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SNK Allstar
Activate powerful combo and battle with classic fighters from SNKuniverse
Illusion Connect
Connect with me in our dreams
Kingsense 1.6.5
Embark on a grand adventure in a futuristic world withyourSENSATES! Build mighty squads, engage in unique events andgamemodes, and experience a story unlike any other! Henceforth,bearthe power of SENSATES! -GAME FEATURE- [Explore a FuturisticWorld]After a great crisis, humanity found salvation by imbuing aselectfew with unique abilities, creating the first SENSATES.Ascommander, you must guard humanity from high-tech foes,mutants,and mysterious cultists. [Fight Alongside over 40 Sensates]Collectover 40 different SENSATES each with their own quirksandpersonalities. Increase your intimacy, unlock exclusive gearforspecific characters, and greatly increase your combatpower.[Engage in Tactical Combat] Engage in combat on a 5x9 grid!Mix andmatch different characters to create awesome lineups! Seizetheinitiative and control the rhythm of battle! [ExperienceanAll-Star Cast] The SENSATES are voiced by a cast ofincrediblevoice actors and actresses who are guaranteed to enhanceyourgaming experience! Official Website: www.kingsensegame.comSocialMedia: Facebook: Contact Us:Mail:[email protected]
Omnistone Heroes 0.7.4
Embark on a great journey fraught with bloodshed and sorrow andyourage against the chains of fate alongside the five major racesofthis fantastic world. You can use divine powers to summonlegendaryheroes and save this world from chaos and ruin. Masterstrategiesand train your heroes to use them as a bulwark againstdarkness.Explore the darkest dungeons and battle across theLabyrinth. InOmnistone Heroes, you can build teams of heroescomprised of amyriad of legions, talents, classes, and specialties.In addition,you will also be able to combine their factional buffswithhundreds of relics. Experience a turn-based RPG that willchangeyour definition of epic! Game Features -Traverse a MagicalWorld!Embark on a magical land, beat the mysterious enemies. -TestYourHeroes Without Cost Try many different formations as you wish,yourresources could be 100% refunded! -Raid Labyrinth forPowerfulRelics Enter the raid labyrinths to accept new challenges.Chooseyour path and collect your powerful relics! -Assemble HeroesFrom 5Legions Summon heroes from 5 different legions that haveuniqueproperties. Build your formations and defeat the darkness!-Beholda Feast for Your Eyes Collect every hero to your team! Youwill beamazed by their own unique and gorgeous art style. -ProsperEvenWhile Idle Even while idle your heroes are still fightingagainstthe darkness and gathering loot helping you to grow faster.Followus to learn about our future events, tips, andannouncements!Facebook: