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Combat Trigger: Modern Shooter 1.91
Extreme features:- exciting campaign with plenty of battles,- futuristic weapons,- grenade overkills,- armor and health customization,- millions of enemies to kill,- battlefields on exotic planets and fallen human cities to fightin,- combat in fallen human citiesFight modern battles on the frontline of the space combat with deadbugs. Call your inner duty, become a commando and start shootingand killing beasts that were going to dismantle human dreams aboutpeaceful existence.Space bugs - species unknown before the age of deep spaceexplorations. Before that, we were hunters of deer, ordinaryfrontline commandos, but after the space leap we started to havemore worries, more horrors to hunt.Modern combat has become a lot more complicated - dead triggeramongst us once again with unbelievable power. Humanity called allsoldiers to fulfill their duty. Frontline battlefield became bloodbaths and humankind once again tastes their own blood. Dead fingerson the trigger once again... Warfare wasn't the same sincethen.Don’t wait and start playing in exciting simulator combat shooterwith storyline and battles around the universe. Warfare and combatare amazingly dynamic and satisfying. Emotions in the final battlewith zombie bugs which you can hunt.You can play as a sniper or ordinary assault soldier - choose yourrole, shoot them from the distance or use your shooter rifle andkill zombie monsters from a closer distance.Shooter that you dreamed about.
Zombie Call: Trigger 3D First Person Shooter Game
BEST ZOMBIE SHOOTING GAMEHow will you save the world from raging zombies?Get ready to find out in this epic action shooter. Downloadfast!A SECRET MISSIONIt's 1945 and you're an elite commando sent behind the enemyfrontline. Your mission was to find and destroy a secretexperimental facility hidden in the woods. Your commander briefedyou on a need-to-know basis - you couldn't know that the enemy wasturning dead bodies into bloodthirsty zombies. When all hell brokeloose your target became to survive.FEATURES:- Shoot your way through zombie filled battlefields- Win an epic campaign- Shoot tons of bullets with many powerful guns- Fight and kill powerful bosses- Grab a mini gun and relieve zombie soldiers from their dutyWAR TO END THEM ALLZombie killing games were never so fun and advanced! Warfare inthis free game is as dynamic as it gets. You can't hesitate - youcan either win or die. Your actions will determine the outcome ofthis war. Save left for dead civilians from becoming zombiefood.UNDEAD MEN TELL NO TALESSave the world from an outbreak of elite soldiers turned intozombies. Become the ultimate commando in a war against the evil.The dead zombie soldiers know no honor or duty, only hunger. Whenyou're walking among the dead your only option is to kill. Shootyour enemies like a cod in a barrel! Show no mercy as the deadsoldiers have only one target - to eat your brain.MAXIMUM FIREPOWERFree some breathing space from the dead with powerful grenades.Just target with simple controls and shoot any survivors. Thisshooter game will allow you to enter a dark and cold world ofconstant warfare with zombie soldiers at the hellgate of thisworld.FREE REWARDSGet ready to win additional rewards in everyday contests. Try yourluck and grab the prize. You can also earn more currency throughunique in-game achievements rewarded to you for outstandingperformance in the line of duty. Use it well to multiply yoursuccess in the game.GET READY FOR MAYHEMLock and load and jump right into zombie shooting action set in anamazingly detailed World War II battlefield. Act like acold-blooded contract killer with these zombies. Will you come outalive to save the world?PICK YOUR WEAPONChoose if you prefer to take down your target with a precise pistolor a fast mini gun. All fans of fast paced fun gameplay will havesomething for them to enjoy. A wide selection of guns awaits you,so grab your weapon of choice and head right into the action.BREATH-TAKING GRAPHICSModern technology allows this game to look good on all modernmobile phones. Battlefield covered in snow looks crisp andrealistic. Modern arcade combat is overrated - grab your favoriteWW2 shooter and protect yourself from dead zombie soldiers.AWESOME GAMEPLAYTravel on a battle train and protect yourself from an endlessonslaught of zombie enemies. Unlock original and rewarding guns tohandle more powerful types of foes. Renew your health withfirst-aid kits and decimate your enemies with grenades.You're going to love it!
