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Ray Unread 1.0.0
Ray Unread Provides unread counts toRay Pro. It does nothing without this app!Ray Unread support showing unread counts for:- Calls- SMS- GMail- K-9Mail- Virtually any app that displays notifications, including:Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, etc.This app is based on source code licensed by Lazar Dimitrov.
Ray Sidebar Launcher 1.2.1
Stylish and extremely easy to use, Ray letsyou access and multitask between your favorite apps from anywhereby simply swiping your finger from the edge of the screen. Ray andits premium version (Ray Pro - have all thefunctionalities you need to customize your tailor-made, fast andhassle-free multitasking sidebar.Ray is suitable for both casual and power users due to its cleanminimalistic design and flexibility.Features include:- Add your favorite apps and shortcuts- Add "actions" such as: app drawer, toggle Wi-Fi, toggle mobiledata, screen brightness, etc.- Organize your items (apps, shortcuts and actions) infolders*- Option to remain open after launching apps and shortcuts - foreven faster multi-tasking- Easily rearrange items and remove unwanted ones- Option to disable further addition, removal and rearrangement ofitems- Adjust swipe area position and size- Adjust the sidebar’s width- Automatically adjust icon size, depending on the width of thesidebar- Adjust the sidebar’s background color and transparency- Adjust speed of the sidebar’s opening and closing animation- Enable/disable showing item labels*The free version of Ray is limited to 8 items or 7 items + 1folder with up to 8 additional items in the folderRay Pro additional features:- No advertising button (“Free apps”)- Unlimited number of apps, shortcuts, actions and folders- Choose between left or right sidebar alignment- Adjust the text size and color of the item labels- Add “Running apps” action with task management functionality(kill unwanted apps)- Icon pack support (load app icons from ADW, Apex, Nova and someGo Launcher themes and icon packs)- Unread counts for: missed calls, unread SMS and emails as well asany app that displays notifications, including: WhatsApp, Facebook,Skype, Viber, etc.
Digital Clock & Weather Widget
Simple, stylish and customizable digital clock and weather widget