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Hatchimals Hatchtopia Life
Play mini-games, grow your collection and build YOUR world!
Dragamonz AR Battle
Dragamonz let's you battle AR dragons
Boxer Bot
Unlock and play games with Boxer the cheeky interactive robot fullof mischief!
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles
Hatch new friends, care for them, play mini games, and build yourcollection!
Scritterz – The Tiny Creatures with BIG Attitudes
Hedbanz app adds a filter on the player to turn them into the cardon their head
Tech Deck Skateboarding 2.1.1
(Kids under 13 can look for their own unique Tech Deck @Kidsversion– find it in the Play Store with the @Kids icon!) “…thebest mobileskateboarding game around.” – biogamergirl.com Feel thethrill ofTech Deck fingerboards on your mobile device in thiscutting-edgefree-to-play skating game. Get ready for an addictive,fun, trueskate experience that combines the excitement ofconqueringdangerous feats with the style and finesse of purestreet skating.Select the skater that best fits your personalstyle, and thenchoose from over 144 decks, each with customdesigns and abilities,and each based on a real life Tech Deck!Chain together grinds,aerials, flips and other fast-paced comboswith finger taps, holdsand slides. An intuitive touch system andworld class animationshelp you feel like a real skater. A widevariety of skatingsessions, competitive skateboarding tournaments,skate locales, newcombos to master, and a constantly growingsupply of decks,characters and gear to unlock ensure endlessentertainment. Want thebest skateboarding experience on yourmobile device? You are in theright place. Download Tech Deck forfree and join the skaterevolution! Kids under 13 can look fortheir own unique Tech [email protected] version – find it in the app storewith the @Kids icon! What’sNew for 2.0 - Compete in skateboardingtournaments to see how yourank against other skaters in the game -Compare your score againstyour friends - Share your high score onFacebook - See the topscores all across the world Key FeaturesSTUNNING GRAPHICSPhenomenal HD quality graphics and smoothanimations make this oneof the top skating games on mobile. FAMOUSDECK BRANDS Over 144true-to-life Tech Deck skateboards includeofficially licensed decksfrom Cliche, Enjoi, Almost, Blind,Darkstar, Plan B, Sk8mafia, ATM,Flameboy vs. Wet Willy, Hookups,Black Label, Finesse, Toy Machine,World Industries, Foundation,and Baker. UPGRADE AND CUSTOMIZE Eachboard boosts your stats andeach sticker give you a cash boost, soget them all to be the best.Get more decks, gear and other itemsfrom gold that you earn or canbuy. RULE THE CITY You are not alone.The locals are watching, andyou will have to face their bestskaters. Beat their champs, andyou'll become a legend. NOTE: Thisgame is free to play, but itcontains items that can be purchasedfor real money. Our Privacypolicy and EULA are accepted bydownloading this App. You can findour privacy policy and EULAathttp://www.spinmaster.com/privacy-policy-mobile.php
Gabbys Dollhouse: Games & Cats
Games, music, crafts and coloring with cats
Bakugan Champion Brawler 2.0.6
Welcome to the one and only official Bakugan Fan Hub app,yourprimary destination for all things BAKUGAN! Stay up to datewiththe latest news and information about upcoming toy releases,the TVshow, videos & events. Be the first to know aboutupcomingpromotions and tournaments. Build your team and ascend theranks inthe Bakubrawl mini game! Earn achievements and test yourknowledgeof the Bakugan universe. Join us on a journey andexperience theexcitement of the all-new Bakugan! FEATURES - TheBakulog:Collection Tracker of your favorite Bakugan plus stats! -BakubrawlMini Game: Mini-game with a whole lot of Baku-fun! -Bakugan News:Updates regularly, keep coming back! - TV Show section- QuizSection: Impress the community with your Baku-knowledge-Achievements: Rewards for your allegiance Visit our officialsiteat: http://www.bakugan.com ADVICE TO PARENTS This is a FREE toPlayGame. NO Additional in game purchases are required.SUPPORTEDDEVICES This app supports devices running Android 4.4 andabove.Updates may affect compatibility.