Speed Cars: Real Racer Need 3D 2.02
Features:- real racing experience with arcade features,- feel the speed and adrenaline of pro driving,- 5 sport cars tuned for for professional racing,- beautiful classic tracks to race and win on,- countless modding options to give you an edge,- drive fast and collect power ups to boost your speed,- extreme speed physics and realistic 3D surroundingsThe only way to win is to race as fast you can. You'll have to tuneyour car to get more out of the engine - greater acceleration, topspeed and durability. Your rivals will be relentless so be preparedto push the pedal to the metal. You need to show through youractions who is the best racer in the world.Fast cars racing on the asphalt, drift and drag driving with noregard for death - what else could you want? Use your need foradrenaline to become a furious racer and leave your rivals farbehind by forcing your car to speed beyond anything you everimagined. Race faster than gt cars in wrc cup.In this world fame does not come for free - you'll have to be thebest to raise through the ladder to become a champion racer. Getinto your car and prepare for a fast drive through the offroads anddirt. Race in day and night and don't forget to use your nitro withno limit.Customize the moto car according to your own project. Satisfy yourneed for acceleration or top speed and become a fusion of a proracer and a stuntman. No road traffic will stop you from being agame changer in the racing industry. Whole nation will be surprisedby feats of speed that you'll achieve.As a pro racer you'll get a whole array of different cars to drive,from classic gt to tuned racing supercar. Choose the best you canafford or win some cups to get a better ride. Don't forget thatusing nitro during the competition can give you a significant edgeagainst your rivals. Just push the button and see the asphalt bluras you speed forward to win.Don't get left behind - download fast this free racing game.
Speed & Drift: Car Racer Need 1.1
Start racing with others millions fans of awesome arcade racing.Don’t wait - race for your place on leaderboards and show other howawesome you are.Plenty of cars to choose, many completely different race tracksand game modes. Everything wrapped in beautiful environments andoriginal car designs.Race on classical asphalt tracks or explore dangerous ofmountain tracks, be aware - one mistake and your opponents willdefeat you.Become the champion of the highway circuits or become king ofdesert challenges. Plenty of attractions for every kind of player -if you prefer indianapolis races with simulation steeringmechanics, you will find it on asphalt surface. On the other hand -for those who loves arcade model of driving we prepared countrycircuit, with high speed and arcade handling.If you are in need for speed - doesn’t matter where are you: inmonaco or indianapolis - you will find it in this title. Feel thespeed in real racing - and you will not need anything else in thisgenre. Nothing to distract you from the objective on which youfocused on - be like formula 1 and eran your grand prix withhonor.There is nothing more engaging on the world than the foot onspeed pedal and opponents behind you. Imagine that all other cars -ferrari, porsche, lamborghini, mercedes or bmw - are after you,imagine all the jealous looks from those fancy cars when you passthem with smile on your face - and this is exactly what you willfind in this game.Shift your behavior from sunday driver to underground mind fromillegal drift city races. Become one of people who will alwaysdreamed to become. Chase your dreams on asphalt road, answer toyour need for speed, make drifts and race in csr cars. Or choose gtclass and achieve even higher speeds.
Real Need for Racing Speed Car
JOIN MILLIONS OF PLAYERS RACING FOR THE WORLDCUP.Features:- 4 completely different and engaging race tracks,- 5 various cars with totally different racing models,- driving model which guarantee positive feeling of driving,- leaderboards to compete and achievements to get,Experience advanced model of driving and accomplish great things onracing tracks. Feel the real speed and need for asphalt stunts. Ifsimulation is what you are looking for, the simulator you will find- just let you immerse into racing world and become champion of theworld. Grab the steering wheel and become fastest driver on theleaderboards. Show them who is the ultimately awesome driver.Try to win every race using different cars from various categories:formula racing, GP, GT or real common retail cars. Obtain grandprix and become champion of the all racing league categories.Every time you were watching real races, or exciting fastestcompetition I bet you dreamed about becoming rally expert. Thenstop dreaming and become one - press the gas pedal and feel thereal speed of dynamic acceleration, enjoy speed and adrenaline inyour veins and show other players that you truly deserve glory ofbeing the champion.Make realistic drifts and experience the simulation driving modelwhich allow you to make amazing tricks on the racing track. Needfor speed will be absolutely fulfilled and next time when you willexperience the need of race winning, you wouldn’t look for anotheranswers - just fire up Real Need for Asphalt Speed.Chase your opponents on the asphalt road, shift your top gear andtest the endurance of the engine, make fastest circuits and winthanks to your skills and courage advantage.GT car have beautiful body designs and if you are amazed by thosedesign you would also enjoy car designs from this game. Streamlinedand futuristic shapes have not only great visuals but also provideawesome driving physics.Improve your results on circuits and achieve top positions onleaderboards. Receive achievements from various and excitingthings.But if you are interested in arcade racing you will also enjoydriving in this game - scalable realistic model of driving allowsyou drive however you like.Best racer game for arcade emotions. Also simulator game style fanswould find something here - drag races and fantastic drifts at theevery meter of the track. Every gamer interested in fast and speed,in beautiful cars on street circuits or even in hot pursuits withunderground stuff should without hesitation start downloading andplaying. Shift your mind in proper mindset, focus on first place inthe race and begin your unique journey through plenty of tracks andcars. Choose your favorite motorcar and start earning eternal fameand glory. Forza!
