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Volfix - volume control fix 1.9
Android 9 brought a lot of new features to our devices but in thesame time, it brought an annoying drawback: The volume buttonscontrol the media volume all the time and we have to performmultiple steps to change the ringtone and notification volume.There is now a fix to this problem and it is called Volfix. WhenVolfix is enabled, the volume buttons of your device will controlthe ringtone and notification volume by default. It will controlthe media volume while you are listening to any kind of sounds andit will control the "in call" volume while there is an ongoingcall. Volfix requires to be enabled as an accessibility service inorder to listen for volume button press events and to map thebuttons to control the ring and notification volume instead ofmedia volume. Please note that at the moment Volfix only workswhile the screen is on.
Baby Smartphone 1.0.2
Baby Smartphone is intended for children aged up to 5 years astheirfirst app. It tries to keep them away from your personalfiles whilekeeping them entertained with photo gallery, music, andmuch more.When first starting the app, the parents should set apassword toprotect the settings and the exit button. Please beaware thatalthough we try as hard as we can to keep your baby fromgetting outof the app, we can't give any guarantees. While the appis in use,notifications can show up on top (especially if internetis on) andit can take your baby away. The app tries to mimic asimplesmartphone system, including multiple apps like: - Games.Consistsof multiple simple games meant to teach your baby simpletouchinteractions - Photo gallery. View the photos from yourdevice andthe ones taken with the apps camera app. - Music. Listento themusic that parent choose in Settings - Camera. Take pictures-Phone. Mimic a phone app - Drawing pad. Free drawing withmultiplecolors Permissions: - Storage permission is necessary toview photosfrom the device and download songs from cloud services- Camerapermission is required to take pictures within the app.Please don'thesitate to contact us if you encounter any issueswhile running theapp or if you have any suggestions.
Pro Map Coordinates 5.1.4
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Map Coordinates will help you retrieve the coordinates and/oraddress of a specific location on the map. It is easy to use andvery intuitive while providing 4 types of maps: - normal -satellite - terrain - hybrid and 4 types of coordinaterepresentations: - degrees, minutes and seconds ( N 45 ° 48 ' 40.47" E 22 ° 48 ' 28.06 " ) - degrees and minutes ( N 50 ° 11.17 ' E 9° 53.05 ' ) - decimal degrees ( Lat: -8.21 Long: - 61.11 ) - MGRS(35TLK5241798377) - UTM (34 N 52089E 51194N) Map supportedoperations are: - 3D for normal map type - tilt using 2 fingersdrag - rotation using 2 fingers rotation - drag & drop markerThis app is very intuitive and easy to use, designed to help youdetermine the coordinates of specific point on the map and sharethem with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter or Google+accounts. If your device is rooted and you have checked the sharescreenshot option, a screenshot of the map will also be attached ifyou share your location via email. In addition, you can visualizethe location on the map of certain coordinates or address. In the„Settings” screen you can switch between the available coordinatestypes, set the precision of MGRS coordinates type, you can show orhide the „Address bar” and you can enable or disable the „Measuretool” for which you can select different measure units, dependingon your needs. The available measure units are: „Metric”,„Imperial” and „Marine”. There is also a "Get Directions" buttonwhich opens Google Maps Directions feature and displays directionsfrom your current location (or any location that you choose there)to the location pinned in Map Coordinates. This feature is veryhelpful when you wish to see how much time you need to reach apoint and which course you should take. Another useful feature is„Copy to clipboard”. Using it, you copy the selected coordinates oraddress and paste them anywhere you need. More recent features are„History” which holds all your locations history and „Favorites”which are locations saved by you with a touch of a button so youhave your favorite destinations always right at hand. This beingsaid, I hope you enjoy this app and please feel free to contact mevia email if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Alsoplease report any bugs that you might observe, and I will fix themas soon as possible.
Map Coordinates 5.1.4
A single tap on the map gives you access to world coordinates. Inaddition, Map Coordinates offers a full set of tools like distancemeasurement, current GPS location, history / favorite locations,share location, find location or copy coordinates / address. Youcan switch between multiple coordinate types like decimal degrees,DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) or even special types likewhat3words, MGRS, UTM or GEOREF. The app is designed to easilydetermine the coordinates and address of a point on the map andshare them with friends via SMS, email or social apps. When youneed to find a location, you can either type / paste the address /coordinates in a search field or enter each coordinate value one byone in it’s own field using the advanced search options.what3words, MGRS, UTM or GEOREF can be searched for only by usingthe single search field. The current GPS location is best receivedwhile the mobile device is located outdoors. The GPS satellites areeasy to be found when there is no interference like buildings orclouds. Even if the device is located indoor, the location can beaccurately found through WiFi network but only if the device isconnected to that network. The side drawer menu is used to navigatebetween different parts of the app like History / Favorites but itis also used to switch the map provider. The available mapproviders are Google Maps and Open Street Maps, each of them havingdifferent map types. Under Open Street Maps there is also a compassavailable all the time. Settings can also be accessed from the sidenavigation drawer. There you have the options to switch betweenexisting coordinates types, change the visibility of the addressbar or you can enable the Distance measure tool and the Elevationtool. Elevation displays the altitude of the selected location onthe map. Notes: 1. GPX and KML file types are supported withcertain limits: Only simple waypoints are processed for GPX filesand only Placemarks are processed for KML files. 2. UTM, MGRS andGEOREF coordinates types are available as paid options We hope thatthis app fulfills your needs but if you have any otherexpectations, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will tryto help you out.