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Cat Frenzy 3D
Play as an adorable and extremely cute kitten and enjoy FUNchallenges!
Ultimate Sea Monster 2016
Uncover the secrets from the deepest reaches of the sea!!
Mermaid Race 2019
Make a Splash with this Unique Mermaid Racing Adventure Game!
Crazy Goat Reloaded 2016
Control a Crazy Goat and let it create Havoc around the whole townonce again!!!
Real Dragon Simulator 3D
Experience being a real dragon and battle against brutal people& creatures!
Angry Shark Adventures 3D
Rush into the open sea and experience the ultimate shark simulationadventure!!
Dino City Rampage 3D
Take Control Of A Crazy And Hungry Dinosaur While You Take Down TheWhole City!
Rage Of Lion
A Raging Lion Was Unleashed In The City And Will Slay It's VictimsLike A King!
Wolf Life Simulation 2017 1.2
In Wolf Life Simulation, protect your title as the Alpha Wolf!Wolves are by no means not man’s best friend. Have you everwondered what life is like through a wild wolf’s eyes? Well, thisgame will prove it exhilarating and exciting! Lead your pack as theAlpha Wolf and conquer other beasts in the animal kingdom! Takecontrol of a keen canine with the sharpest sense of sight andsmell, and lightning speed reflexes. Be careful, these are notdomesticated dogs. Stalk, chase, and attack your enemies in avirtual scenic jungle that will take your breath away! Indulge inan awesome combination of RPG and action-packed adventure. Choosefrom gorgeous wolf textures, each with specialized attacks such aspouncing, leaping, biting, and slashing. Fight ferociously forfood, protect your family and cubs, and chill out with the pack!The vast safari and forest belongs to you, with hidden wonders toexplore! Sink your teeth into THIS! Wolf Life Simulation 2017Features: •Smooth & Addictive gameplay. •Real wolf lifesimulation with RPG features! •Beautifully designed safarienvironment. •Clan feature for teamwork play and companionship.•Various wolf textures. •Realistic attack animations fordemolishing your prey! •Exhilarating Boss Fights! •Awesome visuals& sounds effects for a thrilling experience. •Mating featuresto expand your pack! About Tapinator Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM)develops and publishes games on mobile platforms. The Company’sportfolio includes over 250 mobile gaming titles that,collectively, have achieved over 350 million player downloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info, visitTapinator.com.
Angry Fighter Attack
Play as a Street Fighter and rid the city from dangerous gangstersand thugs!!
American FireFighter 2017
Be a Hero, and lead your Fire Engine on life saving fire rescuemissions!
Legendary Stuntman Run 1.8
Get Ready For The Most Legendary Wipe Out Style Reality StuntRacing Game In Legendary Stuntman Run, race against time as acontestant in the ultimate obstacle course competition. Take a leapof faith and master challenges like the dangerous Barrel Bounce.Don’t crash into the Wrecking Ball! Avoid collisions with theSweeper otherwise you will find yourself doing a face plant ontothe track! Try not to get dizzy on the Jump Balls! Reach the finishline as fast as you can to win the the keys to the castle. In thisultimate tournament of champions, squash your fear factor and comeout victorious! Put on your helmet and flak jacket and don'twipeout to qualify in the awesome hurdles event. Think fast, jumphigh, and slither on the ground like a ninja. Select your favoritehero and compete with others for glory. Perform the gnarlieststunts ever. This extreme elimination challenge is only for truegladiators; so buckle up and go! This is no reality TV episode -this is the real thing. Let's see how tough of a survivor youreally are! Legendary Stuntman Run Features: •Amazing 3D heroracing game •Smooth controls •Number of exciting racing & stuntmissions •Hurdle & stunt racing modes •Realistic 3D visual andcool sound effects •Extensive selection of stunt heroes•Responsive, intuitive and realistic Gameplay **Install & Playthe Most Legendary Stunt Racing Obstacle Adventure of 2017!** AboutTapinator: Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes games onleading mobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 300mobile gaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 450million player downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York.For more info, visit Tapinator.com.
Extreme Car Stunts Demolition Derby 3D
Get Ready For a Mind Warping Extreme Derby Experience! DestructionAwaits!
