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Bike Race Pro by T. F. Games
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This version of Bike Race has:- All levels unlocked!- No Ads!In this simple and fast-paced physics-based free game, tilt yourdevice to lean your bike and touch the screen toaccelerate/brake.Features:- Multiplayer- Simple controls- 14 addictive worlds- 128 challenging tracks- 16 amazing bikes- Touch to accelerate, tilt to lean the bike- Cool stuntsBike Race is brought to you by Top Free Games - the creators of the#1 game in the google play store, Racing Penguin.Multiplayer Mode is available! Try to become the best biker onAndroid!
Racing Penguin - Flying Free
Racing Penguin (or Flying Penguin) is aphysics based slide and fly game!Slide down the mountains of Antarctica and flap your wings tofly.Go as fast as you can to escape from the polar bear.5 addicting worlds, 40 racing levels.Clear levels to earn stars - the faster you go, the more stars youget.Use your stars to unlock new worlds!Get it while it is FREE!Look at our Reviews:Great! This is a great game with no flaws at all. It's fun andaddictive, I can't put it down. And the penguin is so cute!This game has been really interesting and fun This is a coolgame.OMG its.... its.... Awesomeness!!!!!!!! I can see why this is areally great rated game. GREAT graphics! AWESOME bonus features.KEEP UP YOUR GREAT WORK! :DCool game My kids loved it cool gameSoooo Cool The game is the best game I have ever playedLove I love this game, it is so much fun. I'm like a kid at heart.But they are to short.....I would be willing to pay money for morelevels..... "Hilarious This is an entertaining game very sutible for a longjorney. TIP: dont waste your fish!!!This app is delectibaly unbelieveable This game is super cool. Butthe tips is that the last world is very hard. I mean I got capturedby the polar bear like.twenty times. But other than that greatgameAwesome game with awesome graphicsWoah, I can't stop playing this! Great 2 pass the time away.RecommendedLove this game!! SOO worth the download!! Even better than tinywings if u ... Love this game!! SOO worth the download!! Evenbetter than tiny wings if u ask me =)
Bike Race Free - Top Motorcycle Racing Games 8.0.0
Bike Race is one of the best racing game onAndroid! Race and have fun against millions of players. Bike Raceis one of the top-rated free games! And it's free!Addictive racing gameplay- New game mode: Tournaments!- Race against millions of users on multiplayer- Train on single player to improve your skills- Fun guaranteed- Simple and intuitive controls- Challenge your facebook friends- Play without wifiAmazing features-Hundreds of crazy tracks and mad worlds-Cool stunts-Tons of amazing bikes- Don't miss the free updates with lots of new contentForget those dumb drag car racing games. To become a mastermotorcycle, skills matter (a lot). As they say: no pain, no gain!So, start practicing right now to become a pro bike racer and rulethem all. It will be fun and addicting, we guarantee it!Bike Race is brought to you by Top Free Games - the creators of theaddicting game: Racing Penguin.● Details about user created levelsIf you want to play more than 3 featured user created levels perday, you will need to buy a level pack. You can play unlimited freelevels created by you or your friends if you have their codes. Youcan also play unlimited free levels shared publicly on the internetby other users. Levels can not be created on a mobile device. Tocreate a level, surf to● Play it anywhereBike race free does NOT require any internet connection. you canhave fun racing in the subway, while flying on a (real) plane, inthe car on the road, during services in a temple (or maybe even onthe toilet!)● Low data usageThis free game will not consume tons of data from your mobile planthat you'd want to use instead to surf the web, watch youtubevideos and listen to free music● Compatibility and supportWe're continuously working (hard) so that all Android phones andtablets run the game smoothly. please report any issue you mayexperience to [email protected]● Age rating disclaimerIt does NOT contain violence nor any other mature content. it'sjust a simple and straightforward racing game. feel free to play itwith your boys and children. we bet it will be fun and they'regonna love it!● Privacy policy
Super Biker 1.6.2
The world's best racing game is back!