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GPS Time & Mileage Tracking
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Timeero is an easy to use GPS timesheet & mileage app forbusinesses
Tempus Employee Time Tracking 4.2
Timeero LLC
**Version 4.0 is now available in Spanish TempusGPS was designedtokeep track of your employees time. It is a time clockreplacementthat will record an employees date, time, site & GPSlocation.The GPS location is only captured when an employee clocksin orout. The data is then stored on the cloud so that a managerhas theability to generate time sheet reports and pay theiremployeesaccurately. There is no function that allows a manager tolocateemployees in real-time and the app does not continuouslycapturethe employees location (we do this to conserve the battery).Youcan start a 14 day free trial of our app by visitwww.tempusgps.comPlease go to our website if you would like to seea free demo ofour online managers account. When you create a newaccount, youraccount becomes the manager account. With this accountyou can addnew users and job sites. You can then add employeeaccounts, whichwhen you login with will communicate directly withthe managersaccount so that you can see how they work together. Wehave appsfor iOS, Android as well as a web application that can beused on acellular phone browser, laptop or desktop (basically anyplatformthat has access to the internet & a web browser).IMPORTANT:Downloading the app by itself will do nothing; you mustpurchase amanagers account first. The managers account is web-basedonly andis required before you can add employees, site locationsorretrieve time sheets for your company. A managers account canonlybe purchased on our website.