Monkey Stunt Run 1.5
This is your chance to go BANANAS! Jump into this animatedadventure. Control a cheeky monkey willing do anything to get hishands on a banana! Maneuver Monkey around the jungle platform andkeep him out of harm’s way. Duck from swinging pendulums; graspbamboo branches and vines and swing from island to island; leapover rolling boulders! Monkey performs wipeout stunts and tricksthat will blow your mind! Keep him away from the water, or fall toyour doom--this beast can’t swim! Win each level to become theMonkey King. Receive banana rewards and fuel to perform moreawesome stunts. You’ll enjoy the rich, green environment andbeautiful graphics as you leap and fly through the air! MonkeyStunt Run Features: •Intuitive and Addictive •Challenging Obstacles•Directions and Hints for Engaging Gameplay •Hilarious AnimalCharacter •Amazing 3D Graphics and Sound Effects •InterestingScenarios to complete •Amazing thrill of wild Monkey jumping •SuperAwesome Monkey Model to play ***Quit monkeying around, downloadtoday and get down to business!*** About Tap2Play Tap2Play, LLC isa wholly owned subsidiary of Tapinator, Inc. Tapinator Inc.(Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes games on mobile platforms.The Company’s portfolio includes over 250 mobile gaming titlesthat, collectively, have achieved over 350 million playerdownloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,visit Tapinator.com.
Russian Gangster Simulator 3D 1.2
Greetings, comrades! Prepare yourselvesforthe deadliest Russian mafia battle!Go head-to-head with Russian gangsters all the way fromthehomeland! Challenge them with a fight to save yourneighborhood.The Russian mafia has spread to your turf. Roam aroundtown andweed out the criminals! They have their Kalashnikovriflespointed...so take out your gun and reload!Hop on your vehicle and go on a wild chase! Use your motorbikeorcar to corner the criminals and take them to jail. Purge thecityof crime! Go on a series of missions to catch the gangstersandoutdo the cops! Police are slow, but do you have what ittakes?!Take out those fiery fists and perform different attackcombos.Punch, kick, flip, and swerve attacks. The more hits youget, themore weapons you can unlock! Pass each level to win yourreward. Asthey say in Russia: little thieves are hanged, but goodonesescape. So don’t let the fierce gangsters out of yoursight!Russian Gangster Simulator 3D Features:•Amazing visual and sounds effects•Real city car racing, and bike riding features•Smooth, easy and addictive game play•Amazing gangster models to choose from•Realistic shooting & killing animations•Easy controls to handle player•Ultra-cool weapons for mafia battle•Weapon upgrading features•Action packed challenges**Download the #1 Russian Mafia Game on Mobile Today!!!**About Tap2PlayTap2Play, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tapinator, Inc.Tapinator Inc. (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes games onmobileplatforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 250 mobilegamingtitles that, collectively, have achieved over 350 millionplayerdownloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For moreinfo,visit Tapinator.com.
City Parkour Sprint Runner 3D 1.1
Let’s play a game. Your goal is to get from point A to point Basfast and as daringly as you can! Sprint through a track ofinsaneobstacles and hurdles! Defeat your competitor to win thissuperamazing parkour stunts adventure. Watch out and be cautiousalongthe treacherous route. Tactfully handle the twists and turnstocomplete the journey and reach the checkpoint! Run, swipe,flip,and jump through and over obstacles without stopping tocompletethe level. Enjoy humorous hurdles like dumpsters, buses,fences,buildings and houses, and water towers! Run along rooftopsandchase the sun; the world is your oyster! Defeat youropponent’stime limit. Parkour is no joke! Enjoy the game withuniquecharacters and stages, like New York City streets! Pickyourfavorite and GO! Game difficulty increases as more levelsareunlocked. Win against your rivals and become the ParkourChampion!City Parkour Sprint Runner 3D Features: •Easy-to-usecontrols•Different characters to play with •Exciting, challengingandaddictive gameplay •Modern, clean 3D graphics that willenhanceyour gaming experience •Smooth physics simulation •Coolbackgroundmusic and sound effects Download FREE and start yourParkour stuntsadventure today! About Tap2Play Tap2Play, LLC is awholly ownedsubsidiary of Tapinator, Inc. Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM)develops andpublishes games on mobile platforms. The Company’sportfolioincludes over 300 mobile gaming titles that, collectively,haveachieved over 400 million player downloads. Tapinatorisheadquartered in New York. For more info, visit Tapinator.com.
