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Memory Game 1.3.6
Boost your memory with this card puzzle gamefor free: ★ Play challenges with more than 30 levels with different gamestyles: match the pairs, timed, limited moves, follow the sequenceand remember all the positions.★ More levels uploaded periodically. Prepare yourself for a newchallenge every time.★ Defy your friends with a 1 vs 1 multiplayer game.★ Choose the difficulty you want: from easy 3 x 4 puzzles up toextreme 7 x 8 games perfect for tablets.★ Enjoy 10 different sets of full-color cards with enjoyablethemes: fun with flags, toys & games, city life, clothes, let'sparty, lunch time, travels, lovely nature, nice people andvacations.★ You will never lose your current game, the game is automaticallysaved so you can continue right where you left off.★ Available for your mobile phone, 7 inch tablet or 10 inch HDdevices and small or low resolution devices!We hope with this Matching Game you will improve your visual andshort-term memory. Enjoy it!
Tic Tac Toe 2.4
Tic Tac Toe is a game for two players, called "X" and "O". In eachturn, a player marks one space in a 3x3 grid. The player who placesthree respective marks in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row,wins the game. Tic Tac Toe game features: ★ Tic Tac Toe can beplayed against a friend on the same device or against the computer.★ Leaderboard (Social and Everyone) available so you can challengeyour friends. ★ Game statistics for single player mode. ★ 10Achievements from Google Play Games. ★ Tic Tac Toe is automaticallysaved. ★ Supports all devices including tablets. Follow us in:
4 images 1 word: Word Games 1.11
Guess the word in this game. Games without Internet.
2 Pics 1Word. Offline Games 1.33
2 Images 1 Word game! Offline Games.
Word Game - Offline Games 1.48
Word Game in English. Enjoy Offline Games
Word Search 3.0.7
Great Word Search game! You can play from easy 5x5 games tochallenges of 20x20!
Dog Legends - Match 3 PvP 1.1.19
Game where you have to match 3 tiles to win your opponent
Mind games - Offline games 1.7
Enjoy the best mind game! - Offline games
Sudoku - Offline Games 1.47
Enjoy Offline Games, try this Sudoku!
Quiz - Offline Games 3.9.0
Quiz - Enjoy Offline Games, lots of Questions and Answers!
Bingo Odyssey - Offline Games 1.17
Bingo Odyssey - Enjoy Offline games, lots of daubers and Fun!
Find the Hidden word 1.7
Find the Hidden Word - can you Guess the word?
Solitaire - Offline games 1.8
Solitaire in English. Offline games
Four in a Row - 2 Player 1.10
Four in a Row - Enjoy 2 Player Games, can you beat me?
Block Puzzle - Offline Games 1.3
Offline Games: Block Puzzle - Boost your brain on the go!
Color Sort - Offline Games 1.13
Boost your brain with Color Sort, a vibrant offlinegamesexperience!
Tic Tac Toe - Offline Games 1.5
Join the Offline Games revolution. Download Tic Tac Toe!
Connect Dots - Offline Games 1.2
Connect dots in a colorful challenge! - Offline Games