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Emoji Puzzle! 2.994
New unique puzzle game with Emoji! A new imagination game in whichyou need to connect pairs of emotions by associations. Think andfind the idea of each puzzle. Just tap one by one on the elementsfrom different columns to connect them with a line. Or drag to drawa line and connect elements from different columns. If youcorrectly connect all the elements, you pass the level. Harder thanyou think!
Invincible Hero 0.5.4
BE A ONE TAP SUPER HERO!! That’s all it takes for you to KNOCK,KICK, PUNCH, SMACK, and SUPER POWER your way to become a Super Herolegend in this game! Take it to the Bad Guys in this CASUAL SuperHero one-tap adventure while you clear countless levels ofmarauding no good Baddies! All you have to do is TAP! and GO TOTOWN! Each punch, kick and superhero action earns you countlesspoints that you can spend on your Super Hero Skill tree to formyour own One Tap Super Hero and their ever-evolving POWERS!Invincible Hero is just that! Be INVINCIBLE! and BE THE HERO! Thisgame is the BEST fighting game on the market because it trulyempowers you to be the ‘Invincible Hero!’ Keep it simple and oneTAP to take out the baddies! Or go deeper and spend yourhard-earned Super Hero Points forming your Super Hero and theirskills the way you want them!!! Characteristics: -Over the top ONETAP superhero actions! -Endless baddies of all types and sizes!-Skills upon Skills to evolve your ONE TAP fight game! -Countlesslevels and environments to ascend! -Super Hero Art to match this‘UNMATCHED’ Super Hero Game! -Upgrades GALORE! All ya gotta do isTAP! Download this FREE fighting game and demonstrate how you wannahandle your FISTS, KICKS, SUPER POWERS and SKILLS and JUST TAP yourway to being an ‘Invincible Hero!’ ONE TAP! That’s all it takes!!
Park Marks 0.1.37
This game is under development, feel free to share your thoughts!
Hit Perfect 3D 1.1
Aim at the enemies or the objects and hit a perfect shot to pinthem on the wall with your arrow! Do you have what it takes tobring down your enemies and make it to the finish line ? KeyFeatures: - Free To Play - On-The-Go stress reliever - Handcraftedlevels - New environments to unlock - Suitable for all age groups
Chat Master! 3.0
Game consists of several activities related to mobile phone,especially texting. Each chat scenario, where you choose what towrite, is followed by one or two fun quick mini games
Rope-Man Run 1.4.0
Control the character that's made out of ropes and collect colorfulyarns to grow and progress through the level without hittingobstacles as you will lose rope if so.
Down the Hole! 25
The easiest way to move is with balloons and rockets! Right?
Sort It 3D 1.4.12
Gotta sort them all!! Sort all color balls in the tubes, How farcan you go?
Join Clash 3D 2.34.2
Epic survival run! Racing adventure that will keep you on your toestill the very end! Race, Clash, and Win! Get your gang together,run with the crowd, and clash against the rival team! GATHER THEBIGGEST CROWD Start running alone and gather people on your way tocollect a massive crowd. Lead your team through all sorts ofmoving, rotating, and expanding obstacles. Calculate your moves onthe run and save as many members of the crowd as possible. RACETHROUGH THE OBSTACLES Let’s see how far you can get in this crazysurvival race! Dodge swinging axes and colossal crushing spheres!Avoid monstrous circular saws, deadly red buttons, and a thornyabyss to make it to the finish line. WIN FINAL CLASH Run the crowduntil you reach the castle at the end of the level. Crush yourrivals in the final battle and capture the fortress!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ HOW TO PLAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - GATHER as hugea crowd as you can - DODGE obstacles - COLLECT keys - CLASHwall-on-wall - FIGHT against bosses - CAPTURE castles~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GAME FEATURES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Survival citygame - Lots of unique levels - Deadly traps and impossibleobstacles - Crisp bright graphics - Super smooth swipe control -Satisfying color explosions - Rewards and gifts And this is justthe beginning… More levels and artful traps and obstacles arecoming soon! Do you think you have the guts to take your crowdthrough this insane obstacle course? Download the game and try yourluck today! We are looking forward to getting feedback from all ofyou! Please leave your reviews, so we can keep making the game evenbetter.
Color Match 3.1
Mix colors of your choice on the square canvas & try matchingthe color of the object by bringing your brush close to the realobject!
