TPL Apps

Bus Da Pata 1.0.2
Bus Da Pata is the applicationthatfacilitateusers.The App contains the information of LahoreBusStops,BusRoutes and Places.Its the Project ofLahoreTransportCompany.
Yodelee 1.0.8
Insurance on Mobile!TPL Direct Insurance has launched Yodelee mobile application toincrease interaction with its customers by providing round theclock insurance services. The value added features will enable youto manage your car, health, travel and home insurance policies.Furthermore, you can entail your Takaful policies, lodge claims andget instant updates through your smart phones. So despite where youare or what time it is, you are constantly connected to TPL DirectInsurance, where we tend to all your insurance needs.Features:Yodelee app caters to our auto insurance along with our upcomingTakaful insurance policy holders.Through the Yodelee app you can avail the following features:- Vehicle Profile: You can search your auto vehicles, view detailsand send change requests to update the details of yourvehicle.- Policy Details: You can search your existing insurance policies,view policy details and check the expiry status to track yourpolicy renewals.- Claim Lodging: Select your vehicle, enter the insurance claimdetails and submit a claim request instantaneously.- Account Management: You can view your profile and send changerequests to update your profile, such as, your address or mobilenumber.- Notifications: TPL Direct Insurance will stay in contact with youthrough notifications. You will be constantly updated throughnotifications on policy renewals, claim status, change requests andpromotions.- Feedback: TPL Direct Insurance welcomes your valuable feedbackand comments regarding its services to enhance your insuranceexperience.- Contact Us: TPL Direct Insurance is available round the clock totake care of your queries and answer your concerns.Yodelee App is only for TPL Direct Insurance Limited’s customers.Please ensure that your mobile number is registered with TPL DirectInsurance to enable use of the application. Following the immensesuccess of TPL Trakker, Yodelee is proud to be the first insuranceapplication in Pakistan.
TPL Trakker 7.0
New App! You asked and we listened. - New Interactive Design - TPLTrakker Google Assistant - Vehicle Analytics - New Track Your LovedOnes, Teammate Feature FASTER, SMARTER,MORE INTERACTIVE TPL TrakkerApp is an easy and secure way to track your loved ones anywhere andeverywhere across Pakistan. Here are few of the salient features ofthe latest version. • Enhanced User Experience: More personalizedexperience, immaculate design supported by clean lines, contrastingcolors and bold typeface . • Circle of Loved Ones, Teammates: Tracklocations of your loved ones and teammates in real time . • UnlockHidden Treasures: Upgrade your current Trakker Package and receiveAdvance Value Added Features. • Buy Now: Now you can buy anyTrakker Package on the GO! • Access to the products of the wholegroup: Now you can be informed about all the offers from TPL Groupcompanies through this single app. • SOS & Service: Now you arenever alone in an emergency! TPL Trakker SOS feature will guide youto the nearest petrol, hospital or workshop in case of emergency. •Pre-inform No Go: Leaving your city? Let us know in advance if yourvehicle is about to enter a ‘No Go’ location for a specified timeperiod. • Notification services: Get notifications such as Vehicleposition, Security tips, Product awareness and Trakking services. •Device History: Animated Map Replay option that allows the user toretrace the location of a device.
TPL Maps - Offline Maps & GPS Navigation 5.6.2-R
TPL Maps – Location and Navigation TPL Maps is thefirstindigenously developed digital map of Pakistan. TPL Mapsprovidesturn-by-turn navigation, location search, offline maps,livelocation sharing and live traffic updates. TPL Maps contains: •2Million+ Points of Interest (POI) to search from across Pakistan.•2 Million+ distinct housing addresses spread over a road networkof540,000 kms. • 370+ cities and thousands of small townsandvillages. • 400+ 3D structures of important landmarks andotherbuildings. APP FEATURES: Navigation: Voice guided turn byturninstructions with real-time traffic information.Intelligentsearch: Main search elements include: POIs, roads,areas, sectors,parks, rivers and boundaries. Offline Maps: Downloadoffline mapsand use them without internet connectivity. TrafficInformation:Real-time traffic updates showing on your map. LiveLocationSharing: Location sharing enabled to contacts of yourchoicethrough various social mediums. Your contribution: Usersarecontributing to TPL Maps by adding new locations and byaddingreviews of locations as per their experiences. It ishighlyencouraged that every user makes these contributions to makeTPLMaps a healthy, helpful community.
TPL Trakker Affiliate 2.0
If you had the opportunity to become wealthy wouldn’t you takeit?Of course, the solution is right here! Think about making asalewithin your neighborhood, to a friend or relative. Within daysyoucan pick up the pace and further gather more people in the areatobuy Trakker products and build up your commissions with everysale!Trakker representatives and customer care services areavailable24×7! Furthermore, the content on our website is morethandescriptive about the process of how to go about the AffiliateSignUp and FAQ process. You will have information and customercaresupport to turn to if you need any assistance during thisprocess.Our sign up process is quite straight forward! Simply fillout thedetails in the form and we will review your application fortheTrakker Affiliate Program. Upon reviewing your application andifsuccessfully shortlisted, our customer service representativeswillcontact you with the good news!
TPL Trakker - Fleet Management 1.0
This application specially designed by TPL Trakker Ltd forFleetManagement Users. The users will track real time update ofvehiclesand more feature as follows Vehicle Real time status(Vehicle ID,Vehicle Status, Vehicle Speed , Vehicle Location,Vendor Name, AccStatus) along with Map view. Live Dashboard (TotalMoving Vehicles,Total Idle Vehicles, Total Parked Vehicles, TotalNot ReportingVehicles) Vehicle Trip Details ( Date wise) VehicleBreadcrumbReplay (Date wise) Map Setting Option (TPL Maps) SearchOption