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Sync.ME - Caller ID, Spam Call Blocker & Contacts 4.36.5
Sync.ME is the world’s #1 caller ID and spam blocker app. See whoscall you received and sync contacts photos with their socialnetwork profile picture. Identify spammers and block robocalls withthe world’s best reverse phone lookup and spam blocker app. ★Trusted by more than 20 million users worldwide! ★ TechCrunch -“The App That Turns You into a God”. It has never been easier tosync contacts and reveal the true caller. Search phone numbers andget the caller ID. Make a reverse phone lookup, detect robocallsand report blacklist. Block spammers, block telemarketers, blockcallers, block robocalls, block SMS and block text messages. MainKey Features: ✓ Sync Contacts Photos – See who's call you receivedand sync your contacts photos with their social network profilepicture. Add full screen photos to your contacts in your addressbook contact list. ✓ Caller ID – See who's the caller when youreceive incoming calls. See the true caller ID, sync unknown CallerID. ✓ Call Blocker - Block callers, telemarketers and blockrobocalls. Block unknown calls with our best call blocker. Blockspam calls and add spammers to your blacklist. ✓ Reverse PhoneLookup - View the true caller ID with our best reverse phonelookup. Now you can identify and block callers, block spammers andunknown numbers by adding them to your blacklist. ✓ IdentifyRobocalls – Sync.ME lets you identify spam calls, telemarketers,robocalls and see whos call it is. Show the truecaller ID and makea reverse phone lookup to block callers. You can block spam callsand robocalls with the best call blocker with a tap of a button.✓Block Spammers - Block callers and make your own blacklist ofrobocalls, spammers and telemarketers. Make a reverse phone lookupwith the best caller ID app. See whos call on the top spammers listand add them to your blacklist. ✓Call Recorder – Record any phonecall you want to save. ✓ Text ID – Identify SMS and text messagesof spam, telemarketers and unknown caller ID. See the true CallerID and blacklist phone numbers. You can make a reverse phone numberlookup for any spam text message. ✓ Find Out Who Called - Copy anyphone number and Sync.ME will make a reverse phone lookup so youcan search phone numbers and identify unknown calls with a truecaller ID. Received a spam call? Quickly block spammers, blocktelemarketers and block robocalls with just one tap. ✓ Caller IDThemes - Choose your color call theme for your caller ID with theSync.ME color call app. View color call themes with full screenphotos of your address book contacts from Google+,Twitter, LinkedInand VK. ✓ Merge Contacts - Find duplicate contacts and mergecontacts in your address book by combining them into one. Cleanupyour address book and quickly merge contact details of duplicatecontacts in your address book contact list. ✓ Backup Contacts -Export contacts and backup contacts file of all of your contacts inyour address book. Sync your contacts backup to your Google Driveand automatically backup contacts with the Sync.ME Pro. ✓Background Contact Sync - Always keep your contacts up-to-date 24/7with latest contact profile pictures from social networks. Keepyour address book contacts synced with pictures so you can know whocall. Sync.ME is best used for it’s caller ID and spam callblocker. You can identify calls with our true caller ID. Blockannoying spam calls and robocalls with our top spam blocker app.You can always know “who called me” with Sync.ME’s show callerreverse phone lookup features. → Website: →Facebook: → Twitter: →Support: [email protected]