Hide 'N Seek! 1.7.4
The good old classic hide & seek. Play either as a seeker or asa hider and build your shelters from cars or office desks, hide inthe water, in the hay pile, in the cornfield, in the boss' officeand most importantly, push others in the seeker's vision field. Tryto be kind though. Features: ∙ Beautiful and unique 3D visuals ∙Play either as seeker or hider ∙ Complete freedom to play howeveryou like ∙ High performance ∙ Fun, relaxing and addictive
Love Pins 1.3.10
A simple puzzle game! Remove the pins in the correct order. Bringthe boy and the girl together. It gets harder as you progressthrough the stages.
Web Hero 92
Be a super web hero and grab every obstacle that could be dangerousto your neighborhood! In this hero web simulator your mission is toprotect and rescue from bad guys and avoid accidents! Ready forsome action? The adventure begins! You will play as Web hero withspider powers who will make every obstacle swinging in the air withhis spider web. Be aware of all the dangers you may face: fastracing trains... It’s adventure time, baby! It is really fantasticto be a web hero with super powers! Tap to stick and grab theobstacle with sticky spider ropes, but REMEMBER, more taps willmake your ropes more sticky and stronger. Press your screen to graband make everything swing before it's too late... So let's see ifyou are good at saving your neighbors? Go! YOU SUPER WEB HERO!
Idle Success 1.6.7
Welcome to Idle Success - a brand new idle game! You start fromanobese, weak and jobless guy. You will workout hard to getlean,study and work hard to get a job then climb career ladder.Makefriends and hangout with your buddies. Make money and buildyourown house. Become the best version of yourself! Enjoy theaddictive& unique idle game.
Mad Dogs 1.9.3
mad dogs around try to escape from them ASAP, don't forget thetricks! After adopting these lovely dogs, live in peace with yourdogs.
Bazooka Boy 1.8.8
Blast through levels and destroy everything before you with a bunchof amazing weapons! Collect all and master their different andunique qualities! Send your enemies flying, explode their bases andcrush their buildings! Satisfying destruction and unlimitedpossibilities to shoot your way to victory! Fun ragdoll enemies andcrazy explosions with levels upon levels of awesome content andchallenges, go and wipe out all the enemies to win! Flashyexploding effects and awesome physics make each level a uniqueaction puzzle. Can you solve them all without crushing yourselfwith a bad shot?
Samurai Flash 2.0.57
You want to know what it feels like to be a Super Hero ? Join usand become a Samurai Flash ! -Dodge and slice your enemies to reachthe next level -Defeat bosses and show your skills -Make the mostof your speed and appreciate the slow motion of your enemies Newfeatures are to come ( character upgrade , skins and accessories )
Stack Rider 1.37
Ride the stack to the finish without hitting a wall too high! Pickup balls to make your stack higher!
Cheerleader Run 3D 1.16.0
"It’s hard to be humble when you can jump, stunt, andtumble."Simple controls, fun gameplay! Recruit other cheerleaders,avoidobstacles and collect gems on your way to Victory!
Move People 1.62
Put her and him in shape. Control puppets in variety of situationsand help them achieve the desired state!
Bead Sort! 1.32
Easy and relaxing! Sort the beads into the matching colored bins!If you like to organize and tidy things up, you'll love Bead Sort!
‎Flick Chess! 1.6.2
Flick your chess stones! Bump out opponent's stones! Tip: GuardtheKING!
Stacky Dash 3.0.1
Swipe your finger to move across the stage and collect all thetiles !!! 1.1.6
Collect archers and beat your enemies to become the biggest army ofarchers!
911 Emergency Dispatcher 1.083
**911 WHAT'S YOUR EMERGENCY!!** Simulation game about quicklydispatching the help needed for every emergency you receive. Youare responsible to make the best decisions to help the people.Progress throughout the new scenarios and situations!
Going Balls 1.23
A road full of unexpected obstacles lies ahead in this challengingrolling ball platformer! Ready for a fun ride? Features: • Easy,one-finger swipe ball control • A funny collection of balls to playwith • Inventive and more treacherous tasks at every turn • RemoveAds available
Draw Edge 1.2.4
Draw a line and make a Lightsaber! Hit the enemy and Flick theenemy off the field!
Draw The Line 3D 3.3
For the ball to reach the destination, you need to have the properlevel of ingenuity and quick reaction, without which you will havea hard time. Watch the ball carefully, do not let it disappear fromsight, otherwise you will not be able to direct it, and most likelyit will have a tragic accident. You have the opportunity to sendyour ball into space and admire the beauty of bright stars, butremember that the birds are waiting for their liberator and areready to accompany you on the way to the finish line. Prove yourskills and save the birds from their cages. Good luck!
