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قياس القدرات 4.1.2
Swift Time
A capacity measurement application that helps you prepare for theNational Center for Measurement and Evaluation tests
Quick Conversion Units 1.1
Swift Time
Quick Conversion Units for Oilfield is simple and easy touse.Conversions can be done without navigating to another screen.Alloptions are included in one screen. Quick Conversion supports18different categories with 1000+ different conversion types.QuickConversion app. has the following categories: 1. Area 2.Density 3.Dynamic Viscosity 4. Energy 5. Heat Flux 6. HeatTransferCoefficient 7. Kinematic Viscosity 8. Length 9. Mass 10.MassFlowrate 11. Molar Flowrate 12. Power 13. Pressure 14.SpecificEnergy 15. Specific Heat 16. Thermal Conductivity 17.Volume 18.Volumetric Flowrate We hope Quick Conversion applicationincreaseyour productivity and accuracy.
سويفت تايم | Swift Time 1.1
Swift Time
سويفت تايم فريق عمل سعودي متخصص في برمجة وتطوير تطبيقات الهواتفالذكية.