs, genres...- Beautiful user interface- Plays any audio file format including Mp3 files- Graphic equalizer- Home screen widgets- Lyric support.- Advanced features such as favorites and playlists- Play any artist, album, or playlist on shuffle mode- Play any song, any time on any device--mobile, tablet, or yourcomputer- Enjoy amazing sound quality.- Music Library wide search. Find all your music never been soeasy.- Custom Playlist- Plays mp3, mp4/m4a (incl. alac), ogg, wma*, flac, wav, ape, wv,tta, mpc, aiff (* some wma pro files may require NEONsupport)- Replay again- Plays songs from folders and from own library- Dynamic queue- Lyrics support, including lyrics search via musiXmatchplugin- Embed and standalone .cue files support- Support for m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl playlists- Downloads missing album art- Custom visual themes, lot of skins available on Play- Headset support, automatic Resume on headset and/or BT connection(can be disabled in settings)- Scrobbling- Tag editor- Dast library scan- Set time for sleeping- Edit mp3, sound files (comming soon)I'm sure that you will love this application after using it.The application will bring you great feeling.Have a good time
Voice recorder 1.11.3321.45
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The best voice recroder for android with thebest qualityVoice Recorder is a high quality voice recording application,simple and easy to use audio & voice recorder, store yourrecordings as voice memos and share them with your friends, thisAudio recorder uses the high quality (8-41.1KHz sample rate) togive you the best recording experience. This app is simple UI,instant start and easy to use.Easy way to record your meetings, personal notes, classes, songs,and more, with no time limits.Features:1. HD Audio recording.2. Simple user interface, instant start.3. All the required functionality is in one screen and within theuser's click.4. Supported operations in this Version- Recording with high quality.- mp3 encoding with adjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz)- recording in background (even when display is off)- microphone gain calibration tool- Format file: mp3, ogg- Play, pause, stop audio file.- Send/Share your recording.- Delete your recording right from the app.- Save the recording file.- live audio spectrum analyzer- save/pause/resume/cancel recording process control- easy to use recordings list- send/share a recording via email, sms, mms, facebook, whatsapp,dropbox, etc.- record by internal or external microphone- not support call recorder- We are improve .wave format5. A timer to monitor your recording time.6. Coming soon- SD card support- audio spectrum analyzer- wave/pcm encoding with adjustable sample rate (8-44 kHz)Thank you for using the app.
Alarm clock 1.3.3045.9
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Alarm clock is base app and really importantapps for all mobile phone (Android and IOS application)Alarm clock can wake up gently to your favorite music and avoidaccidentally disabling your alarm with Alarm Clock Free!Not only alarm clock feature, this application can support otherfeature like WorldClock, Stopwatch, Timer1. Alarm clock- Analog light, digital dark, and digital light- Unlimited alarms and timers – set them multiple times, one at atime, repeating or recurring, with tunes from your own phonelibrary- Flexible and intuitive algorithm for alarm activations- Presents a lot of customization options to best suit yourflavors- Fit all screens- 3 types of notifications – next alarm, missed alarms, presentactive alarms- Wake up with your favorite music- Utilizes 12 or 24 time format- Auto adjustment for alarms while changing time zones- Set custom labels for alarms and timers with unrestricted lengthof the text- Use automatic auto snooze to preserve your battery life or tuneup the snooze time by yourselfBy this feature, you can feel free to get you out of bed2. World clock- Find another city/location in the same time zone, and addit- Multiple clocks support- Quick search for locations- Displaying 12H or 24H clock format3. Stopwatch:- Stopwatch (Chronometer) and Timer (Countdown) modes- Infinite laps count- Stopwatch and Timer runs in background- Supports multiple screens- Timer presets4. Timer- Custom presets- Widgets- Select Ringtone5. Settings- Enable/Disable notifications- Custom themes- Custom alarm timeout- Debug modeAll time and date features in alarm clock. We think give you thebest application.
Flashlight brightest 1.0
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Best flashlight, easiest flashlight,brightestflashlightThe best appication for flashlight, easiest to use, brightestandfastest flashlightThree modes in flashlight: lighting modes using your camera’sLEDlight, an adjustable screen light that you can easilycustomize,blink SOS signal.Features :- LED mode, Camera' Led light- The brightest illuminator ever- Fastest startup flashlight- Strobe mode with sensitive frequency controller- SOS flashlight signal- Bretty and elegant UI design- Enjoy the cam LED light!- Change color screen- Adjustable screen lightBy using super bright flashlight, You will feel free andreadlyuseful.