Bridge Race 2.912
Collect as many bricks as you can to beat your enemies! You mustbuild stairs to reach the top! It's all about the stairs!
Elemental Master 2.1.7
Control the elements to defeat your enemies! Easy to learn, hard tomaster!
Human Vehicle 1.1.6
Collect stickmen to get a bigger vehicles. Avoid obstacles.
Wheel Scale! 2.1.3
Scale your wheels UP or DOWN! Choose between being Powerful orFastto beat your opponent.
Trapper 3D 1.34
Rotate and slide barriers to block the balls from escaping. Thenpress GO! to release the balls. Fun and easy to play!
Escalators 1.3.1
Use the escalators to move the people into the boats.
Draw Weapon 3D 1.2.1
[rule] First, let's draw a weapon. Feel free to write your weapons,but be careful about the amount of ink remaining! After making aweapon, start the battle! Tap at the right time to drop youropponent off the cliff! [how to play] 1. Weapons can be made bydrawing directly on the screen with your finger. Each stat can beenhanced with points. 2. When the match starts, you can attack bypressing the [Attack] button. Let's take a chance and attack theopponent.
Get Rich! 3D 1.3.16
Buy and sell, it is that easy to make money. Trade on stock marketand get rich to buy your dream car, a beautiful house, a boat andeven a jet plane! Have your own watch and ring collection. Buy fromthe lowest price you can and sell it when it goes high! Reach yourdaily profit target. Play bonus levels to steal trade secrets andmore...
Spider King 1.1.28
SpiderKing is a very fun shooting game. It will make you feelunprecedented pleasure. Launch spider webs to wrap your enemies andthrow them to the sky! Click to download this game now and enjoyit, you will not regret it.
Tower Archer 1.0.15
Shoot 100s of arrows and defeat armies of enemies with one hit!Keepupgrading and increasing the number of arrows you can firetogether.A super fun and fast multi shoot and bulk shooting archergame
Clone Ball 1.6.1
crazy balls all around kick them & enjoy the feeling ofcloning!
Run Royale 3D 1.7.06
Chaotic obstacle course battle royale! Run your way throughinsanephysics-based obstacles and challenges while butting headswithmany others, and become the ultimate knockout runner! Oh, andmakesure you don’t fall... :) Do you have what it takes to finishin1st place?
Get It Right! 1.0.14
Can you solve it? How to play: - Guess the right code - Green -Correct - Yellow - Wrong place - Red - Incorrect
Pile It 3D 7.0
In Pile It 3D you are presented with colorful balls that need to besorted: you do that by putting them in different tube to guide theminto the right position at the bottom. Sounds simple, right? Well,things get twisted pretty quickly because the tubes are knottedtogether. You have to think carefully about which tube to choosefor your balls in order to succeed in this game! With superbgraphics and super satisfying mechanics, this brain game is sure torelieve you of all the stress in your life immediately. As a bonus,your IQ increases by 2 points for every level you win on the firsttry (this is a fact). What are you waiting for? Get your thinkingorgan in gear and start playing the trickiest game of 2020!
Giant Wanted 1.1.23
Introduction to the game: Giant invaders ahead As a hero sniper,take up your weapons and protect your home! 1. The operation of thegame is simple: slide aiming, let go shooting, easily shoot andkill the enemy. 2. Simple picture: the simple game picture blowsaway the summer heat and brings you a fresh feeling. 3. Adjust theshooting angle, master the shooting time, use high-energy sniperrifle to penetrate many obstacles and concentrate on the target.
Slice Disc 3D! 1.1.9
Throw discs to slice enemies. Bounce off of walls to make clevertrickshots. Using one disc you can make normal take out, head slicetake out, take out by bouncing off walls, multiple take outs. Itall depends on how you like it and how good is your skill. Havefun!
Pro Builder 3D 1.1.1
Build a fancy house and sell it
Animal Rescue 1.2.0
Are you the hero who helps the ones in need? Are you the saintwhocares about everyone? If so then get ready to gear up foranadventure where the entire animal kingdom awaits you to rescuethemfrom troubles. Features: • Simple controls • Relaxing andaddictivegameplay • Many animals with custom animal behaviours •Excitingnew environments to explore
Outfit Makeover 1.8
Give desperately needed makeovers to help people achieve theirdreams! Choose highly fashionable clothes and even furniture! Playchallenging fashion-themed puzzles to help find that perfect look!