Mighty Express - Play & Learn with Train Friends 1.4.3
Based on the new animated series for preschool kids, MightyExpressapp follows the bubbly adventures of friends, trains andanimals ofthe Mighty Express universe. Together with them, kidswill learnletters, shapes, numbers, colors, basic math; improvefine motorand problem-solving skills; find out about kindness andcompassion– all while completing fun missions and playing minigames.Choo-choo-choose your adventure and have trainloads of fun!Whenkids progress in the game, missions and levels are becomingharder– so parents can be sure that their children areconstantlylearning and improving while playing Mighty Express’scollection ofeducational games. Have trainloads of fun and learnwith yourfavorite Mighty Express trains: · NEW! Express yourcreativity andplay coloring games with Peoplemover Penny! Createcute pictures! ·Rescue cute farm animals and sort them by type withRescue Red! ·Learn letters and words with Mechanic Milo! Fix therails, learnhow to spell simple words and farm animal names. ·Improve yourfine motor skills and learn shapes with Freight Nate!Hop on, go ona fun train ride and fix the road by choosing correctshapes! ·Learn to count with Builder Brock! Solve tasks and trainyourbrain! · Understand quantity with Farmer Faye! Go on a funtrainride and help to transport cute little ducks! · Improveyourproblem-solving skills and creativity! · Play more games forkidswith Mighty Express's trains, kids and animals! Join the funandlearn on the go in Mighty Express app! All aboard! Help usmakeMighty Express app even more fun and educational for kids! Ifyouhave any questions or suggestions, please write to [email protected] Read Our Privacy Policy and Terms ofService·https://spinmaster.helpshift.com/a/mighty-express/?p=web&s=privacy-policy&f=privacy-policy&l=en·https://spinmaster.helpshift.com/a/mighty-express/?p=web&l=en&s=terms-of-service&f=terms-of-serviceSupportedDevices This app supports devices running Android 4.4 andabove.Updates may affect compatibility.
Meccanoid - Build Your Robot! 4.02
You are not just building a Meccanoid Personal Robot,you’rebuilding a friend! Meccanoid is a personality in its ownright –with an intelligence shaped by you! Meccanoid tells jokes,playsgames, etc… Meccanoid can be programmed 3 different ways:LIMProgramming, Ragdoll Programming, & Behavior Builder.BehaviorBuilder & Ragdoll Programming can only be activatedthrough theMeccanoid app. DO YOU HAVE A MECCANOID? Once you havebuilt yourMeccanoid, download the app to unlock additionalprogrammingfeatures! NEW!!! BEHAVIOUR BUILDER: The Meccanoid Appcontains anew feature called “Behavior Builder”. Behavior Builderallows youto program your Meccanoid robot to perform actions andwait fortriggers to perform new actions. Have your Meccanoidintroduceitself and ask for a handshake before telling a funnyjoke! Press abutton on the Meccanoid’s chest to have it initiate anactivity.All your previous animations can be inserted into BehaviorBuilderand become part of the program. RAGDOLL: In this mode, youcancontrol Meccanoid’s arm and foot motors to make Meccanoidtwist,turn or move any way you want. LEARNED INTELLIGENTMOVEMENT:Program movements and sounds by manipulating the robotlike apuppet and play them back with a push of a button. YOU AREINCONTROL! The app allows you to create your own choreographedmovesdeveloped by you! Record sound & motor movement and simplyplayit back. DO YOU NEED HELP? FAQs: Most of the answers youarelooking for including device compatibility and how to syncyourdevice are in our FAQs: http://bit.ly/meccanosupport HOW TOVIDEOs:http://meccano.com/videos then click on “How tovideos”INSTRUCTIONS: http://meccano.com/instructionsSUPPORT:http://www.meccano.com/support or click “Customer Service”in theMeccanoid app Please visit the support page to make sureyourfirmware is up to date. MECCANOID AWARDS Meccanoid burst onthescene in 2015 and has already won several awards around theglobe!· 2015 Last Gadget Standing at CES (Living in Digital Times)· 2015Best of CES 2015 – Best Toy (PC Mag) · 2015 Top Pick at CES2015 –Geek Beat TV · 2015 “2015 Toy Fair Space Age” Award(Space.com) ·2015 “10 Best Gadgets and Gizmos at Toy Fair” Award(PopularScience) · 2015 “Best in Class: Education” (Maker Faire BayArea) ·2015 Grand Prix du Jouet 2015 (France) · 2015 Innovation Toyof theYear (Sweden) LANGUAGES: English, French, German, Spanish,Dutch,Italian, Russian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Japanese,ChineseCOMPATIBILITY: With Meccanoid G15 and Meccanoid G15KS aswell asMeccanoid 2.0 and Meccanoid XL 2.0 The Meccanoid app isknown to becompatible with a select list of devices. See thefollowing linkfor moreinformation:http://www.meccano.com/meccanoid-meccanoid-app