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Stick Cricket Premier League 1.7.9
Your ticket to the bright lights of PremierLeague superstardom is here!From the creators of the most popular cricket game in the world,Stick Cricket Premier League offers you the chance to:CREATE YOUR CAPTAINCreate and customise your player, before taking guard against theworld’s best bowlers.TRAVEL THE WORLDFrom Mumbai to Melbourne, your skills are in demand! Team owners inIndia and Australia are battling it out to secure yoursignature.BUILD YOUR DREAM TEAMYour owner will bankroll the recruitment of Star Players fromaround the world, boosting your chances of winning theLeague.Choose from more than 50 Star Players to bolster your squad. StarBatsmen are more likely to clear the rope, while a signing amiserly Star Bowler will ensure the targets you chase aren’t asdemanding.If your squad is in need of some experience, you can coax anex-player out of retirement on a short-term deal.Alternatively, try to confound the pundits by winning the Leaguewith a team of rookies. The choice is up to you.ESTABLISH A DYNASTYYou’ve got five seasons to establish your team as a force in thePremier League. Your success-hungry owner will want fivetrophies... just don't end up with the dreaded wooden spooninstead.RECRUIT COACHESHiring a batting coach will soon have your created captain sloggingit like a Star, or reduce the runs your team concedes with theexpert guidance of a bowling coach.ENHANCE YOUR SIX APPEALThe crowd wants maximums! Each League provides cash bonuses forevery six you smash, as well as stumping up an appearance fee. Youread that correctly: cold hard cash, just for showing up!---Easy to play yet hard to master, Stick Cricket Premier League -optimised for tablets - boasts two leagues, 16 teams, two stadiumsand the same “hellishly addictive” (Gizmodo) gameplay that helpedStick Cricket to become a productivity-destroying phenomenonworldwide.We’d love to hear your feedback! Tweet us: @StickCricketBy downloading this app you are accepting our EULA: message: This game includes in-app purchases.
Stick Tennis
* WIRED - Essential App * The Telegraph - MustHave App *Easy to play yet difficult to master, Stick Tennis offers fast andfluid gameplay and a huge range of unique player styles andcharacteristics to unlock and play.With just a simple one-fingered swipe you’ll soon be thumpingcrosscourt winners, yet at the core of Stick Tennis is a highlysophisticated physics engine that rewards tactical play.* Take on the all-time greats in WORLD DOMINATION* Steer your favorite player to success in the SLAMS* Earn trophies and bonus balls in the DAILY CHALLENGE* Secure bragging rights in FRIENDS CHALLENGE* Improve your game at the CASUAL SETS TENNIS CLUB* Unlock TEN realistic court surfaces from around the globe* Unlock more than SEVENTY playersNew balls please!Important message: This game includes in-app purchases***New York Times“If you’re into tennis even just a bit you may love Stick Tennis.It has cute graphics and surprisingly good gameplay.”The Sun“Incredibly addictive. You’ll soon find yourself hooked.”Pocketgamer ‘Top Ten’“It’s often better when sports games go all out for raw, dementedplayability. Stick Tennis demands instant reactions. Getthis.”***Follow us on Twitter: @StickSportsBy downloading this app you are accepting our EULA: message: This game includes in-app purchases.
Stick Cricket Super Sixes 2.1.4
The creators of the chart-topping Stick Cricket®, the most popularcricket game in the world, bring you Super Sixes - a revolutionarynew batting game!Instead of facing mere mortals, your opponent is thestate-of-the-art Bowlomatic 3000: a sadistic bowling machine thatis hell bent on wiping you out.Smash as many sixes as you can but be wary, as the Bowlomatic3000 has plenty of tricks up his proverbial sleeve to ensure aharrowing time at the crease.The Bowlo doesn’t get it all his own way, though. Alter trickylevels by unlocking the Super Bat, allowing you to slog sixesfurther than ever before, or rack up the points by switching toGolden Balls.Featuring endless gameplay, a raft of innovative challenges anddetailed stats tracking, Super Sixes is the ultimate test of yourcricket skills.***Pocket-lint ‘App of the Day’“The gameplay is brilliant and, although using the same controlsetup as the original, it feels like an entirely differentgame.”All Out Cricket“There are new innovations to build on the ingenious simplicity ofthe original. Two minutes swiftly becomes an hour.”By downloading this app you are accepting our EULA: message: This game includes in-app purchases.
