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Poker Odds Trainer 2.0.5
Poker Odds are the basis for most of thedecisions we make at a poker table. But most poker players don'tknow how to calculate the odds or are so slow in doing it that theycan't make use of the information.The poker exercises are mainly for beginners and intermediateplayers, if you are an advanced player who already understand andare good at estimating Pot Odds and Implied Odds you might want tocheck out the Pokertrainer App instead. The Pokertrainer App hasthe full set of poker trainer exercises and also includes a HandReading exercise (for both beginners and advanced players).The Poker Odds Trainer can help you understand how poker oddswork and how you can make better decisions that will make you moneyin the long run. And it will help you improve speed and accuracy ifyou keep practicing. There are interactive exercises, practices andtutorials. You will also have fun and compete for the monthlyhi-score!You can judge and compare your poker skills through thedifferent skill levels. Are you a Noob or a Legend in poker? Youcan also see how you are getting better and better when youpractice by your higher and higher scores.The Poker Odds Trainer has three separate poker exercises:• Pot Odds• Implied Odds• Playing a DrawYou will learn to quickly estimate different the two differenttypes of odds that are used in poker. You will also learn how touse Implied Odds to judge when it is profitable to play a draw (forexample a flush draw).Are you Noob or Legend?Find out now!
Pokertrainer 2.0.5
Thomas Karlsson
Improve your poker skills with Pokertrainer'sinteractive exercises, practices and tutorials and have fun andcompete for the monthly hi-score!There are poker trainer exercises for both beginners and veryadvanced players in this full poker trainer package.Poker is hard to learn because it takes a long time for mistakesto become obvious through the results.With Pokertrainer the game is broken down into individual partsthat you can practice and make sure you master one at a time.Pokertrainer consist of Tutorials and practical Exercises tohelp you:- Improve your Hand Reading skills- Practice Preflop skills- Learn Poker Hand Ranking- Quickly recognize the Best Hand- Understand and calculate Pot Odds- Understand and calculate Implied Odds- When to Play a Draw with Outs (cards that will help you improveto the best hand)- Understand the rules of Texas Hold'emYou can compete for hi-score and the monthly win or you canpractice seeing the correct answer after each question.Are you Noob or Legend?Find out now!
Preflop Trainer 2.0.5
Learning poker is hard because it iscomplicated and it takes a long time to figure out if you areplaying well or not (because of short-term luck).Breaking poker down in smaller pieces and giving quick feedbackmakes it much learning much faster and more enjoyable.This exercise is based on 6-max No-limit Hold'em with normalstack size (about 100 big blinds). It is built on a basic tightaggressive strategy. It assumes fairly normal opponents and anormal game of Hold'em.The strategy will work well in most situations, including earlystage tournaments and cash games.It is based on extensive research of winning players 2013-2015across Party Poker, Pokerstars and Full Tilt on levels $2 - $200buy-in.