American Farmer : Best Farming & Harvesting Sim 1.1
The early bird catches the worm, and the early farmer sows thecrop!Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in the UnitedStates,feeding millions of Americans daily. Start your career as aproudAmerican farmer and cultivate the best farm in the world! Thegameprovides realistic farming and harvesting experience.Utilizevarious awesome farming tools like the plow, hoe, seeddrill,tractor, and truck: sow the seeds, and then harvest when thecropis ready! Grow various crops like Barley, Wheat, and Canola.Ridearound your farm to water, spray, and take care of yourrows.Choose different seeds, tools, and fertilizers from your shed;anddifferent colorful trucks to drive from your garage! The processoffarming is demanding and tough, but with a little patienceanddetermination, your seeds will grow! After you’re doneharvesting,head over to the market and sell your crops. Bargain andmake aprofit. In the end, feed your town or city, and do it alloveragain from sunrise to sundown! Use the profit to purchase morelandto become the wealthiest farmer in town! Get ready to embarkonthis rural adventure. Remember...nature dictates you sow whatyoureap! American Farmer: Best Farming & Harvesting SimFeatures:•Easy and smooth game play. •Realistic 3D Farming andRuralenvironment! •Multiple cool farming tools to use:Tractor,Harvester, Seed Drill and Sprayer •Grow Wheat, Barley andCanola atyour farm & sell to meet your daily needs. •Spread andHarvestthe crops with realistic farming tools. •Store the endproducts instorage tower. •Use the cash to buy better tools toimprove youryield, and purchase more land. About Tap2Play Tap2Play,LLC is awholly owned subsidiary of Tapinator, Inc. Tapinator(Ticker: TAPM)develops and publishes games on mobile platforms. TheCompany’sportfolio includes over 300 mobile gaming titlesthat,collectively, have achieved over 400 million playerdownloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,visitTapinator.com.
NY City School Bus 2017
Drive Amazing School Busses on New York City Roads as a School BusDriver!
NY City FireFighter 2017
Brand New Adventure! NYC Fire Rescue Missions Await You... HURRY!
NY City Police Dog Simulator 3D
New York City Security is Now in Your Paws!!
Fancy Mermaid Race Adventures
A wondrous and magical Mermaid adventure awaits !!!
Speedy Pony : Racing Game
This Fantastic Race Has Begun! Ride Your Favorite and Cutest Pony& Win!
Ultimate Unicorn Dash 3D
ARE YOU READY?! Saddle up and race your magical & amazingunicorn!
Scary Lion City Attack
Experience the Extreme Super Scary Lion Attacking the Amazing City!
City Rescue 2017
Watch out for the hurricane! Lots of people are now in danger, savethem!
Town Farmer Sim - Manage Big Farms
It is your time to step up your farming skills !
Airplane Flight Attendant -Career Job Sim
Be ready to be the best airplane flight attendant the sky has everwitnessed.
HQ Taxi Driving 3D 1.5
Live your life a mile at a time and bring out your innerTaxiDriver! Get ready to be a super taxi driver by speedingthroughcurvy roads, arriving on time, and never letting yourpassengersdown! Get the ultimate excitement and adrenaline rush youhave everexperienced with our brand new HQ Taxi Driving 3D Game.Drive athigh speeds without letting the tricky turns get in yourway. Thepassengers are waiting, so get them to their designatedplace andfinish your shift early! Soon enough, everyone will behailing YOURtaxi! Race your vehicle through the big city traffic,pick uppassengers and drive them safely to their destinations, allwithinthe allotted time. Steer your taxi through narrow streets,dodgetraffic, use the mini-map functionality, avoid obstacleslikebicycles and pedestrians, and attempt to break your recordofpassengers picked up! Race against time in this thrillingtaxidriving game. Don't be tardy, and don't forget to have funcruisingaround the city, completing exciting missions! Enjoy theview ofskyscrapers and beautiful bridges. Find the fastest routepossibleand earn the high score by conserving time! Time is short,and thejourney is long and treacherous. Find the right balance ofspeedand attentiveness! HQ Taxi Driving 3D Features: ReinventedTaxiDriving Missions Customizable Controls (Tilt, Steer, orButtons)High Quality Graphics With Realistic 3D City EnvironmentsAddictingBackground Music Real Physics-based Gameplay Variety ofCars toChoose From Brand New Exp System Easy & Fun to PlayAboutTap2Play Tap2Play, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary ofTapinator,Inc. Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishesgames onmobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 300mobilegaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 450millionplayer downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York.For moreinfo, visit Tapinator.com.