Pool: 8 Ball Billiards Snooker
Features:- 220+ Different Pool challenges to beat,- Amazing Computer AI to Beat in Billiards Single PlayerMode,- Challenge Your Friends in Local Multiplayer,- Improve Your Skills in Planned Training Mode,- Multiple Game Modes to Play,- Accurate Steering Allows You Perform Amazing Tricks,- Play 8 Balls Mode,Compete With AI in Single PlayerTest your skills in Single Player duel with Computer AI. Play 8ball mode in snooker or play billiard game in 1 vs 1 matches.Play with your FriendsChallenge Your Friends in Local Multiplayer - show them who is thebest when you are sitting in one room.Beat 320 Exciting ChallengesEnjoy Hundreds of amazing pool challenges - test your skills,dexterity and determination in epic journey through several snookertests.Very Precise Steering in 8 ball and 9 ball modeSet the Cue and Hit the White Ball in billiards or snooker and WinThanks to your Skills.Use the fast way of cue steering or use buttons to set the angleand hit the ball precisely.Crokinole and carrom billiards are your favourites? How about anice game of pool instead. This classic game of the english elitesoffers you the unique opportunity to chill and show off your skillson the table or to rush for quick effects like in speed pool.The greatest challenge for your billiards trick skills comes.Become the master of the cue and the straight rail. Snooker or propool, arcade or 8 ball, it's all about handling your cue withskill.
Need for Racing: New Speed Car 1.6
Participate in high-octane racing competitionin 10 different racing modes. Drive 15 cars and dominate in 5seasons in career mode.Features:- five seasons with different car classes,- plenty of cars to choose,- realistic driving mechanics,- plenty of racing modes,- buy new cars,- modern and classic cars to drive,- progress through career mode,Racing modes available:Race:Choose your auto and compete with other drivers on racing track.Feel the need for speed and become the winner. Overcomedifficulties in racing simulation.Duel:Only two cars on the track. Warm up the engine and feel theadrenaline rush when the racing begins. Be the first on threecheckpoints and hit the jackpot.Survival:After every lap slowest driver is eliminated. Chase other driversvehicles on asphalt tracks and avoid elimination by being fast andspeed. Shift to underground tricks and become the champion.Fight in this driving simulation.Endurance:Speed racing is beginning. Exciting sport competition is about tostart. Launch the highest speed and reach as far as you can inexact time.Overtake:Player is starting as last one on asphalt road. Drag competitionwould be your reality in next few minutes. Watch out for drifts -they can lead to your defeat or victory.King of the Hill:Earn points for specific positions in the rally. Control your speedand position and patiently collect points. Remember - don’t takeunnecessary risk; at the end of the day points matter.Domination:Stay ahead of racing group as long as you can and at the endcompare your domination time with your opponent and become winneror looser.Special section:Race on special - extremely difficult - part of the track andachieve the shortest time in competition.Top speed:Driver must reach highest speed on the specified part of the track.receive cups according to your speed result.Catch them all:Collect all items on the track in shortest amount of time. Onlythis will guarantee you success in this race.Features are completely different from nfs features and this shouldbe argument to convince players to install and play. Unique drivingmodel - like cars, not trucks or buses or planes - allows gamersmake drifts on asphalt tracks.In five different car classes players can test skills in differentcars and tracks. Several driving models facilitate chase firstplace in every kind of race: in hills, highways or on asphalttracks, no difference, each surface brings similar auto control.Racing in real competition will sink you in, all you need is greatacceleration auto sport would be easier. Courage would be alsonice.High speed street driving and racing on asphalt tracks never was soexciting.Drift and drag provides you unusual gameplay mechanics, becomefurious, become fast when you try to win race competition. Stuntson top gear on every turn - this is the best description of amazingparts of the game. Start formula fast racing in 3d, no parking,just car fighting.
