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Baseball Legends Manager 2017
It's baseball time! Lead your team to victory in Baseball Legendsmanager 2!
Astonishing Baseball Manager 2019
It's baseball time! Lead your team to victory in AstonishingBaseball manager!
Astonishing Football 21
It's time for a touchdown!
Astonishing Basketball Manager
Become the coach and GM in Astonishing Basketball Manager 22 game.Time to dunk!
Astonishing Baseball Manager 20 - Simulator game
It's baseball time! Lead your team to victory in AstonishingBaseball manager!
Idle Grail Quest - Funny RPG 1.21
This is not your usual idle Fantasy RPG game. This is... What's thename again? *Reads his script*. Oh, yes. *Idle Grail Quest*. Dopeople really read these descriptions? I know you paid me to writethis but honestly... Okay, here we go. *Idle Grail Quest* offersyou to follow the adventures of the Knighthood of the Holy Grail(we're recruiting*). Assemble a team of heroes, from knights towizards, improve their skills and power and go on epic quests! Comefor the fights, stay for the stories and bad puns! In *Idle GrailQuest* you can: -Progress without even thinking of it. Earn rewardsand bonus even when you're not playing! It's an idle game afterall! No need to be a master of strategies or frenetic tapping to dogreat. -Follow the story of the knighthood in a Fantasy universe asthey try to go back to Camelot. Meet heroes like Gawain or Merlinand fight enemies to learn the secrets of this new world. Comingback from another universe? Really? Like finding the Holy Grailwasn't hard enough? Come on gamedevs! -Explore the fantasy world of*Hyperborea* through many game modes! Enter the Tower of Champions,fight in the Multiplayer Arena, compete in the Guilds War, andcomplete quests to earn rewards and glory** -Enter epic dungeonsand explore them. And I mean, really explore them. No, it's notabout choosing between level A42 and A43. You'll have to find yourway through dark rooms, avoid traps, fight monsters, answerriddles, and probably find an enormous treasure at the end. We havedefinitely not lost our dungeonnin' feeling! *** -Fight otherpeople in the online PvP Arena**** or the weekly Contest of Heroes.Earn rewards when you do good, and become the Master Knight.Whatever that means. -Join the weekly online Guilds War, and decidewho will win between the cunning merchants, the strong warriors orthe fearless wizards! -Collect dozens of heroes from the 5 tribesof the game. Knights, demons, undead wizards and elves are all partof Hyperborea, and through your journey you'll have plenty ofopportunities to make them your ally or enemy. Level up yourheroes, upgrade them, or ascend them to unlock even more powerfulwarriors! Each hero is unique and offer infinite possibilities!Feel free to send any feedback to the developer by "email" or onDiscord at Is it finished?Really? Nice. I can finally go back home. Wait, I forgot, I'm stuckon Hyperborea. What a life my friend. Hey reader! Maybe you candownload the game and help me go back home? Yours Truly, TheUnknown Knight Notes: * Recruitement sessions every Friday from 5PMto 7PM at the tavern of the old duck in Camelot. ** A friendlyreminder that glory is immaterial, not an actual in-game currency*** I swear there's no piggy bank (_What's that?_) in this game.Rewards earned in dungeon are kept. If you die mid-way, you keepwhat you earned before. No trick with endowment effect. **** Notactual fight between people. Just algorithms running simulatedfights between your heroes metadata. Wait, what's an algorithm?
Astonishing Football GM 22
Become the coach and manager of your football dream team in thissports game
Astonishing Eleven Football
Become a football manager and coach, and build your ultimate dreamteam of stars
Baseball Legends Manager 2016 2.41
Baseball Legends is an astonishing game which allows you tobecomethe manager of a fantasy baseball team and lead your playersto theultimate goal: be the first this season, and win the Baseballcup!Baseball Legends includes: *Play offline, whenever youwant,wherever you want, as much as you want! Play on the road,duringyour lunch break, and even during long winter nights! *Getthe bestof your players. Train your rookies, take care of yourstars, andhelp your ace to be the season MVP. You'll see theresults of yourhard work throughout the seasons *Follow thescoreboard, therankings, and the reactions from the fans, BaseballLegendsreporters and players *Unlock more than 50 differentachievementswith Play Games! *Play in the Multiplayer League tocompare yourlineup against the best players in the world *CollectBaseballcards to improve your fantasy team skills *Train yourrookiesthrough your minor team, or send regular players to camp forextraworkouts Create your baseball team, your all-star player, andstartto coach using your style and strategies. Adapt your lineupforeach game to face every team. Focus on training your pitchersifyou would like a better defense, or work more with your batterstoearn extra points! Train your players, from all-stars torookies,it's your job to find the ones who have the potential tobecomelegendary baseball stars. If you like fantasy baseball,you'll loveBaseball Legends! Feel free to send your feedback bymail or byTwitter @Aerilys.
