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.projekt is a new minimalistic puzzle from creator of Evo Explores..projekt requires you to look at things differently. Playing.projekt is like taking a geometry lessons but in a fun andrelaxing way. .projekt is a great training for your creativity.Imagine how an object looks like from a different point of view tomatch a silhouette. .projekt is a relaxing experience. There are noads, no highscores and no time pressure. Nothing will distract youfrom pure meditative gameplay. Features: - New AUGMENTED REALITYmode (ARCore support is required) - 100 mind blowing levels andmore to come… - no ads and no in-app purchases - CLOUD SAVES -ACHIEVEMENTS
Evo Explores
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In Evo Explores you should trust your eyes. If something looksreal- it is real! If you don’t see a problem - there is no problematall. Manipulate impossible surreal structures, exploreopticalillusions and solve mind blowing puzzles. Evo Explores isnot onlya puzzle, it has a long story behind - story of Byte planetand itscitizens. Solve puzzles to understand why Byte civilisationisabout to disappear. Evo is a space explorer. Every planet hevisitsis full of quirks. But the Byte planet is unique. Regularphysicallaws don't work here. Even the gravity is under control ofyourimagination. Go ahead and play Evo Explores to save BytePeoplefrom extinction!