Real Car Speed: Need for Racer 3.9
BREATH-TAKING FEATURES:- 6 cars with completely different steering models;- 4 unique tracks;- driving model which connect best elements from simulation andarcade games;- leaderboards where you can establish your domination;- unique system of matching opponents in multiplayer whichguarantee fun and challenging experience;- 8 achievements on asphalt tracks,Everyone during watching racing events on awesome asphalt tracks inTV wants to be rally driver, at least for the short time feel thereal speed, experience adrenaline rush which is exclusivelyreserved for formula racing 1 drivers. Imagine how they can feelduring indycar or speed race.Stop dreaming, start “Real Speed” and immerse yourself in world offastest and skilled drivers who live and sometimes dies on amazingasphalt tracks.GT Motorsport is not for everyone - test your skills in thissimulation of grand prix races.Finally find the answer on question which bothers you - are youdetermined enough to become world rally champion in asphalt races?Try out right now!
Dead Earth: Sci-fi FPS Shooter
Exciting features:fight against endless waves of cyber - enemies,breathtaking graphics,fast paced shooting experience,experience epic story in world occupied by machines,defeat a legendary boss and become a liberator of societies,10 fantastic guns at your disposal in battle,urban surroundings as a battlefield,buy new extra guns and spread extinction,tune your armor and stand tough against enemies,defeat enemies with deadly grenades,defend every corner of the cityBorn of Treacherous MachinesIn distant future humans couldn’t cope with wars and battlefields -they needed help. A misunderstood genius - Wolfgang Deus Zart -proposed to build an army of cyborgs and robots. Intention was pure- to save human lives. But the effects amazed everyone…RebellionAfter years of prosperity and peace, after a century without evenone human casualty on the frontline, modern problems have lookedinto the eyes of human nations. New enemy was born, through yearshe gained strength right under the human eyes. Our robot servantsbecame hunters. They tried to kill every human and animal, evendeers in forests weren't safe.The WarHumanity fought on every battlefield trying to save their lives.Special groups of commando were call to fight on our side; eventhem, those special forces trained in counter fights and deadlystrikes, couldn’t fulfill their duty and help citizens live throughtheir free lifes, without meeting any shooter, spending their lifeson fun and games. Many were dead and mutilated. This was a triggerof more dramatic events. Even players of fps game were sent to thebattlefields. Modern weapons were too weak to help them, warfaretook unexpected direction - course of the combat was never thesame.CataclysmPeople took refuge in huge futuristic cities called shelters,surrounded by ultimate weapons, tanks and airplanes ready to fightin a combat for their destiny. Everyone lived terrified. Doom ofevery living being was threatened. The mass and gravity of upcomingevents would have an effect on everybody.
Traffic: Illegal & Fast Highway Racing 5 1.91
Race through highway traffic in the newendless racing game and become the leader of the weeklyleaderboards. Earn points and money, buy better cars and ultimatelyexperience endless racing.FEATURES:- extremely impressive graphics,- 7 high performance cars to choose from,- participate in Police High Speed Race mode,- 4 diversified asphalt highway tracks: forest, desert, snow, andcity,- race through traffic in several completely different modes,- pass real cars in extreme racing on highways,- avoid traffic in racer experience on real highway roads,- upgrade your favorite cars with acceleration, brake system, andextra lives,- tune your vehicle’s appearance - repaint body and slap on somedecals if you need to,- become the master of weekly leaderboards,- collect achievements and XP points in your online profile,- chase for the highest scores in a police car in dailyevents,DRIVING FEATURES:drive with tilt or using on screen buttons,use your horn to clear your way and become fastest rallydriver,if you want to feel the speed, you need to push acceleration buttonall the time,don’t forget to use the brake, better safe than crash into NPCautomobiles,race on asphalt highways with four lines in one direction or twolines in opposing directions,RACE THROUGH WORLD FAMOUS ROADS:Push the acceleration and test your