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Tasty Tale: Le Gourmet Palace
Miss Tasty, who graduated from a prestigious cooking school, isbackin her hometown and wants to give a second youth to therestaurantof the village using her talents as a chef! Help MissTasty in thisjourney by beating fabulous match 3 levels, full offruits, cookingutensils and delicious combinations! Fromrenovating the main roomto fixing the kitchen and the grandioseentry of the mansion, tocooking delicious meals, Tasty Tale: LeGourmet Palace will bringMiss Tasty and you to every corner of thevillage! Features: *Colourful Match 3 levels, full of fruits,which will give yourtalents a great challenge! * A variety ofcooking utensils(boosters) for countless combinations! * Anamazing story about lovefor cooking, family and community! * Meetwonderful charactersthroughout the story! Miss Tasty is justwaiting for you to startthe journey! Don’t wait any longer! Note:You can download and playTasty Tale: Le Gourmet Palace for free,although certain in-gameitems can be purchased for real money.
Tasty Tale: puzzle cooking game
Mix and match colourful and yummy ingredients to solve over1000levels in Tasty Tale, a highly amusing and addictive freepuzzleadventure. You are the chef in restaurants around theworldpreparing and serving tasty dishes from hundreds of recipeslikesalads, burgers, cookies, candies, cakes or pizza bycombiningvegetables, fruits, meat, fish and many more. Travel theworld andserve up your classic creations to wonderfully amusingcutecharacters such as Grandma, Pinocchio, The Three Little Pigs,RedRiding Hood and many more in places like „Petit Paris“,„ElSombrero“, „Mermaid Kingdom“, „The Candy Factory“ or the„CasinoPalace“. Can you cook better than your friends? Why don'tyou jumpin and cook your way up to the top? Enjoy the challenge andcomeand see why Tasty Tale is such an entertaining and funny treat.5STAR FEATURES: 🍓 Easy to learn, hard to master 🍓 Colourfulandvivid graphics 🍓 Over 1000 yummy levels with challengingobstacles🍓 Leaderboards to compete with and crush your friends 🍓Unlock andmaster the power of Super Ingredients 🍓 Seamlesssynchronisationwith Facebook to play on PC, phone or tablet 🍓Boosters to help youthrough tough levels 🍓 Amusing Characters 🍓Spin the wheel offortune to get your daily reward Last, but notleast, a big THANKYOU goes out to everyone who has played TastyTale! Already a fanof Tasty Tale? Like us on Facebook for thelatest news and events:https://www.facebook.com/tastytalegame Sowhat are you waiting for?Plenty of yummy recipes are waiting foryou to be cooked in themost exquisite match 3 puzzle adventure.Play now! Please note thatTasty Tale is completely free to play butsome in-game items suchas extra moves or lives will requirepayment. Imprint:https://www.sweetnitro.com/legal.php?site=tt Termsof use:https://www.sweetnitro.com/tou.php?site=tt
Fancy Tale:Fashion Puzzle Game
Train your brain in this colorful Match 3 fashion puzzle! Matchandstitch irresistible fancy dresses, suits, bags, jewels andmakecolorful new outfits for the friendly clients of FancyTale:Catherine the Cat, Pip the Penguin and many more! Get intotheworld of fame and haute couture and make everyone fall fortheircharms on the red carpet. Collect, combine and create newdesignsin the most addictive fashion puzzle game. It’s free toplay!Travel through different fashion shops from downtown boutiquestothe Wild West countryside. Mix and sew from the newest creationsorgive a retro style a revival. Share your results with yourfriendsand brag about your style! Do you fancy being the latesttopfashionista? Enter a world of fame and compete in thisshiny,addictive puzzle game with hundreds of levels. Thewonderfulfashion world of fancy tale is waiting for you… Yourfashionboutique puzzle game! From the creators of your favoritematch 3puzzle cooking game: Tasty Tale! Features: - Easy to learn,hard tomaster - Fancy shops from all over the world - Friendlyanimals asyour loyal customers - Addictive gameplay in the fanciestmatch 3game - Over 150 levels with funny and challenging obstacles-Seamless synchronization with Facebook - Leaderboard tocompeteagainst friends Already a fan of Fancy Tale? Like us onFacebookfor the latest news: https://www.facebook.com/fancytale Sowhat areyou waiting for? Plenty of fashionable creations are readyfor youin the most addictive game on Facebook. Play now! Pleasenote that,while Fancy Tale is completely free to play, some in-gameitemssuch as extra moves or lives will require payment.Imprint:https://www.sweetnitro.com/legal.php?site=ft Terms ofuse:https://www.sweetnitro.com/tou.php?site=ft