Stick Cricket Partnerships 1.1.6
Pad up and partner up!From the creators of the most popular cricket game in the world,Stick Cricket Partnerships offers you the chance to:BAT WITH YOUR FRIENDSHead out into the middle with your mates, working together tocomplete each level. Whether chasing a big target, smashing sixesor surviving against spin, teamwork is essential.BAT WITH THE ALL STARSPartner with some of the greats of the game. Choose carefully: astand with a Slogger may end prematurely, while batting alongsidean Accumulator may send you - and the crowd - to sleep.REVIEW UMPIRING DECISIONSExtend your stay at the crease with the help of the DRS (DodgyReview System).EARN REWARDSPocket cash bonuses to spend on upgrading your bat, unlocking moreAll Star Partners or stocking up on Dodgy Referrals.---Easy to play yet hard to master, Stick Cricket Partnershipsboasts the same “hellishly addictive” (Gizmodo) gameplay thathelped Stick Cricket to become a productivity-destroying phenomenonworldwide.Whether batting with a friend (Facebook or Stick Sports accountrequired) or forging a one-day stand with a random, Partnerships isthe ultimate test of teamwork.By downloading this app you are accepting our EULA: message: This game includes in-app purchases.
Stick Tennis Tour
Jet off to join the Stick Tennis Tour!From the creators of Stick Tennis, the number one sports game in100+ countries, Stick Tennis Tour offers you the chance to:CREATE YOUR PLAYERCreate and customise your character, before heading out oncourt.TOUR THE WORLDDubai one day, Tokyo the next! Jet off on the 28-stage Stick TennisTour, taking on the world's best in a bid to rise up therankings.HONE YOUR SKILLSImprove your game with specialised training sessions from yourpersonal coach.CHALLENGE THE GREATSEnter a variety of live Challenges, pitting you against some of theall-time greats of the game.TRACK YOUR SUCCESSLook back fondly at your rise up the rankings. Log in to sync yourstats and progress across multiple devices and compare your careerto your friends.Stick Tennis Tour boasts more than 80 unique venues, 180 playersand the "incredibly addictive" gameplay (The Sun) that millionshave come to know and love.Important message: This game includes In-App Purchases.
Stick Soccer 2
Create your football club. Score stunning goals. Dominate Europe.
Stick Cricket Super League
Smash sixes. Sign superstars. Captain your Twenty20 cricket team toglobal Stick Cricket Super League glory. Take full control of yourmobile cricket game career - and your own T20 cricket team - as atop flight franchise player. Stick Cricket Super League, the followup to Stick Cricket Premier League, offers fans of cricket gamesthe chance to: CREATE YOUR PLAYER Create and customise yourcharacter, before heading out onto the T20 cricket arena. You arethe ultimate cricket megastar, with a huge range of hair styles andaccessories to choose from. CHOOSE FROM 70 TEAMS Cities from allover the world are competing in the Stick Cricket Super League.Move over IPL and Big Bash... no other T20 leagues or cricket gamescompare! Take your favourite cricket team to the top of the trulyultimate world cricket championship. SIGN SUPERSTARS Bolster yoursquad with some genuine real cricket star firepower. Negotiateseasonal contracts with the world's best cricket players. SMASHSIXES When the helmet goes on, it's game time. Smash sixes intypically Stick Cricket fashion and ignite the fireworks at thestadium. CAPTAIN YOUR T20 CRICKET TEAM Select your first XI, winthe toss, decide which of your players bats and bowls. You'll havefull control over captaincy decisions. You are the ultimate cricketmegastar. FAST TRACK Tired of smashing your own sixes or watchingyour bowlers run through the opposition? Fast Track to the end ofthe innings. TRACK YOUR CAREER Career and season stats will showyour progress. Earn the trophies and accolades. Become the best ofthe best. Lead the way skipper! Important message: This gameincludes In-App Purchases.