and your car limits on suburband highway roads racing through traffic. Become formula raceprofessional driver on the standard road, earn money for near misshits, distance covered and speed above 100 km/h. Receive money foryour rewards and spend them on upgrades, new cars or tune the bodyof your car and make it more individual. Perform crazy nitro driftswith drag astonishing cars. Rush your engine to the limits and feelthe simulator driving style. And remember - parking is not allowed,at least, when you want simulation experience.Traffic: Illegal Road Racing 5 is a new milestone in the genre ofendless racing games. Many cars and a lot of tracks set indifferent locations in day and night, in winter and summer willbring you hours of fast-paced fun. Racing games like this are theultimate test of skills and dexterity. Traffic: Illegal Road Racing5 has a unique difficulty setting made in an easy to learn butdifficult to master way. The player is rewarded for the aggressiveand dynamic style of playing with more points. This way seasonedplayers can win more while still having the time of their liveseven after countless days of playing.Think about the emotions that illegal racing in traffic can give toyou. Crisp graphics, awesome and fast paced gameplay, the smell ofgasoline and smoke... Feel the breathtaking speed as you raceagainst the time through streets, autobahn and highways in rushhours. As an illegal racer and a passionate driver, you'll have todo your best to beat all of the challenges. The sheer adrenaline ofracing in traffic is the way of endless entertainment.Use the acquired cash to upgrade your car so you can race evenbetter and faster. Your skills and determination are the onlylimits. Become the best illegal street racing professional in theworld!Inspired by real-life illegal highway racing and made with ultimatereplayability in mind, this game is designed to give the playerhundreds of hours of best fast paced entertainment.Grab the game and play now!Company Social Media:Facebook:
Zombie Combat: Trigger Call FPS Modern Shooter
FEATURING:- FIGHT AGAINST MODERN SOLDIERS INFECTED BY ZOMBIE VIRUS!- ENJOY EPIC FPS SHOOTER LOCALIZED IN A RUINED CITY!- HAVE YOUR LAST STAND AGAINST DEAD ARMY- DISCOVER TONS OF MISSIONS!- JOIN ADVANCED COMBAT ON THE LIVING DEAD FRONTIER!- DISCOVER THE LIGHT TRIGGER, TARGET, SHOOT AND KILL FAST!- USE POWERFUL GUNS: AUTOMATIC RIFLE AND MINI GUN!THE LAST STANDYou are the only survivor from the New York's resident armybattalion. Left stranded after an evil attack by the GORGONterrorist organization. The attack consisted of a strike with awarhead containing a deadly zombie virus - the effect of sinisterbioengineering done by GORGON's deranged scientists. You almostgave up all hope until a single radio call from the commando came:destroy the infection at all cost! Every shot counts, the virus isalmost here!DEAD CALLYou'll have to fight hard to fulfill your duty on the modernbattlefield. Bio warfare has changed the frontline. You'll need todive right into the dead zombie army to have any hope of succeedingin avenging your battalion. Your late mates are now a mindlesshorde determined only to eating your brain. You'll have to use yourguns and grenades extensively to proceed on your impossiblemission. As a resident avenger and a survivor you are morallychallenged in your one-man counter strike against the GORGON'ssinister wrongdoings. Your duty is to prove on the battlefield thatthe army is the hunters, not the deer. Target the zombies, pull thetrigger, watch them fall dead around you.COMMANDO ASSASSINYou were trained on the frontier as a sniper specializing in theterrorist strikes. Your expertise will prove very useful on thezombie front. You'll have to combat the zombies with a weapon ofyour choice: either a modern automatic rifle or an extremely deadlymini gun. The only effective way to kill your zombified battlebrothers is to shoot them in the head - shooting their arms willdeal only low damage. Learn the rules of combat well if you plan onsurviving this mission, soldier. Keep your finger on the triggerand target the dead carefully.BEST FIRST PERSON SHOOTER (FPS) of 2017Warfare has just become much more advanced: this game featuresbeautiful sceneries and realistic zombies in a set of frontlinebattlefields surrounded by evil virus. The 3D graphics engine ismaking the best use of modern Android phones. War has never lookedany better.Download Zombie Combat NOW!
