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Sunrise time Pro 2.2.1
Smart Tools co.
Sunrise and Sunset times will becalculatedeasily. Korea based on the optimization, a built-in maps,nointernet access.1. Region : Korean major cities and famous sunrise andsunsetattractions2. Cur. GPS : Current location by GPS3. Geo Input : Input longitude and latitude4. Map Input : Select a location on the mapThank you.
Metal Detector 1.6
Find the metal, magnetic field and electromagnetic wave around you.
Unit Converter Pro 2.5.13
Unit and currency converter with easy and simple UI.
Smart Luxmeter 1.1
Measure the ambient brightness around your device.
Smart Measure 1.7.11
Measure the distance and height of an object with your device.
Smart Distance 1.5.7
Measure the distance to the target using camera perspective.
Sound Meter 1.7.14
Measure environmental noise with your phone.
Smart Compass Pro 2.7.10
Simple and useful compass app with camera view, GPS and map.
Unit Converter 1.6.8a
Unit and currency converter with easy and simple UI.
Smart Tools 2.1.9
Measure length, angle, distance, height, direction and sound withyour phone.
Sound Meter Pro 2.6.7
Measure and save environmental noise and vibration with yourdevice.
Vibration Meter 1.6.14
Measure phone's vibration and the earthquake with your phone.
Smart Magnifier 1.5.4
Use your camera zoom to magnify small things and texts.
Smart Flashlight 1.5.7
Turn on camera LED or make your screen bright for a flashlight.
Smart Level 1.2.8
Measure the inclination of a surface with your device.
Smart Tools mini 1.2.2
Measure length, angle, distance, height, sound and vibration withyour phone.
Smart Compass 1.8.13
Simple and useful compass app with camera view, GPS and Map.
Smart Light Pro 2.5.8
Flashlight with LED, magnifier with camera zoom and mirror withfront camera
Smart Measure Pro 2.6.9
Measure the distance, height, width and area of an object with yourdevice.
Smart Meter Pro 2.0.7
Measure environmental noise, vibration and light with your phone.
Smart Tools 2 1.1.3
Smart Tools® 2 is an advanced package app released in 2021.
Smart Distance Pro 2.4.4
Measure the distance and calculate the speed with your device.
Smart Ruler Pro 2.7.7
Measure length, angle, slope, level and thread pitch with yourdevice.
GPS coordinate converter 1.1.8
You can convert GPS coordinates into degrees, UTM, MGRS andaddress.
Smart Protractor 1.5.11
Measure the angle and slope of an object with your phone.
Smart Ruler 1.6.6
Measure the length of a small object with your phone.
Thread pitch gauge 1.4.10
Find the specifications of thread pitch for screws, nuts, bolts andpipes.
Smart Speed 1.5.4
Smart Speed is a tool in extended set of the Smart Toolscollection. This speedometer (velocimeter) measures the speed of amovingobject by touching. Usage is simple: Enter the shortestdistance toa target. Measure the shortest distance in advance witharangefinder (e.g. Smart Distance, Smart Measure, Map). Then,touchyour screen following the target. If the result is notaccurate,you can calibrate your device with [Speed Calibration]option. Formore information, watch YouTube and visit the blog.Thank you.
Smart Mirror 1.5.5
Use your front camera to take a selfie or see your face.
Smart QRcode 1.1.3
Scan and generate a QR code. Manage the list and save it as a CSVfile.