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BET Analysis 2.7.8
Yes, dear friends, we are here with BET Analysis, an artificialintelligence based prediction and statistics application. What does"artificial intelligence based predictions" mean? It is a systemdeveloped in order to present the possible results to you in themost accurate way by using parameters such as the matches of theteams with each other, general, home and away forms, generalcharacter of the league, missing players. We think it is notcorrect to give information that "80% - 85% of our estimates aresuccessful" only to impress you because it is not realistic.Although we have a high success rate, we know that it's not justabout statistics. Please don't forget that suggested predictionsare only possible results :) The application is not just thepredictions we provide you. We have very detailed statistical datathat you can make your own predictions very easily. We are surethat you will love it as you discover it. Apart from that, you canfollow the live scores of the current day's matches. You can addthe matches you want to your favorites list, get rid of the crowdedmatch list and follow only the matches you are interested in. Ifyou allow application notifications, you can receive notificationsabout important events related to the matches you have favorite(match started, goal, first half, red card, match over etc.).Except for the application and enjoyment, we hope we will help youearn some money :) Good luck..