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Call Message Data Counter 2.5.1
Sun Light
Free application for monitoring calls,messages (SMS, MMS), mobile data usage and Wi-Fi.Main features• shows incoming/outgoing/total/remaining calls, messages, mobiledata usage and Wi-Fi in tables (current period)• shows incoming/outgoing calls, messages, mobile data usage andWi-Fi in graphs (last 6 periods)• shows price for calls, messages and mobile data• notification warns before exceeding the limit for calls, messagesand mobile data• exception list for calls and messages• detailed reports for calls, messages, mobile data usage andWi-Fi• breakdown of costs for each period• highly customizable widgets (1×1, 4x1)Important• do not delete call log immediately after call• do not delete SMS messages immediately after sending /receiving• do not use any kind of task killer• dual-sim is not supported( me to improve application• let me know your ideas with integrated feedback option• help me to translate or correct text• share application with friends• donate to support further development
2G 3G 4G LTE Network Monitor
Sun Light
Free application measure what technology is used for internetconnection.
Free Folder Music Player
Sun Light
Free folder music player
E Numbers/Food Additives 2.0.0
Sun Light
The application is used for quick orientation in ENumbers/FoodAdditives that after viewing the result provides abasic overviewof features that make them easy to recognize whethera substance isdangerous to health. The database currently containsmore than 500entries. E Numbers/Food Additives are used for manyreasons: - Toextend the shelf life - Protection from destruction -Improve thetaste, appearance and smell - Create the impression of ahighcontent of fruit, eggs, butter, natural juices, etc.Unfortunatelyit is not easy at first look to determine whichsubstance is safeand which are not. Not all E Numbers/FoodAdditives are dangerous;even there are some health benefits (forexample vitamins). Thisapplication will help you to understand, iffood additive is safe.★What can be expected • Application searchesE Numbers/FoodAdditives and displays their basic properties(harmfulness,suitable for vegetarians, suitable for sensitivepersons,suitability for children, the source of the substance was /was notgenetically modified) • The application is available forfree andwithout ads (target is not profit, but protect your health)• Theapplication is offline (no Internet connection required todisplaydesired information) ★What can not be expected • Thecurrentapplication does not include a detailed description ofENumbers/Food Additives