Astonishing Baseball Manager 2.121
AB22 is now out. Enjoy! Astonishing Baseball (AB) is your dailydose of baseball management simulator on your smartphone or tablet,and for free, with no ads. Become the baseball coach/manager of asports team full of stars, and as the GM, lead your players to theultimate reward: the Baseball Cup! Astonishing Baseball Manager isnot your usual simulator game. It's not only about tables full ofstats and WAR projections. It's not just trading players andsigning free agent stars, or upgrading your ballpark. InAstonishing Baseball, you're writing your own coach story with onegoal in mind: win it all. And for that, you'll need to become agreat coach and GM/manager. It's like a narrative sports simulatorgame! A living world Astonishing Baseball features a deep lore in afully-customizable world. Sports fans are posting about the gameand your brand new rookie. Reporters write articles about yourcloser's performance in the 9th inning. Players send you messagesabout their concerns, their contract... Or maybe they're invitingyou, the coach, for dinner! My Franchise Player Mode New in AB22:play as your own franchise player, go from team to team to winchampionships, become an All-Star, sign with sponsors, buy stuffand unlock badges to get the highest score! An All-star lineup atthe ballpark Astonishing Baseball allows you to create the teamyou've always dreamed of. Make trades with the greedy other teamsof the league, or sign free agent stars during the offseason. Drafttalented prospects and train them to the rank of baseball starsduring the Legends Contest. You're the manager! For baseball fansand stats nerds Astonishing Baseball is very easy to learn. If youknow the game rules, you'll know how to play and become a coach andmanager! But if you're a sabermetrics savant, you'll find all kindof stats to satisfy your nerdy instinct, from cool charts to WARprojections! Play on your own terms Astonishing Baseball simulatorcan be played offline, as much as you want. You don't need to waitor watch an ad to play games and act as manager of your team. Youdon't need Wi-Fi to save a game result. You don't need to create anaccount to build your team. Just tap and play now! Getinternational Not enough talent in your league? Send your localscouts to find the best prospects in the world at their localballpark, and then invite the most promising player to your team toturn them into stars! A Prodigious Story Create your own player andprogress from high school to college. Will he join the EmeraldUniversity of Seattle, or travel to Japan to study? Can he findlove, and keep his best friend close while becoming a localsuperstar? It's time to develop the star of your dreams! A fierceonline competition Even if the entire solo mode can be playedoffline, you can also decide to compete online anytime againstother managers, and play games in one of our many multiplayermodes! Try to become the King of Baseball in the AstonishingContest, or conquer the title of World Champion. A TremendousRivalry Maybe you're going to have success with your team, but atthe top of your fame, a talented coach might come to steal yourthrone! Beware, because the Dargor family is ready to sabotage you.Live incredible stories As a coach and manager, you do have a lifetoo! In AB, you can take your team to a burger restaurant, helplocal associations, but also meet your favorite author, become arock star and even marry the love of your life! Challenges awaityou In AB, you can play one of our many scenarios! Go back in timeto manage the famous 1927 superstars, or try to rebuild Detroit inextreme mode! If you like fantasy sports or coach simulator games,you'll love Astonishing Baseball Manager! Tap that download buttonand play now. See you at the ballpark! Join our Discord server:
Astonishing Hockey - GM Simulator Game 1.22
Astonishing Hockey is just like hockey, but on your smartphone ortablet. Become the manager of an astonishing sports team, and leadyour players to the ultimate reward: the Richard Cup! AstonishingHockey is not your usual simulation game. It's not only abouttables full of players and stats. It's not just trading players andsigning free agents. In Astonishing Hockey, you're writing your ownstory with one goal in mind: win the Richard Cup. And for that,you'll need all kind of skills. A living world Astonishing Hockeyfeatures an artificial but living world. Fans are posting about thegame and your brand new rookie. Journalists write articles aboutyour goalie last night performance. Players send you messages abouttheir concerns or their contract. It's all about hockey! The lineupof your dreams Astonishing Hockey allows you to create the teamyou've always dreamed of. Make trades with the greedy other teamsof the league, or sign free agents during the offseason. Drafttalented prospects and elevate them to the rank of all-star duringthe Legends Contest. You're the coach! For Hockey fans and statsnerds Astonishing Hockey is very easy to learn. If you know thegame rules, you'll know how to play! But if you like numbers,you'll find all kind of stats to satisfy your nerdy instinct! Playon your own terms Astonishing Hockey can be played offline, as muchas you want. You don't need to wait between games. You don't need adata connection to save a game result. You don't need to create anaccount to build your team. Just play now! Seriously, just tap thatdownload button and enjoy it! If you build it In AstonishingHockey, you can manage your own arena! Add food shops, pick themenu, or organize a movie night for your fans! Will you get thebest arena award? It depends on you! If you like hockey, fantasysports and simulations, you'll love Astonishing Hockey Manager!Join our Discord server:
Baseball Companion
Record your baseball games statistics in a few touches!