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Block Crush - Popular Classic Puzzle Games 4.6
This is a block puzzle tetris game. This game is fun and strategic.It requires the player to observe, judge, move, and finally reach aline, or multiple lines. Eliminate one line and score, if youeliminate multiple lines, you will get a high score. If theplayer's block reaches the top, the game ends. How To Play: -Simply drag the blocks to move them. - Try to create full lines onthe grid vertically or horizontally. - Blocks can't be rotated. -No time limits. - No wifi needed - online play with friends -unblocked free FEATURES + Simple rules and easy controls + VariousBlocks and colorful graphics + Save the game + Funny sound effectsShow off your skills in the new designed Brick Puzzle.
Piano Keyboard - Free Simply Music Band Apps 1.3
Piano Keyboard - free piano app to help you learn chords andnotesusing virtual instruments! Learn how to play the piano inmanyways. You will learn how to play the piano quickly. Useotherinstruments (piano, flute, organ, guitar) to add fun. Yourchildwill learn while playing and their intelligence will improve.Byattracting children's attention, their musical ability willbeimproved. Play the piano happily with all kinds of internalmusic.You can record your instrument and listen again. You can usetheplus and minus keys to adjust the size of the piano. Suitableforpianists, musicians, artists, learners and beginners! Features:-Full range of piano (88 keys); - Studio quality sound (all thekeysrecorded in stereo); - The studio "Reverb" effect; - Velocity;-Sustain; - High-quality design; - High level of realism;-Realistic feel with a vibration mode; - High speedresponsetouches; - Color schemes; - Programmable keys scroll;-Multi-Touch; Try it and have fun with the best and mostcompletepiano app on Google Play!
Word Search Link - Free Puzzle Casual Game 1.9
This word game combines the best word search and crossword puzzlesto bring great challenge fun to the brain! Train your brain now tochallenge this word search and crossword puzzle. How to play: 1.Swipe letters horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forward orbackward to form specific hidden words. 2. Find as many words aspossible to unlock levels and get extra reward coins. 3. Write aword in every block! When you find stars, you can earn coins. 4.Hard to come up with a word game? You can buy a tip with coins tohelp solve this problem. Daily bonus rewards * The level ofdifficulty increases as the level increases. Easy to play, but hardto beat! * The first word search game offers free coins. * Playoffline anytime, anywhere. * As words increase, you feel a sense ofaccomplishment. * All grids are double checked to make sure theyare solvable! * Suitable for any age! * Free updates! If you are abig fan of word games, don't hesitate to try our games! Very funand relaxing! We promise to create the most memorable gamingexperience for you!
Number Painting - Classic Coloring Book Game 1.3
Number painting is a free and fun Coloring Book game. The game hasa large number of free fine pictures, real leisure painting game.You are free to choose your favorite picture and draw according tothe number. All areas of the picture are marked with numbers, soyou just tap and color them according to the numbers. The gameprovides free tips to help you solve problems. Simple games let yourediscover the fun of painting and share your works with yourfamily and friends. In the process of painting, you can relaxyourself and let the pressure dissipate. When you are in a badmood, you can turn on number painting anytime and anywhere toimmerse yourself in the world of painting. As time goes by, yourtroubles will disappear. Features: + Simple play, just click on thenumber and color + A large number of beautiful color pictures, willcontinue to update + Animals, people, nature, transportation,Christmas and so on + Everyone can find their favorite pictures +The game is saved automatically and you can finish your work at anytime + You can enlarge and shrink the picture at will to finish thepainting more easily + There are free tips in the game + One clicksharing to social media, share with your family and friends +Offline games, you can draw anytime, anywhere + Totally free gamesThank you for playing our game. Hope you enjoy it. Welcome to sendfeedback and suggestions for us, It's very important to us.