Penalty Kick: Soccer Football
Jump right into penalty shootout action. Beatchallenges, play as a kicker or defend. Score and win the worldcup!FEATURES:- Extremely realistic ball physics- Easy and intuitive controls: swipe and flick- Beat countless soccer challenges- Play as the kicker or the defender- Kick right through the defense and score the goal- Become a star with your favorite national team- Manage your player through an epic career- Play in tournaments all around the world- Win the world cup and become a football starINTUITIVE CONTROLSJust swipe and watch the ball fly right beside the defender. Flickto the side to control the trajectory of the ball. It's easy tocontrol the goalkeeper, too: just swipe in the direction where theball is going and lunge like a fifa champion.REALISTIC SOCCER PHYSICSReal-life physics are rendered by an advanced game engine made withthe help of real football players. The soccer experience was neverso realistic. Simply tap this sports game and top the leaderboardwith as many flick goals as you can. As your own manager, you'regoing to get all the profits of your victories.PENALTY SHOOTOUT MECHANICSShoot right through the defense to score a goal. Predict in whatdirection will the goalkeeper go and perform a trick shot to getthe big win.ALL STAR FOOTBALL PENALTY KICKSPlay in the 2016 world championship in stadiums in Europe and theAmericas. Disregard referees and kick your way through everypenalty shootout situation like a champ. You can play a wholetournament during a break or on the bus. Win the whole fifachampionship in just a day of the year '16.CHOOSE YOUR DREAM TEAMYou can choose any national team to represent. Be your own footballmanager: choose how your player will look and then you're all setto win the world cup. Play in any league or tournament of 2016 andlead your dream champion to the ultimate victory. Your nationalteam will become the best soccer stars.REAL FOOTBALL EMOTIONSLike all the best things in the world this 2016 sports game is forfree. Download, kick, and GOAL!
Dead Invaders: FPS Shooting Game & Modern War 3D
Pool: Billiards 8 Ball Game
Features:Multiplayer mode,Realistic physics,Beautiful saloon graphics,Challenge and practice modes,Many days of pool playing fun,Multiple levels of AI difficulty,Rotated shots for extra controlShoot your way with a cue and master the white ball to show yourenemies that nobody should mess with you. Challenge your friendsfor a multiplayer match of pool and see who's the best player inthis town!You can train your skills in the training mode. You'll find thatthe game's physics model was handcrafted by the finest developers.It is just like real life or even better, as you can play itwherever and whenever you want. Feel the emotions of playing like aprofessional 8 ball shooter. Prepare to become a master of thecue.Pool billiards is also known as бильярд in Russian, bilard inPoland, 台球 in Chinese. This cue game is also known as ビリヤード inJapan, billiard in Germany, and billard américain in France. Poolwas a popular game in most countries of the world for hundreds ofyears.Beautiful graphics and crisp sounds were made to please. Gameplaylooks like a real deluxe and royal experience.Warning: this is classic pool with challenges and many differentball set-ups, but not carrom or crokinole. Game is played onbilliards tables, the ones smaller than the snooker table. Choosefrom a variety of different colorsYou can choose from five different levels of computer opponentdifficulty. The most skilled one will give you some hardcorechallenge!Playing the challenge mode will give you progressively increasinglevel of difficulty. In this mode you have to score all balls in alimited amount of shots. This puzzle pool mode will test your witsas well as your proficiency with the cue!You don't have to be a pro player to have incredible fun playingpool. Just set the game to casual settings and enjoy arcadegameplay while on a break or riding the bus.You can place rotated shots for more precise shots. Making theseextra tricky shots will require nerves of steel like in aprofessional snooker match. Practice in the game and you'll seethat your real life skill will increase as well. Soon you'll becomea real pool pro!Game is entirely free so download now and have a go at it!
Real Race: Speed Cars & Fast Road Racing 3D 1.03
Fasten your seat belts, start engine and startracing in classic simulation high speed racing game.Features:- 6 amazing and different tracks,- 15 legendary cars to drive,- high-octane racing experience,- whole pack of racing modes,- arcade driving model,- advanced physics,Test your determination, reflex and driving skills and have extremefun on high speed in race simulator.New and fresh racer on the market appropriate for gamers who needunderground twist. Shift your skill from from amateur games andpush the pedal to the metal! Real racing high energy adventure withplenty of classic and modern cars. Choose your favourite car andbecome fastest racer on asphalt tracks.Speed and race couldn’t be more exciting - win every race andachieve grand prix champions. Emotions similar to most famous andbest races are on the reach of your hands - just choose favouritecar from all over the world. From GT series to top real touring carwhich designs are masterpiece.Perform amazing drifts and try drag races in very fast chases onthe tracks - more adrenaline than monster truck racesguaranteed.Sound of real racing engine in your ears, the speed in your mindand desperation of being the best racer in the world. Most advanceddriving simulation motorsport steering model available on themarket - real cars with most powerful engines at the pit stop laneand advanced racer AI to beat for most skilled and determined sportgame players.World rally in world cup races is better than watching real formularacing in television because you can sit on the driver place.Don’t afraid to be the fastest.
