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Complete Kodi Setup Wizard 1.0
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The easiest and best way to setup kodi orspmcto your liking, full setup in just a few minutes.Choose from all the best and most popular builds, all uptodatewith the best addons, all with video previews and reviews.Customise builds by installing extra addons from ouradd-onpacks.Backup you current setup and restore at a later time.Perform all essential maintanence tasks at the touch ofabutton.All your kodi needs solved in one app.To sideload to other device visit builds, addons and wizards found in this app are notcreatedor maintained by us. They are freely available on theinternet, weare simply providing an easy way to install them. Kodiis aregistered trademark of the xbmc foundation. We are notconnectedto or in any other way affiliated with kodi or the xbmcfoundation.We do not condone piracy or copyright infringement. Youshouldensure that you do not contravene any applicable laws orcopyrightagreements in your geographical jurisdiction, this isyourresponsibility alone.
News And Tutorials For Kodi 1.1
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Get all your Kodi news, tutorials, forumsandmore all in one place.
Complete Kodi Maintenance 1.0
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Perform all the essential maintenance taskstokeep kodi running smoothly all in just one click.