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* Multiplayer Game of the Year 2015 by PocketTactics ** Best Mobile Games of 2015 by CNET ** 10 Best Mobile Games of 2015 by Red Bull *Subterfuge is a week-long multiplayer game of strategy anddiplomacy that plays out in real time. Gather intelligence,coordinate with other players, issue orders, and influence how thegame unfolds. Master both strategy and diplomacy to come out ontop."One of the best strategy games I've played all year. And it's onmy phone, of all places." - Polygon"A diplomacy system more dynamic and tense than a Middle East peacetalk" ~ Gamespresso"Subterfuge is the perfect mobile game for someone looking for anin-depth strategy game you can play for 5 minutes at a time orstare at your phone for 45 minutes plotting schemes and executingflawlessly timed maneuvers" ~ TouchArcade"In a world of single-serving distractions, Subterfuge is aremarkable standout, a booming four-course meal of strategy,diplomacy, and damn fine gameplay." ~ The Daily Dot“The designers, to their credit, have created a truly bottomlesspuzzle. This app is hypnotizing” - Quintin Smith, Cool GhostsFeatures unlocked by buying Level 2 Security Clearance IAP:* Unlimited scheduled orders* Create private games* Play in rated games* Play multiple games simultaneously* Keep notes about other players