Modern Frontline: FPS Shooter
It is the year 2137 and the age of man seemsto be at its end. Last remnants of the Earth's Defense Army fightagainst an impossible force - an endless onslaught of renegadeandroids and drones. Humanity has to fight together as brothers.They have to unite in arms to destroy the enemy. Here come the onlyguardians of the future of our species.Dystopian features:- fight as the last hope of mankind,- kick out the invading robots from your planet,- lots of guns to choose from,- illegal androids to kill,- beautiful and dark city filled with androids,- fast and intense killing action,- fight your way through the slums of a futuristic city,- you are the last hero of humanity - act like one!People used to be afraid of an invasion of aliens from the outerrims of galaxy, the interstellar space, but the enemy didn't comefrom the stars. Insurgent androids used to be our workers, cheaplabor taking care of the most basic and hard work. Now they are theterminators of human lives. Through sheer numbers and restlessnessthey are winning the war and pushing people to hide in sewers,dying of hunger.Become an elite commando on the frontline of humanity. Use yourfavourite guns to wage war with the machines. You can be an urbansniper or a modern assassin. The battlefield is yours, grab ashooter and head right into combat. Advanced killing tools likegrenades, weapon damage output augmenters, and your trusty smarttrigger will become your best friends. Warfare will be your 9 to 5job. The call of war will be your only duty.First person shooting games (FPS) are made for quick and concernfree gameplay so you can play it anywhere you want in sessions asshort as a few minutes. Want to become an android hunter for justan hour? Put your finger on the trigger. Have a free second toshoot advanced robots like defenseless deer? Come and get some deaddrones!The frontline has become a place of constant warfare between humancommando forces and the insurgent robots. Get right intoapocalyptic and dystopian cities patrolled by deadly dronesprogrammed to kill every human they encounter. The only lightyou'll see is that of an dying star, a nova from one of the nearbystar systems. Wage combat in the slums of a battlefield riddenworld. Lock your hand dead on the trigger, you'll gonna need it.Your call to war is on, so don't forget about your duty to save thehumanity.The player hero was born on one of the Jupiter's moons. He used tobe an ascending movie star, but the war with the androids made himchange his career. He found that he has a great talent for huntingand shooting robots. His acts as one of the humanity's eliteavengers gave him another chance to become famous among the people- he became a celebrity on the modern battlefield.
Soccer World 17: Football Cup
This game is worth playing and you will spendhours when you find out how easy is to play it!Features:- Play as a striker or goalie- Enjoy 13 amazing cups to win- Beat 60 classical and 60 time challenges- Progress through the ladder of divisions- Discover beautiful comic artwork- Try your luck in a Career mode- Learn this unique story- Customize your avatarIn this newest version of the football sport game you will have anopportunity to be a member of the most powerful soccer teams fromcities like: munich, turin, madrid, barcelona, turin, manchester ormilan. What is more, you will be able to kick the ball to the mosttalented football players in the world! Kick and pass the ball totheir fantastic goalkeepers! However, it is not everything! In thissoccer game you can play in the famous football tournamentsorganized by official football organizations from Europe, America,Africa or Asia.Additional features:You can take part in classical championships and be a member of themost powerful soccer teams from the cities like: munich, dortmund,madrid, barcelona, manchester or milan. You can also choose thefootball player you want to play. There are plenty of famous andtalented soccer players who played in many tournaments andchampionships. The soccer players available in this football gamewill shock you and their goalkeepers who will defend yourkicks.You can play against proffesional opponents as a striker and scoregoals. Use your imagination and do not be afraid of it!
