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Sophos Mobile Control 9.6.3685
Sophos Mobile Control is an EnterpriseMobility Management (EMM) solution which allows companies to easilymanage, control and secure Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile andDesktop devices from a single web console.IMPORTANT NOTE: The Sophos Mobile Control app works only incombination with Sophos Enterprise Mobility Management software.Please check with your IT department to see if your company usesSophos Mobile Control or Sophos Central. If they do not, please donot install this app as it will not operate without thecorresponding EMM server.Key features of the app• Report the device compliance status.• Trigger device synchronization with the EMM server.• Install apps from an Enterprise App Store.• Display all compliance violations.• Receive messages from the EMM server.• Display privacy and support information.Instructions for enrollment1. Install this app on your mobile device and start it.2. Scan the QR code on the Self Service Portal or click the link inthe enrollment email.3. Allow the app to become a Device Administrator on yourdevice.4. Optionally accept further Samsung licenses, apps to be installedor other settings.Sophos Mobile Control supports the extended MDM management featuresof devices with Samsung Knox, LG GATE or SONY Enterprise API.For more information, please visit one of the followingpages:• Sophos Mobile Control:• Sophos Central:
Sophos Secure Email
Sophos Secure Email is a containerized andsecure email app that lets you fully separate enterprise andprivate data on your device. It handles the corporate emails,contacts and calendar from the company’s Exchange server. Corporatedata is protected with AES-256 encryption and the export of data iscontrolled by the company’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) rules.Sophos Secure Email allows the implementation of BYOD programs andfulfills advanced data protection needs in selected industries likefinance, government or healthcare.IMPORTANT NOTE: The Sophos Secure Email app works only incombination with the Sophos Mobile Control Enterprise MobilityManagement (EMM) software. Please check with your IT departmentwhether your company uses Sophos Mobile Control. If it does not,please do not install this app as it will not operate without thecorresponding EMM server.*** Feature set ***EMAIL- Sync email with Microsoft Exchange or any other ActiveSynccompatible email service.- Use these email options: Create, Reply, Reply All, Forward,Delete.- Search through your inbox.- Organize your emails in folders.CONTACTS- Access, modify or create contacts.- Search for contacts.- View contact details, including picture.CALENDAR- View events in a calendar or in a list.- Create new events.- Accept invitations.ENROLLMENT STEPSUsually, the app is pushed to your device during the enrollmentwith Sophos Mobile Control:1. After installation and configuration through the EMM server,open the app.2. If requested, enter the container passcode.3. The app starts to sync data with your email account.NOTE: If you have any issues with Sophos Secure Email, please checkour monitored support forum for help before leaving a 1-starreview:
Sophos NFC Provisioning 1.1.1147
Sophos NFC Provisioning helps administrators to massenrollcorporate-owned Android devices with Sophos Mobile. Thedevices areset up using the Android device owner provisioning mode,so thatthey are managed and kept secure by Sophos Mobile. Youinstall thisapp on a master device and then provision end userdevices via NFC.End user devices must be new or reset to factorysettings and musthave NFC. The following configuration steps areapplied to newdevices: • Set time zone and language. • Configure acorporateWi-Fi connection. • Install the Sophos Mobile Control app.• Launchthe device encryption process (optional). • Skipvendor-specificconfiguration steps, to simplify the user's setupexperience(optional).
Sophos Secure Workspace 9.7.3081
Sophos Secure Workspace is the place where you can accessyourcompany’s documents or corporate websites. All data is storedwithAES-256 encryption, matching military grade requirements.SophosSecure Workspace is designed to prevent data loss if yourdevicegets stolen or lost. Sophos Secure Workspace can be managedbySophos Mobile, an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)solution.Sophos Secure Workspace runs inside the Sophos containerand theSophos Mobile administrator can enforce corporatesecuritysettings. Sophos Secure Workspace is fully compatible withSophosSafeGuard Enterprise (SGN). Sophos Mobile integration ensuresthatusers can access SGN encrypted files and access full diskrecoverykeys from their mobile devices. Feature set MANAGE FILES INCLOUDOR ENTERPRISE STORAGE • Manage all your files from variouscloudstorage providers. • Seamlessly access encrypted files usingthekeys from your SGN synchronized keyring. • Apply commonfileoperations, like move or delete. • Add and encrypt documents,ordecrypt them. • Take and encrypt photos that are not availabletoother apps. • Edit PDF or text files. • Use files offline.DATAPROTECTION • Store files with AES-256 encryption. • Createlocalencryption keys or use the keys that are included in theaccesseddocuments. • Protect app access with a passcode oryourfingerprint. WEB FILTERING/ANTI-PHISHING • Web links indocumentsare checked for malicious, undesirable or illegal content.MANAGEDMODE Additional features if Sophos Secure Workspace ismanaged bySophos Mobile: • Enforce an app password. • Auto-lock theapp afterbeing offline for a certain time. • Remotely lock the appif asecurity breach occurs. • Restrict app access based on geo,timeand Wi-Fi fencing. • Define allowed storage providers. •Publishcorporate documents on a WebDAV server or distribute themthroughSophos Mobile. • Restrict file sharing, offline use orclipboarduse. • Corporate Browser: Enable your users to securelyaccesscorporate websites. All browsing data is stored in encryptedform.• Corporate keyring: Enable your users to access their SGNkeys forseamless encrypted file access. • Provide recovery keys forSGNmanaged BitLocker and FileVault disk encryption. • EditOfficeformat files using the integrated Polaris Office Library. •Secureexternal sharing with password protected files, wrapped in anHTML5format. NOTE: If you have any problems with SophosSecureWorkspace, please check our monitored support forum for helpbeforeleaving a 1-starreview:
Sophos Intercept X for Mobile
Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) and antimalware protection for Androiddevices.
Sophos Samsung Plugin 1.4.1
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This app is intended to be used togetherwiththe Sophos Mobile Control app. It is a plugin, which isrequired onselected Samsung devices to support the additional MDMfunctionalityprovided by Samsung Knox. Please do not install thisapp yourself.Sophos Mobile Control will prompt you to install theapp if thephone matches the specifications. For more informationon SophosMobile, pleasevisit uses the Device Administrator permission.
Security & Antivirus Guard
Watchdog add-on for Sophos Intercept X for Mobile and Sophos MobileControl
Sophos LG Plugin
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This app is intended to be used togetherwiththe Sophos Mobile Control app. It is a plugin, which isrequired tosupport the additional functionality provided throughthe LG GATEMDM API on selected LG devices. Please do not installthis appyourself. The system will prompt you to install the app,if thephone matches the specifications. For more information aboutSophosMobile, pleasevisit uses the Device Administrator permission.