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Loyalty Program & Card for Business - Spadoba
Spadoba for Business is a multi-purpose system to manage yourregular customers’ loyalty and win new ones. You no longer needplastic discount cards, bonus coupons and paper stickers. Forgetabout expenses for sms-mailing, manual handling of forms etc. Youcan create your own discount program via Spadoba for Business app,build an effective communication with customers, increase theirloyalty and earn more profit for your business. KEY BENEFITS - Easydiscount programs creation - Effective communication with customers- Automatic customers data receiving - Your customers’ databasesecurity - Control over granted discounts and bonuses - No expensesfor sms-mailings and plastic discount cards FEATURES Spadoba canhelp your business to: - Create loyalty programs of variousconfigurations from scratch - Use discount program you already have- Inform your customers about big deals, promotions and discountsvia news and push-notifications - Complete your news with imagesand pictures - Monitor your publications effectiveness - Addcustomers into the database automatically with the first purchase -Control your customers’ database - Analyze the value of everycustomer - And much more AREAS TO APPLY SPADOBA Spadoba system isperfect for large enterprises, enterprises of average and smallbusinesses in retailing sector, personal services, leisure andentertainment, sport, beauty and medicine, auto etc. High level ofadaptability enables to account peculiarities of any industry andbusiness volume and set up a perfect loyalty program to create andincrease regular customers’ database. CONTACT DETAILS You can findadditional information on our website https://spadoba.com/ If youhave any questions or suggestions, please, contact us:[email protected] Our team is always here to help you!
Password Manager - SecureX 1.5.4
Storage of your passwords, notes, cards, and Photo Vault.Organized. Encrypted.
Gift & Credit Card Wallet 1.5.4
Virtual debit & loyalty cards in Mobile Wallet. Barcode scannerand Secure hub
Face Yoga Workout for Women 1.4.1
Facial yoga is face analysis & personal exercise plan, trackingyour progress
Photo Vault - Hide Photo and D 1.5.3
Keep your photos, scanned docs in Secure vault.
Relaxing Sounds for Sleeping O 2.0.7
Сan't sleep? Turn on relaxing sounds and get rid of insomnia. Worksoffline.