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You will love Taskbucks because you get : * Interesting tasks frombrands * Free Mobile recharge and Data recharges (4G) * Free walletcash by doing tasks, we have partnered with all leading wallets tooffer you more cash rewards * Free Postpaid mobile bill paymentsupto Rs 500 per month How to earn coins and convert coins to cash ?Earn coins and convert them to cash daily - Play Quizzes &games to earn coins - Complete simple tasks on phone as perprovided steps & get coins - Invite friends and earn referralrewards - Participate in daily contests to win Free MobileRecharges - Get upto 10,000 coins daily How can you use yourTaskBucks coins ? Your coins convert to cash daily at midnight, sokeep earning coins - Take mobile recharges - Transfer yourTaskBucks coins to your wallet or get free talktime and datarecharge - Participate in daily contests to win EXTRA Coins Wesupport FREE mobile recharge for all Mobile Service ProvidersInformation about financial products listed on Taskbucks Taskbucksis a platform that provides users to learn about various financialproducts & services like credit cards, demat accounts, savingsaccounts, personal loans, insurance and more. Taskbucks, however,is not engaged in the business of money lending or recovery ofloans. Taskbucks provides a curated list of financial products fromauthorised lenders (recognised by RBI or NBFCs), and informationthat helps users educate themselves to decide if the service suitsthem best or to be recommended to their friends. Interested usersare redirected to the official website or app of our partner banksor NBFC to submit an application. Taskbucks in no way, promotes orprovides short term personal loans i.e. loans which requirerepayment in full in 60 days or less. Some important informationfor loans promoted via Taskbucks app 1) Minimum and maximum periodfor repayment - This depends on the loan amount and the entitydisbursing loans. Minimum period of repayment will have to begreater than 60 days. 2) Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) -This rate/ interest will primarily depend on the type of loan,service provider and user's credit score. Taskbucks does notinfluence this in any way for any user. 3) Total Cost of loan -This will include the following amounts primarily Principal amount- Amount for which loan has been taken Interest amount - Amountwhich will be paid as interest on the loan Processing fee &other charges - Additional charges levied by the loan administratorfor providing loan We are also on social platforms - Facebook ,facebook.com/taskbucksindia - Twitter , twitter.com/taskbucksindia- Google+ , plus.google.com/u/0/+Taskbucks - Whatsapp , soon youwill be able to get offer updates from us directly on WhatsappSupport We are always there to help you: Pls share your feedback orconcerns at [email protected]