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Insect Invaders
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You are the only hope to save the Earth's destiny. Get in yourspaceship and protect the Earth from alien insect invaders. In thisspace shooting game, you will take the role of a lone hero to fightagainst hazardous pests from space. Gather scarced resources andupgrade your spacecraft with various lethal weapons and make thebattle versus the alien insects even more thrilling! FEATURES: -Action-packed and evolving space shooting gameplay. - Immersivemissions and levels to complete - Multiplayer mode: Compete withother players in Endless Time Attack mode. - High quality graphicfor phones and tablets - Various difficulties suitable for allplayers. - Extremely challenging boss battles.. - So many weapons,lasers, drones and devices to collect and upgrade. - Supportoffline and online play Insect Invaders is a classic offline spaceshooter game you can't miss! Download now and play for free.
Spirit Bomb
Shooting alien monsters, dodging meteoroids, escaping bulletbarrage, upgrading spaceships and crafting drones, yes, everythingyou've ever wanted in space games are here in this magnificent RPGspace shooter! If you are tired of other arcade shooters and bullethell shooters that are too hard and complicated, you need to trySPACE SHOOTER: Alien Shooter. This is a casual space shootersuitable for everyone as it is designed to be simple, easy to playand hard to master. Despite being a fun & simple casualshooter, SPACE SHOOTER has a lot of depth and lots of content foryou to explore and collect thanks to its deep RPG style upgradesystem. In SPACE SHOOTER: Alien Shooter, you will build yourspacecraft squadrons with multiple space ships to choose from, andhundreds of assault drones to collect and combine. You canstrategically build your spacecraft squadrons with thousands ofupgradable rockets and weapons. Race against other players to seewho is the best star fighter commander in the endless war againstouter space invaders FEATURES: - 9 space ships with unique sets ofabilities: Hyper Hornet, Phantom Cicada, Solar Scorpion, PhantomCicada, Space Miner, Drone Master, Strato Tanker and InterceptorsCarrier - 48 unique assault drone models with different rarities:Common Drones, Rare Drones and Legendary Drones. - 9 Leagues withdifferent outer space simulation missions to complete - PvPhighscore chasing league to compete with other players around theworld - Simple and easy to play, but can be excitingly hard if youchoose to push your limits - Lots of space monsters and alieninvaders to defeat SPACE SHOOTER: Alien Shooter is one of the bestfree space shooters you can play online and offline. Download nowfor free and start shooting!