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Spunge Invaders 2.1
From beyond the stars they've come to suck us dry! Become the heroand protect the planets precious water. The Spunge Invaders aredescending in waves, survive each wave and defeat each Spunge Forceto earn rewards. - Multiple Power Ups - 14 Unique Characters -Leaderboards Prepare for Battle and Defend our Water! ***Join theSpunge family!!*** Follow the team:http://www.twitter.com/SpungeGames Become friends:http://www.facebook.com/SpungeGames Spunge selfies:http://www.instagram.com/SpungeGames Watch Cartoons:http://www.bit.ly/SpungeGames
Hyper Shooter 3D 0.2
Agent! We have a mission for you that requires yourexceptionalskills to accomplish. The enemy has been spotted in anearbyhideout and we need you to storm their base. Sneak intothebuilding and use your stealth abilities and take down thehenchmenthat get in your way. Not everything is as it seems inthere somake sure you use your surroundings to your advantage.Don’t let usdown agent, we’re counting on you to succeed. HyperShooter 3Dfeatures: - Defeat the enemy - Ragdoll Physics - Useyoursurroundings - Become the best spy
Faily Rocketman 6.29
Faily Rocketman is the latest game in the hit Faily series from thedevelopers of No. 1 smash hit Faily Brakes. It’s the 50thanniversary of the moon landing and Phil Faily has decided to leavehis mark on human space travel. Undeterred by his complete lack ofskills or qualifications, Phil is building Space Rockets in hisback yard and testing them himself. Houston, we have a problem! Inthis physics based endless runner you need to maneuver the rocketas it climbs higher and higher in altitude, breaking through adebris field of crazy birds, storm clouds, planes, helicopters,hang gliders and hot air balloons. Eventually blasting into space,the rocket will need to avoid space debris, satellites, asteroidsand meteors and even UFO’s! Ground control to Major Phil! Come inPhil! Features include: - Animated sky and space scenery withhilarious flying items and space junk - 12+ Upgradeable rockets -Upgrade your rocket armor, fuel, steering assistance and enginethrust. - Pickups to improve your play including Fuel, Lazers andshields - Epic crashes and the usual crazy rag-doll action Failystyle
Faily Tumbler 5.0
After we’ve seen Phil Faily test his luck on cars and motorbikes,we take a glimpse into the life of an Ancient Faily! While huntingfor some dinosaur eggs you disturb a mighty volcano and are tosseddown the side of the mountain. You are forced to keep ‘tumbling’down the mountain avoiding obstacles and hazards in order to remainahead of the pursuing lava flow. In this physics based ragdoll gameyou must manoeuvre your way through various hazardous environmentssuch as lava, water and clifftops, resulting in a hilariousexperience. From the developers of the Worldwide No 1 Hits FAILYBRAKES and FAILY RIDER comes FAILY TUMBLER! FEATURES • NAVIGATEdownhill as far as you can go avoiding obstacles along the way •AVOID lava, cliff edges, man-eating fish and whirlpools • COLLECTyour glider and soar above the hazards • DESTROY obstacles with youshield • COLLECT coins as you go • UPGRADE your character’s skillsand powers • UNLOCK unique costumes and gliders • RECORD gameplayand share to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram • ENDLESS fast pacedgameplay • ENDLESS hilarity • ENDLESS fun! Faily Tumbler requirespermission to external storage for the screen capture and sharefunctionality.
Faily Skater 13.22
Join Phil in his latest Faily Adventure as he finds himselfhurtling through downtown “San Fran Faily” on a Skateboard. In thisphysics-based game you must maneuver an endless cityscape full ofdangerous and hilarious obstacles including busy streets,alleyways, parks, buildings and rooftops resulting in the usualFaily fun and near misses and best of all ultimate CRASHES.FEATURES • NAVIGATE as far as you can go avoiding obstacles alongthe way • AVOID traffic, trams, pedestrians and all types ofunexpected obstacles • DESTROY obstacles with your shield orweapons • COLLECT coins as you go • UNLOCK unique boards andcostumes • RECORD gameplay and share to Youtube, Facebook orInstagram • ENDLESS gameplay • ENDLESS crashes • ENDLESS fun! *Permissions Details * Faily Skater will require access to photos,media, and files on your device. This is only used to cache theadvertising in-game and to allow the sharing of custom screenshotstaken in-game.
Faily Rider 10.50
Poor Phil Faily has had a lot of bad luck with cars... now he has aMotorbike! While doing some sightseeing on a motorbike in theNevada desert, Phil is forced off the road, plunging him over theedge of a steep embankment and into a world of dangerous hazardsand obstacles. In this physics-based motorbike game you mustmaneuver an endless mountainside dodging hazardous terrains such ascacti, rocks, traffic and trains resulting in some fun andhilarious near misses and crashes. New vehicles. New tracks. SameFaily fun. FEATURES • NAVIGATE downhill as far as you can goavoiding obstacles along the way • AVOID cacti, rocks, creeks,traffic, and trains • DESTROY obstacles with your shield or weapons• COLLECT coins as you go • UNLOCK unique vehicles and costumes •RECORD gameplay and share to Youtube, Facebook or Instagram •ENDLESS gameplay • ENDLESS crashes • ENDLESS fun! * PermissionsDetails * Faily Rider will require access to photos, media, andfiles on your device. This is only used to cache the advertisingin-game and to allow the sharing of custom screenshots takenin-game.
Cartoon Survivor 1.5
You’ve run the temple. You’ve stolen the jetpack. You’ve crossedtheroad. Have you got what it takes to survive the biggestchallengeever!?! Cartoon Survivor is a vibrant 3D adventure runnerset in acolorful prehistoric world. You must run, jump and glideyour waythrough hazardous obstacle courses full of feistycreatures likedinosaurs, mammoths, tigers and snakes. Followingthe demise of hislast ‘hero’, Doo Doo the Dodo, cartoon’s bravestidiot, is theProducer’s last chance to find a star, restoreCartoon Survivors’ratings and salvage his career. ***Join theSpunge family!!***Follow the team:http://www.twitter.com/SpungeGames Becomefriends:http://www.facebook.com/SpungeGames Dinosaurselfies:http://www.instagram.com/SpungeGames WatchCartoons:http://www.bit.ly/SpungeGames Cartoon Survivor is broughtto you bySpunge Games, a Liquid Animation Games studio.
Faily Skater Street Racer 1.7
Phil is back on his skateboard with a brand new adventure! Take onother skaters in this brand new street race, where speed is themost important goal! FEATURES • NAVIGATE to avoid obstacles alongthe way • COLLECT coins as you go • UNLOCK unique boards andcostumes • ENDLESS gameplay • ENDLESS crashes • ENDLESS fun!
Rev Heads Rally 6.21
Meet the Rev Heads! A group of thrill seeking, hard boiled, carcrazy, adrenaline junkies determined to win the ‘Rev Heads Rally’at all costs. Each Rev Head brings their own style and charisma tothe track as they go head-to-head in a battle for racing glory.Join in the fun and compete in over 20 ‘Cup Series’ to collectadditional Rev Heads and Vehicles. Key Features: - 3 Themes and 18tracks - 24 Cup Series - 7 powered pickups + a speed boost - LocalNetworked Multiplayer - 30 Upgradeable Cars - 18 Rev ‘Head’Characters - Customise your cars and characters - A challengingMission System - Time Trial mode – perfect your form - Replay mode– re-watch all the action - Photo Sharing
Faily Mega Crash! 1.7
Launch Phil through the sky in his latest vehicle, a shoppingcart!! Guide him into obstacles to create as much chaos anddestruction as you can!