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PDF Reader & PDF Viewer, Ebook
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Fast pdf viewer and lightest. PDF Reader makes reading extremelyfast.
PDF Reader - PDF Viewer eBook 1.0.0
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PDF Reader & PDF Viewer is theleadingoffice applications to help you read the document downloadedfromthe Internet, supports ultra-fast read pdf files.Are you looking for a specific application to support theprioritydoc pdf file storage needs light, open pdf files, supportssearch,highlight ... the PDF Reader & PDF Viewer software isour appyou were searching.Android pdf viewer app is your workhorse in the office read textorreading material when downloaded. Supporting documentationzoom,bookmarks and the option to display the screen to help youhave thebest experience when doc pdf file with pdf app forAndroid.Features PDF reader software:- Free pdf reader for android- Open the pdf file weighs only little capacity 1s- Best pdf reader- Simple interface easy to use- A pdf viewer, pdf reader free- This is comic book apps free, ebook reader for Android freeandebook and pdf reader- Support search pdf, pdf reader from the memory card ...- Optional display horizontally, vertically, mobile ...- Pdf document reader, pdf viewer free, pdf reader free, xpsfileviewer- Support reading formats: PDF, XPS, DjVu, Comic, eBooksUsing software to read pdf ebook prc to haveinterestingexperiences. Pdf reader for android freedownload.
ScanIt - PDF Scanner, Scan Document, Cam Scanner
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ScanIt - PDF Scanner, Cam Scanner is the most powerful documentscanner application on Android today. Scan documents and save themas PDF files, also can document signing, scan to pdf document, OCR,share, scan qr codes, etc. ScanIt - PDF Scanner, Cam Scanner is adocument scanning pdf application that turns your phone into ahandheld scanner. You can scan documents, photos, receipts,magazines, Passport, ID Card, scanner code reader or business cardscanner. The scanner to scan pdf will be saved to the device inimage or PDF format, photo camera scanner. Easily name and organizedocuments after scanning and share them with friends and partnersvia bluetooth, email, fax ... Download the best pdf scanner appsfor free to convert photos and documents into PDF files whereveryou are. With OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition), youcan easily digitize books with ocr scanner app, business cardscanner to contacts and Passport, ID Card. Scanning photos intohigh quality PDF files and sharing is easier than ever. Camerascanner to pdf, text scanner from image Highlight features of thedocument cam scanner app - Scan documents with 3 modes: color image(color), grayscale image and grayscale image (black & white) -Automatically focus the camera on the document and automaticallyidentify the area to be scanned - Support scanning with manyformats (Letter, Legal, A4, A3, Business Card, Passport, ID ...) -Camscanner business card - Document to pdf converter, pdf scan forandroid - Function increase or decrease the contrast of the imagewith 5 modes - Optimize processing speed and support fast search inscanner document app free. - Easily share scanned documents (PDF,JPEG) via email, bluetooth ... - Scan documents and save them asPDF or JPG with scan document to pdf app. - Support OCR textrecognition, ocr text scanner, scan photo to text, image to text. -Quick search your document with camera scanner - Document readerfor android - Scanner app for documents and photos - Scan to pdfblack and white, photo to pdf scanner, image to pdf. - Scannerbarcode qr code reader - Support signing pdf document after youhave finished scanning. - Support to manage the file informationafter scanning through the tag. - Document fill out forms and sign,pdf document fill and sign. - Pdf document highlighter - Edit theviewing angles and borders, adjust the scanner brightness, rotatethe page, apply filters or adjust the scanning area borders ifnecessary. Instructions for use Camera Scanner - PDF Scanner: -Step1: Select the first document that you want to scan (via Camera orPhoto Library), then select the area you want to scan in the imageand convert with pdf scanner document. -Step 2: Edit the resultsafter the scan to pdf free, such as rotate the image, increase ordecrease the contrast, select the color image mode (color),grayscal image (grayscal) ... and save the document with freescanner apps. -Step 3: Go inside the document and continue addingpages 2, 3 ... of that document if necessary, finally click Save toconvert all the document pages of the application into a single PDFfile. Best. -Step 4: You can share documents via email, bluetooth... or get PDF files directly from the phone's memory via a USBcable.
VPN Free & VPN Unlimited - Unblock Website, Proxy
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Simple VPN - Unlimited & Free is a completely free andunlimited vpn application, absolute security and easy to use. Thisis the best unlimited VPN to unblock websites and bypass blockedapplications, free vpn for android, secure your device, protectyour online activities. 💯 Free, No Limits 🚀 VPN Super Fast andStable 🌐 Unblock the World with One Touch You can not access somedesired websites? We have a way to solve your problem! You simplyneed to download the Simple VPN - Unlimited & Free app. It canhelp you change vpn location free easily and quickly, free vpnunlimited proxy master, free vpn proxy master, protect your privacyand identity and allow you to browse the web anonymously withoutfear of being tracked! 📛 Overcoming Firewall - Web/Apps AccessBlocked You can easily access any website and online service bybypassing the firewall limits when you are connected to a schoolnetwork, company ... or blocked due to geographical restrictions,blocked by the government. Help you easily access Netflix, YoutubePremium, Facebook, Twitter ... anywhere without any restrictions atall with change location app. Simple VPN help you to change my ipaddress on my phone. 📛 Free and Unlimited VPN 100% free VPN,completely unlimited, secure and easy to use, vpn free androidunlimited. Providing thousands of servers and vpn change locationfor free, giving you easy access to banned services or saferinternet access. Vpn unlimited free unblock proxy vpn shield. 📛WiFi Security and Privacy Protection Your IP address will be hiddenfor you to browse anonymously and vpn private internet access, yourbrowsing data will be encrypted and protected from prying eyes whenusing public WiFi. No one can track your activity on the Internet.Hide your ip, hide my ip address. Simple VPN is completelycommitted to keeping your Internet secure and not keeping youractivity log, even if someone requests the data of users of our VPNservice, we have nothing to offer. Safe connect vpn proxy, vpnsecurity & unblock. Wifi protection for android, wifi securityprotection. 📛 Easy to Use Connect to Simple VPN with just onetouch, our server chooser will recommend the best server accordingto your location with vpn connection. You can also choose theserver you want, we currently have servers around the world, andmore will be available soon. Open vpn for android free Thehighlights features of Simple VPN application: - Hundreds of VPNlocations across the Americas, Great Britain, Europe, Asia,Australia and Africa - Compatible with Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE/4G, 3G andall mobile data providers - Provides encryption with UDP and TCPprotocols - Overcoming firewalls on phones to unblock websitesproxy browser, breaking all geographical barriers - VPN unlimitedbest vpn proxy 2021. - Best vpn for android free - Unblock vpn free- Protect wifi connection, secure connection . - Secure access toyour favorite streaming sites, most secure free vpn. - Vpn 1111faster internet - Connect vpn to india and free vpn change ipaddress - Unblock sites proxy browser, vpn master free unblockproxy - Ip address location tracker, proxy for android. - One-clickVPN without registration or login, fake ip address location . - Itonly takes less than 10 seconds to change IP, change ip location. -Ip address changer, change ip address android - All free 💛💛💛 If youhave any requests for Simple VPN & VPN Unlimited free app,please leave a comment below. We appreciate your input to improvethe vpn app for android free .
Antivirus: Virus Cleaner, Lock 1.3.1
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Antivirus Master with Virus Cleaner, Junk Cleaner and Applock.
PDF Scanner - Scanner to PDF
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Scan and save PDF anytime, anywhere. Scan photo to word,scandocument to pdf.