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Say the Same Thing 1.0.15
From the band OK Go, a totally new kind ofword game. It's creative, with no preset answers -- a funny,unpredictable, mind-melding, turn-by-turn game where you have tothink like your friends!Say the Same Thing is the word game where you and a friend wintogether! You each start by entering a random word and then youeach guess a word that connects those two, something they both havein common or a bridge between them (see some examples in thescreenshots). Repeat with each new pair of words until you Say theSame Thing!NEW: Google+ login!FEATURES:**Play with Friends on Android, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or iPodTouch**Win TogetherIf you both say the same thing in the same round, you win!**Funny Stamps and EmoticonsLet Your Partner Know When Their Guess is Funny, Witty, orRidiculous!**Chat with FriendsDiscuss Your Brilliant Game As It's Going On and After!**Play OK GoYou can even play a member of the band OK Go!A TOTALLY UNIQUE WORD GAME EXPERIENCE:**Think Like Your FriendsPlaying Say the Same Thing is like getting inside the head of yourfriend. You have to be smart to win.**Totally CreativeYou create the game together as you play, there are no presetanswers.**Different Games with Different FriendsWhen you play different friends, you’ll have very different typesof games -- different jokes, different answers, differentconcepts.**ImprovisationalYour games will veer off in surprising directions and that reflectwhat you are thinking and feeling that day.**Spend Time with FriendsPlaying is almost like hanging out together and spending time witha friend or family member. Seriously. You are being creative,thinking about each other, and exploring your shared understandingof the world. But it’s also simple and fun. There’s no other gamelike it.Share the Say the Same Thing Video! a Fan! Get Exclusive Rewards and Stay Up-To-Date on ourLatest News!Like Us on help? Have question or comment? Contact us [email protected]
Header! 1.0.1
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 The SMASH HIT fútbol game that you playwith your head. No fút allowed! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Finally, what everyone has been waiting for! A soccer game withabsolutely no kicking! A fútbol game "sin fút”!Love soccer but hate feet? You won't even see feet while youplay our game! That’s our guarantee to you.But that doesn't mean it's easy.... how many headers can you getin a row? 5? 10? 50?Unlock new players! Upgrade your balls! Compete withfriends!The only soccer / football / fútbol game where it's literallyimpossible to get a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLL!Do you realize how hard it is to write app store descriptionswhen the name of the sport in one country ("football") is the nameof a different sport in another country?? Do you call it "soccer"?"Football"? "Fútbol"? "Un-American Football"? But anyway, that'sour problem, not yours. You probably didn't even know that realpeople right these descriptions.Your problem, should you choose to be problematized, is seeingif you can get more headers in a row than whichever friend showedyou this game. Since they found the game first, they might be alittle smarter than you. Sooooo... I think we'll be picking them inour fantasy Header league. Sorry.Whatever you call the world's most popular game, you can indulgein the rarest of treats-- header after header after header. You'llbe bouncing balls on your head all day!UPDATE: Now with absolutely NO risk of traumatic braininjury!
Infinite Skater
A groundbreaking visual experience, never seen before in a mobilegame!
Climber 1.0.1
Tap, tap, tap to make your climber climb,switch directions, and spin!Is it really easy or is it impossible? Yes!Avoid obstacles, explore all the different modes, achievedifferent goals, and collect stars to unlock new skins andcolors.Climber is a simple, elegant, beautiful, and addictive game.Let us know what you think! Problems? Questions? Get in [email protected]
Pakka Pets Village
Evolve pets, decorate & build your virtual paradise in thecutest pet adventure!
Make It Rain: The Love of Money - Fun & Addicting!
Addicting Cash Clicker! Swipe your Way to Riches in a Fun &Free Capitalist Game
Lightsaber Master
The addictive zen focus game. Become a focused master of the saber!
Grow a magical garden and play a gorgeous matching game in thecutest adventure.