Stick Cricket Virat & Rohit 1.0.9
Smash sixes with superstars Virat Kohli andRohit Sharma in the world’s most popular cricket game, StickCricket!- Recreate Virat and Rohit’s greatest triumphs and most memorablemoments.- Build a record-breaking partnership, starring India’s bestbatsmen.- Unlock insane shots, including Switch Hit and HelicopterShot.- Climb to the top of the Daily, Weekly and All TimeLeaderboards.- Enjoy an UNLIMITED number of levels, earning rewards to boostVirat and Rohit’s skills.- Thrill the adoring crowd in a huge range of immersive 2Dstadiums.Important message: This game includes In-App Purchases. Bydownloading this app you are accepting our EULA:
Stick Sprint 1.1.0
Furiously fast racing. Spectacular crashes. From the creatorsofStick Cricket and Stick Tennis, Stick Sprint offers you thechanceto: DRIVE FLICKIN' FAST Race at exhilarating speeds with justaflick of your finger. High octane bite-sized challenges awaityouin a unique hybrid racing experience. Stick Sprint combinesthedaring acrobatics of Sprint Trucks, the purity of drift racingandfrenzied head to head Sprint Car action - all in a stunningstadiumsetting. GET SMASHED Crashing has never looked so good! Flythroughthe air. Smash things up. Share with your friends. Then tryagain.BEAT THE CHAMPS Rack up rewards by beating track championsinfiercely contested head-to-head single-lap battles. ClaimtheRookie, Pro and Elite cups at each track, then try to beattheUltimate Champion. BEAT THE WORLD Race against other StickSprintplayers from around the world in Global Head to Headchallenges.SKIN YOUR RIDE Customise your ride by unlocking a rangeof stunningvehicle skins. BUILD YOUR ROUTE Unlock hundreds of racesacross 45tracks, each with new champions for you to dethrone. Takeondangerous track conditions in Risky Run.
Robot Cricket
Man vs Machine - the ultimate arcade cricket challenge.
Stick Cricket Classic
The original cricket game with over a billion game plays.
Stick Cricket Live
3D Multiplayer Cricket
Stick Cricket 2 1.2.23
►►► As featured in Google Play Best Of 2015!◄◄◄ Hit out or getoutin the follow-up to the world's most popular cricket game,StickCricket! Easy to play yet hard to master, Stick Cricket 2offersyou the chance to: LAUNCH YOUR CAREER From humble Origins inalocal park, make a name for yourself on the club cricketcircuit.Can you impress the selectors? REPRESENT YOUR COUNTRY Livethedream! Travel the world playing International cricket foryourcountry, facing the best bowlers on the planet. DOMINATE THEWORLDDo you have what it takes to dominate the world? There's30trophies up for grabs in World Domination, with both red andwhiteball challenges for you to conquer. PLAY INSANE SHOTS Thrillthepaying - and baying - crowd with a raft of unorthodoxstrokeplay,including the Scoop, Ramp, Switch Hit and Helicoptershots. CONQUER90 LEVELS Overcome a raft of challenging new leveltypes,including: Six Derby, Last Man Standing, No Dots, Survival,TimeAttack and Consecutive Boundaries. EARN GEAR & OUTFITSUnlock ahuge range of the latest and greatest bats, gloves andshoes toboost your performance. Alternatively, distract the bowlerbydonning one of ten novelty outfits. TRACK YOUR STATS Look backatall the carnage you’ve caused! Log in to sync your stats,progressand unlocked items across multiple devices. --- The sequelto a"legendary" title (Pocket-Lint), Stick Cricket 2 is trulyanext-generation six-smashing experience - boasting 24 stadiums,22teams and more of the “hellishly addictive” gameplay(Gizmodo)millions have come to know and love. By downloading thisapp youare accepting our EULA: message: Thisgame includes In-App Purchases.