Soccer World Cup 2017
Experience the most advanced and enjoyablefootball shootout game.Features:- classical tournament, where you can play as a striker orgoalkeeper,- challenge mode: shoot the targets and improve your skills,- go through the challenging campaign, promote to the next levels,play on different stadiums and advance in your career,- choose from 64 national country outfits your favorite team,- play on 4 different stadiums: day and night classical stadium,gym hall and ghetto court,Challenge mode features:- 33 difficulty challenges,- single player challenge campaign mode where you can test yourskills,- hit the multiple targets within limited amount of time or withlimited shoots,- hit the moving target with the football ball,- put the soccer ball into the trash bin,- strike the boxes and achieve highest score,- play on four different stadiums,Tournament mode:- test your skills in the football championships,- shoot goals and save the net as goalkeeper,- play against best national teams on the world,- become a champion of the world,Re-live real and most important moments of all fifa tournaments -shooting goals. Don’t waste your time for running on the field forthe ball, forget about defensive dull gameplay, start strikinggoals right now and start your road to world cup immediately.Mundial is the toughest challenge in the soccer world but also mostpleasant emotions - champions cups or euro tournament isn’t easy towin, that’s why this game offers you opportunity to feel like bestplayers in the world.It is worth to note that our football game implement uniqueapproach to shooting mechanics - other soccer games prefer reallyarcade kicking mechanics, but we decided to try simulation approachto sport football game. Even the most famous titles in sport soccergames genre doesn’t offer a chance to strike so precise withsimulation twist. Striking strength depends from swype length andthe speed, this unique combination allow player to shoot amazinggoals and hit the targets with amazing precision. Other words -play like a champion, become the master of world league.Unlock your favorite national team from fifa or uefa federation andplay through the game of possibilities: challenges, world cuptournament (multiplayer not included).Replay dynamics of the matches from premier league, creativity ofthe spanish league, bravery from italy, originality of frenchligue, shoot, strike and become the master.Ideal casual game for public transport or line to the cash, nonbinding experience with beautiful graphics, fine mechanics and withdiversity of options to kill some time in very pleasantmanner.Leaderboards gives the players opportunity to compete with othersand achieve highest ranks through you skill improvement in solocampaign.Attempt to get 3 stars on every challenge by striking movingtargets or putting ball in to the trash bins and - legendaryachievement - destroy by crazy shootout whole wall of boxes - andbecome champion of the football champions.Become your own manager and choose which mode you want to play andbecome expert:- modes which require dexterity and speed, most valuable featuresfor strikers.
Drift & Speed: Xtreme Fast Cars & Racing Simulator
Greek Puzzle: Match 3 Tiles
Epic historical match-3! Wage war through logic and reason!
Cow Dash: Extreme Adventure
Use your finger to take control of sea cow inthis fast-paced aquatic adventure! Get ready for a dash ofadrenaline! Survive as long as you can and dodge the treacherousobstacles. Have a blast trying to avoid many different seacreatures. There are jellyfishes, sea turtles, seahorses, seastars, and angry sharks in the water! Remember, don't touch theirsharp teeth. Sharks can be hungry!Get to the top of the leaderboards and become the best player inthe world. Master your finger to dash around the dangerous seafloor and dodge to go as far as you can in this endless shortsession game.Best features:• Enjoy endless swimming adventure• Unlock plenty of achievements• Dodge jellyfishes, seahorses, sea stars, angry sharks andmore• Beat your records and become the best• Sharpen your skills and reflex• Free to download and playCow Dash: Extreme Adventure is a reflex based casual game. The cowyou're controlling is used to a peaceful life on a farm, not to thedangerous depths of the ocean. Dash fast or sink hard. You'll findmany dumb ways to die on the bottom of the sea.Tap and hold your finger to control the cow. Sounds easy enough?Well that's a mistake because this is the hardest game ever. Playonly if you're ready for an endless arcade challenge. You caneither play in a casual manner, in short session style or immerseyourself to go as far as anybody ever went.The visuals in Cow Dash: Extreme Adventure are stellar. Graphicswere made to look great on every possible device. Animations arefun to look at. Music was composed to bring you the most dynamiccow swimming experience in the world. The game's sounds are funnyand complimentary to the overall experience of beating your gamerecords. Prepare yourself to get really engaged in this fun casualgame!Like all best things in life this arcade game is FREE. You canshare your score with your friends and challenge them to beat youif they can! Skills and reflex are a must have to be the best inthis casual game. Cow Dash: Extreme Adventure will bring to theknees even the most seasoned arcade players.The sea cow you're controlling might look a little clumsy butyou'll see that she is a really good swimmer. It is unclear what acow might be doing on the bottom of the sea among dangerous andangry sharks and sea life but she sure is relentless in her endlessrun forward and down the amazing depths and waters.Game also features:• Awesome and dangerous obstacles• Great music and dynamic sounds• Beautiful graphics• Never ending fun and challenge• Best way to pass some time on a mobile device• You can play as long as you want toCome and follow Thunderbull on Social Media: for Android on Google Play and other mobile platforms.Grab it for free now, you're gonna love this record-breakinggame.
Soccer Mobile League 16
Need for Car Racing Real Speed
Football League: Best Soccer
If you ever wanted play as a goalkeeper in football game downloadthis game NOW
American Football 2019: Field Goal & Mobile League
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