Ten Square Games Apps

Flip This House: Decoration & 1.111
Time to renovate this home! Decoration, interior design &match-3 games in one!
Fishing Battle: Duels. 2018 Ar 1
Best of MULTIPLAYER FISHING games! Bet,win in duels,compete infishing leagues.
Golf Rush: Mini Golf Games. Golfing Simulator 2019 0.142
⛳ PUTT IT IN! ⛳ Experience the real mini golf matchup in thehottestgolf simulator on mobile! Pick up a golf club and challengeplayersall around the world in Golf Rush - a 1v1 PvP multiplayergolf game!This new mini golf game will change the way you thinkabout golfinggames. Play PvP with friends, PvP online, PvP 1vs1 -anyhow youwant. Putt it into hole in one with a little golf flickand win themini golf championship! Challenge other players inreal-time 1v1 PvPonline mode! ⟹ Play mini golf matchups on variouslevels like wildwest, pirate island or countryside! ⟹ Aimcarefully - don’t let windfools you! ⟹ Avoid obstacles liketrapdoors, running trains orwaterfalls! ⟹ Get social and talk withothers about their golf questin Golfers Hub! Choose your gear andbecome a golfing master! ⟹Collect and upgrade golf equipment! ⟹Choose a different golf cluband ball for every putt putt. ⟹ Unlockprofessional golf kit withcrazy buffs and win every game of golf.⟹ Battle for hundreds newclubs, balls, putters and upgrades! Takepart in leagues andtournaments! ⟹ Every win get you higher in theglobal rank. ⟹Time-limited events let you compete against othergolfers forspecial rewards! ⟹ Qualify to Golf Masters championshipto become anew mini golf hero! Play mini golf matchup games thesimplest way.In Golf Rush it can’t be easier to jump straight intothe mini golfgames. Just launch this golfing app, choose amultiplayer arena, andwhen you find your golfing rival... make aputt! Putt! Golf it yourway! No need to be a pro golfer - game iseasy to learn, but hard tomaster! Fire a golf shot. It’s easierthan ever: swipe and releaseto hit the ball with golf club andmake a perfect putt. Shootcarefully, trying to get as many starsas you can, consideringweather conditions! Simple bogey might bethe hardest one - like ina real golf! Clash with other golfers in1vs1 games. Connect withgolf players from all around the world andbeat them on variouslevels this mini golf multiplayer game has tooffer. Try to make abogey on a Countryside, hit a trickshot on aWild West map and useyour skills to win a golf matchup games on atricky Pirate level.PvP games at its best! It’s a TRAP! Everylevel of these addictinggames is filled with boosters and traps.Speed up your golf shot onturbo squares; try shooting directlythrough dark barn or make asafer yet longer run around it. Goal?Putt hole in a one with a golfflick! Real gold rush begins! WinPvP duel, earn gold, diamonds andunlock new stuff: new levels, newgolf clubs, balls, drivers,upgrades… Get fancy loot and playhigher like in the best golfbetting games! Become a mini golfarena master like in no other golfgames! Golf duel was never soexciting. Play with friends orchallenge other players in top 1v1games online. Whether it’s justfriendly golf matchup games, one ofthe league’s 1v1 games, PvPgames from the weekly Golf Masterstournament or smaller events likeMini Gold Rush, Tee Times, andPutt Putt, Golf Rush provides youreal mini golf thrills rarelyfound in other sports games. Mini golfwith friends can turn intobest golfing games ever! Maybe it’s notthe most addicting gameever, but when it comes to most addictinggames 2019, it’s hard notto putt Golf Rush on the list. Golf itwith friends or make a golfworkout on your own. DOWNLOAD NOW andstart a mini golf adventurein one of the top, highly addictive gamethat you will neverdelete. This golfing simulator will surelybecome your favouritepocket mini golf for 2 players. Just play thegolf! Rival is toostrong? Wanna tips n’ tricks? Don’t look for golfapps or golfinstructions! Join the Golf Rush community thatwelcomes everyprofessional mini golf player and casual golf gamer.Share yourgolf adventure with other golfers, as there’s no betterthing thanplaying mini golf PvP with friends! Golf Rush - one ofthe best1vs1 games 2019!
Let's Fish: Fishing Simulator 6.1.3
Travel to the most fantastic fishing locations in the world andcatch rare fish!
Wild Hunt: Hunting Games 3D 1.523
Enjoy deer hunting simulator game. Become a real animal hunter!
Hunting Clash: Hunter Games 3.17.0
Answer the call of the wild & go deer hunting like a big gamehunter and sniper!
Fishing Clash 1.0.223
Catch big fish in one of the most realistic multiplayer fishingsimulation games
Solitales: Garden & Solitaire 1.108
Garden decoration mixed with free solitaire games - tripeaks,spider & more!
Football Elite: Social America 1.2.10
Become an All Star football player in a real-time social footballgame!
Football Elite: Teams Game
Become an elite football player of social online multiplayer games!
Undead Clash: Zombie Games 3D 1.11.0
FPS zombie shooting & sniper game. Join the action shooter gameand fight zombie
Fishing Masters: Idle RPG Game 2.0.6
An idle RPG fantasy adventure where ocean exploration is rewarding
Deadlander: FPS Zombie Game 0.3.0
Join the action in one of the most thrilling FPS zombie shootergames!