Hello Christmas 2018 : Room Decor 1.2
Ho ho ho, Merry Decorating! It’s Christmas Eve and your room isabore! Add some holiday cheer by decorating just in timeforChristmas and New Years! Your job is to make the home welcomingforSanta Claus and fun for a party and family. Choose frommultipletemplates fit for any taste. Decorate your room asbeautifully asyou can to make this holiday memorable. There isClassic, Modern,and more. Select unique items from furniturecategories. Expressyour creativity by choosing from a variety ofcouches or sofas,curtains, lights, carpets or tiles, wallpaper,fireplace,wardrobes, and most importantly, Christmas tree! Thereare alsodifferent building materials to choose from: wood, marble,steel,and more! Train your eye. This is a relaxing and fun gamethatenables you to live the life of an interior room decorator.Buildyour own unique style to impress others! Try differentcombinationsof house decor and earn coins for creativity. Use yourmoney topurchase more items and unlock more styles! Santa will becomingdown the chimney with gifts before you know it! HelloChristmas2018: Room Decor Features: •Select the things of your ownchoice todecor •Real life 3D room graphics •Smooth background music•Easy& fun to play •Satisfying controls •Decorate the roomwithdifferent objects About Tap2Play Tap2Play, LLC is a whollyownedsubsidiary of Tapinator, Inc. Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM)develops andpublishes games on mobile platforms. The Company’sportfolioincludes over 300 mobile gaming titles that, collectively,haveachieved over 400 million player downloads. Tapinatorisheadquartered in New York. For more info, visit Tapinator.com.
Virtual Gangster : Thug Life 2018
Its time to take revenge on your brutal rivals!
Scary Goat 2017
Relive the Imagination for the unlimited adventure and fun in Game!
Surgeon Doctor 2018 : Virtual Job Sim
Play the role of a surgeon and perform difficult surgeries!
Real Bank Manager Simulator 1.4
Do you want to strike it rich?! Take on the role of bank managerinthis unique game! In bustling NYC, theft threats are high andcrimeis on the rise. Prevent robberies and serve the publicbyprotecting their money! You’re a wealthy bank manager andtellerfresh out of business school! Your duty is to safeguardpeople’sproperty but also to manage the bank’s day-to-dayactivities.Control the surge of customers at rush hour and managelong linesand queues as manager. Guard the money vault! Ward offgangs,criminals, and robbers.As a teller, verify account numbersandclient credentials. Open or close accounts, checkcustomers’balance, help them sign up for credit cards or pay theirbills,facilitate a withdrawal or deposit, and operate the ATMmachineswhich are at risk of malfunctioning! In the middle of NewYorkCity, your bank is the busiest this time of year! This game isachallenge to master cash management. You will become ashrewdmanager or account holder! Keep customers satisfied and don’tgetin trouble with the law or the cops. You are your own boss!RealBank Manager Simulator Features: •Realistic 3D bank andcitygraphics ªRealistic ATMs and usage •Learn time and moneymanagementskills as a •Bank Manager •Satisfying sound effects andmusic •Afun filled micromanagement game •Easy & Fun to playAboutTap2Play Tap2Play, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary ofTapinator,Inc. Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishesgames onmobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 300mobilegaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 450millionplayer downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York.For moreinfo, visit Tapinator.com.
Underwater Sea Monster Hunter - Best Sniping Game
Kill all the sea monsters & save innocent people trying toenjoy the beach!!
Bike Flip Hero
Drive Fast & Steer Sharp!
Transform RoboKong 2017 : Chained Monster
Be fearless RoboKong, & destroy everything that gets in yourway!
Last Player Survival : Battlegrounds
Stay alive and fight as long as you can in this survival game.
Go To Vegas
Go to the City of Sin and enjoy the Lux life in Vegas!
Scary Wolf : Online Multiplayer Game
If you BITE off more than you can CHEW... Then SHARE!
Incredible Dragon Robot 3D
Transform into a Robotic Dragon and get ready to Rampage an UltraModern City!
Police Dog Simulator 3D
Play As Man's Best Friend On A Mission To Help Rid The City OfCrime!
Hoverboard Stunts Hero 2016
Show your Coolness and Become the Next Hoverboard Stunt Champion!
Multi-storey Car Parking 3D
Drive & Park Amazing Cars in a Realistic Multi Level ParkingPlaza
Extreme Car Stunts 3D
Ready for a Car Stunting challenge? Step your game up and DRIVE!
Schoolbus Driver 3D SIM
Transport Kids to School with the Best School Bus Driving SimulatorAround!
Offroad Driving Adventure 2016
Check Out The Most Intense Offroad Challenge Where You OperateIncredible 4x4's
War Of Dragons 2016
Become A Formidable Dragon And Wage An Epic War Against ALL DragonSlayers!
Angry Shark 2016
Play as an Angry Great White Shark - Attack, Destroy, Kill &Eat Everything!