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Biotix 2: Phage Evolution 1.8.1
Survival is not enough! Take evolution in your hands, createthemost deadly pathogen. Immerse yourself in the war forsurvival,take control over primal life forms and become thedominantspecies. Genetic manipulation and prohibited experimentswill allowyou create a phage never seen before: - Use geneticengineering tomake your life form stronger. - Learn new strategiesand createyour own uniques play-style. - Improve your genes, andadapt to theenvironment. - Learn new traits and improve your phage.- Discovernew worlds and unlock challenging episodes. - Prove yourskills indeadly phage war
Free My Parking 1.0.0
Tired of overcrowded parking lots? Take the matter in yourhands,swipe over cars to drive away and free my parking lot in acolorfulpuzzle featuring: - Over 150 amazing levels to clear. -Challengingobstacles. - Relaxing gameplay. - Stylized cars andenvironments. -Gorgeous 3d graphics.
Biotix: Phage Genesis 2.8.1
Immerse yourself in an epic war for survival, encounter tiny,yetdeadly enemies, guide the smallest of beings to greatestvictories,evolve and become the dominant species. Core: Yourmission is toensure the survival of your species. Use geneticengineering tomake your life form stronger, gain new abilities,help it replicateand conquer new hosts. Discover a new world underthe microscope.Prove your skills in deadly viral fight with othermicrobiologicalorganisms. Features: - Universal App - Distinctphone and tabletlevels. - Multiplayer - Endless replay value: playwith randomizedenemies, collect rewards for each replay. - 5Upgradable stats, 10Upgrade levels, 100.000 upgrade combinations. -Unlock 30challenging levels - Interact with four host cell types:Normal,Regeneration, Defense, Speed - Multi Touch - IntuitiveControls.
Heroes Forge: Turn-Based RPG & Strategy 1.8.3
Heroes Forge is an online turn based RPG set up in a fantasyworldin the eternal war between light and darkness. Summonpowerfulheroes and assemble the deadliest squad. Fight with otherplayer inthe arenas. Join forces with hundreds of players and raidtheancient titans. Complete challenging quests. - Strategic,turnbased combat - Extensive Hero collection - Collectable gearsets -Skill tree - Dynamic battles - 5v5 Combat - PvP Arena -WorldwideRaids - Rewardable achievements - Interesting quests -Bosses -Dungeons - Challenges Follow us on: https://heroesforge.app
Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds 1.4.2
100 years before the dark breach of Aethernia the realm was floodinconflict, the big houses struggling for power, small clansplottingagainst each other and lone heroes fighting to survive. Inthe endall conflict is settled by blood. Grab your weapons now andclaimyour place among the great ones! Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds,aprequel to the original Heroes Forge, heavily focused onplayerversus player actions. Strategic planning and combatmechanicsallows you to win challenging battles even outnumbered. -Heavyfocus on PvP - Hundred of team combinations - Deep tacticalcombat- Cooperative Raids - Guilds, Events, Missions, and much more