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WiFiLine Editor 1.0.18
Stan Korotky
NB! This the terminal release of 1.0majorversion. For latest updates please move on to WiFiLine1.1.WiFiLine is an Android application for indoor positioningbasedon circumstantial WiFi signals. WiFiLine allows you tolocateyourself in buildings populated with WiFi hotspots, which isthecase for most of bussiness centers and shopping malls.For every such place, WiFiLine uses a special map consistingofthe place's floor plan and a set of WiFi signal measurements.WiFihotspots, whose signals are used for position detection, donothave to be public hotspots. All what is important for WiFiLineisWiFi signals of existing hotspots measured at various points.WiFiLine Editor allows you to edit and analyze WiFiLinemaps,read and write them as stand-alone files. Also you caneasilymeasure WiFi signals in your favourite places and create newmaps,which can be shared with other peoples.This is the last release of the first major version 1.0.x. Fornewupdates please move to WiFiLine 1.1 major release- WiFiLine homesite: http://weborienteer.comFind latest news in the blog:
DirectDating 1.0
Stan Korotky
DirectDating is a mobile dating app: use it on-the-go or in publicplaces.
Snappy 1.14
Stan Korotky
Snappy is an extendable Android web browserforgeeks. It supports javascript extensions similar to those usedinChromium-based desktop browsers.Snappy is ready to work just after installation, but itprovidesonly minimal functionality with its core: you can searchthroughthe web and browse sites, save pages or images and downloadlinks.All the extended functionality, including navigationhistory,bookmarks, customized start pages and many other features,areexposed via APIs for javascript extensions, which can be addedintothe browser in a snap.Android 5+ and WebView 48+ is highly recommended.
Hibernate 1.33
Stan Korotky
Optimize and test memory and CPU usage by freezing selectedbackground apps.
WiFiLine 1.1.4 beta
Stan Korotky
Get found indoors using WiFiLine!