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My Worktime - Timesheet 1.07
Note: The basic app costs about the price of a coffee (14 dayunlock). Please use the Google Play Card or your Telecom providerto make the in-app purchase. Check out our Facebook Page. MyWorktime is the kind of app that makes your smartphone a great toolfor tracking your jobs, calculating your pay and tracking yourproject time. A great tool for clock-in, timecard, attendance, jobtracker, hours billing, hours tracking, project tracking, on calltracking, overtime tracking, bonus hours tracking, reconciling withyour company paycheck and much more... ➤ Track your time by day,week, month, and year ➤ Enter your hours as "At work", createcustom Activity records or use the pre-defined list ➤ Use Check-in/ Check-out buttons for real-time start/stop ➤ Add the Widget fortimer mode ➤ Check the many examples to get started (My templates)➤ Create standard working day templates ➤ Copy previous working day(time sheet) ➤ Track your vacation allowance in hours ➤ Trackpayout amounts (Expenses, Overtime, etc)
 ➤ Use the many Reports tocheck your balances ➤ Export your reports to CSV and HTML format
 ➤Set your tracking preferences (minute intervals, defaults, etc)
 ➤Personalize it (choose heading, choose background)
 ➤ Backup yourdata with Dropbox or via email ➤ Works offline so you can work fromanywhere/anytime
 ★ A great alternative to your excel spreadsheet
★ this app is perfect for freelancers, the self-employed and anyonewho needs to keep track of working hours ★ Use as a backup timetracker to check your employer's clock-in / punch-in or timecardsystem ➤ Enter your standard working day using templates: - Createa standard template to store your usual working day - You cancreate templates for each day of the week (Set working days) OR -You can create templates for each situation (My Templates) - Youcan copy the last day and modify the start/end timesretrospectively ➤ Track your times on the go in real-time (Widget):- Use the "Fast-Check-in" button - Update the End time using‘check-out’ (stop) button - Hit ‘Next’ button when you are ready tocheck-in again. - Install the Widget for easy access Email us [email protected] for any questions. This base version isfree for 14 days. You have the option of in-app-purchase for: a)unlocking the 14 day timesheet history limit b) enable exportingyour report result by email c) backup to Dropbox Enjoy!
My Overtime - working hours
Track your working hours and comp time on the go with My Overtime!

Staff Times - mobile time tracking of working week 1.15
Time tracking for projects, services, time & attendanceandleaves management. Embed Staff Times into your workflows,complywith overtime records-keeping laws & support yourdownstreamprocesses for payroll & orders management. Ideal forbusinessowners, accountants, HR professionals and project managers.Worksfor a wide range of trades and industries with mixed teamsofpermanent (5-day working week), part-time, consultant&freelance staff. Create activities, manage annual leave&submit absences and log on-site services. To get startedcreate atime tracking account for your company with a free 30 daytrial atStaff Times on the web at Get your personalsign-incredentials for this app and invite your team to try it out.