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Wifi Password Hacker Prank 1.0
Hack All Wifi Password Prank makes it looklike you can hack any WiFi network. WEP, WPA2 or AES encryption. Itjust present a fancy animations. The application will show you allthe available Wifi nearby you. Make fun of your friends using WifiHacker Prank application. This app simulates hacking and crackingany wireless encrypted network and router. This is the ultimatehacker tool, you can recover password from any private wifinetwork!How to Use1. Go to the place where wireless network is available.2. Launch our Wifi Hacker and press the button. The Wifi Hackerwill detect all the wireless networks available in area.3. Select the wifi name you want to hack.4. The wifi hacker 2016 will show the fake animations whichanalyzes the wifi info and breaking process.5. at the end password of the wireless network will bedisplayed.Disclaimer:wifi hacker is a simulated app for free, it cannot crack any wifipassword. The simulation of password cracking is just for fun.
Finger Sugar Detector Prank 1.0
Finger Sugar Detector Prank is really aprankapplication which calculates your blood pressure and sugar.ifyouare a prankster you would definitely love this application.itisthe best application for fooling your is designedinsuch a way that one who is not aware of android can nevergetwhether it is a prank application or real.people would think asifit is a real blood pressure and sugarcalculatingapplication.Finger Blood Sugar Test Prank is enables you to efficientlytrackall you need to control your current blood sugars. Keeping inmindto study your own blood sugar is frequently an issue. Manypeoplesneeds to check their sugar level regularly. The results helpyou tomanage the sugar levels. This is a prank app does not supporttofind the actual sugar level. Till the time that android makeitpossible to support these kinds of things in reality you cancarryon to make prank of your friends by this Finger blood sugartestprank.Meters That Test Other Sites: Newer meters let you test sitesotherthan your fingertip, such as your upper arm, forearm, base ofthethumb, and thigh. You may get different results than fromyourfingertip. Blood sugar levels in the fingertips show changesmorequickly than those in other testing sites. This is especiallytruewhen your blood sugar is rapidly changing, like after a mealorafter exercise. If you are checking your sugar when youhavesymptoms of hypoglycemia, you should use your fingertipifpossible, because these readings will be more accurate.HOW TO USE IT:Step 1: Select Sugar Detector or Pressure Detector,Step 2: Now place your finger gently on the fingerprint scanningpadand wait for the analysis.Result: Your Fake blood pressure /sugar result will beshownautomatically after calculation.Disclaimer: Blood Pressure and Sugar Checker Prank isforentertainment purposes only. It does not calculates youbloodpressure and sugar. Calculating Blood Pressure and sugar isnotpossible with your android device's screen and camera.Thedisplayed results are random numbers. It is the bestapplicationfor fooling your friends.
Liver Scanner Prank 1.1
What is lever scan? A liver scan uses aradioactive material to check how well the liver or spleen isworking and to assess masses in the liver. Liver Scanner Prank isjust for fun purposes. The health care provider will inject aradioactive material called a radioisotope into one of your veins.After the liver has soaked up the material, you will be asked tolie on a table under the scanner. The scanner can tell where theradioactive material has gathered in the body. Images are displayedon a computer. You may be asked to remain still, or to changepositions during the scan. Liver Scanner Prank is just for funpurposes.You must sign a consent form. You will be asked to removejewellery, dentures, and other metals that can affect the scanner'sfunctions.You may need to wear a hospital gown.You will feel a sharp prick when the needle is inserted into yourvein. You should not feel anything during the actual scan. If youhave problems lying still or are very anxious, you may be given amild medicine (sedative) to help you relax.The test can provide information about liver and spleen function.It is also used to help confirm other test results. The most commonuse for a liver scan is to diagnose a condition called benign focalnodular hyperplasia, or FNH, which causes a non-cancerous mass inthe liver.The liver and spleen should look normal in size, shape, andlocation. The radioisotope is absorbed evenly.Note Its a prank app and does not work in reality. please consultyour medical officer for this purpose.
Rollercoaster Tourist Adventur 1.0
Feel and experience the excitement of ridingon a roller coaster with Roller Coaster Tourist Adventure. If youare looking for Roller Coaster Games those have huge enthusiasticmoments and collections of stunning wonderful HD display andgraphics, the search is over!! Feel and live through the excitementof riding on a roller coaster only on Roller Coaster Simulator 3D.Control the speed of the rides and be careful to slow down whilemaking sharp turns and at intersections! Chase the adrenaline rushas you drop from the skies and make loops and whizz through atlightning speeds. This roller coaster ride is sure to drive oyucrazy and fill you with the ultimate thrill! Enter this realisticsimulation to experience the roller coaster madness in yourfingertips! Roller Coaster Tourist Adventure Roller Coaster Game ishere. Control the speed of the rides and be careful to slow downwhile making sharp turns and at intersections! Chase the adrenalinerush as you drop from the skies and make loops and whizz through atlightning speeds. This roller coaster ride is sure to drive youcrazy and fill you with the ultimate thrill! Enter this realisticsimulation to experience the roller coaster madness in yourfingertips! Get ready for such an interesting and thrillingamusement ride in a big amusement park. On Coaster, Lots of carsare hooked together to start your daring trip. So Coaster iswaiting for running on track ! But what your are waiting for?Download 3D roller coaster Simulator game play to enjoy realunlimited fun and thrill . The Real Roller Coaster in 3D theme parkamusement super fast Roller Coaster ride is ready to board!Features of Crazy Roller Coaster Simulator:➤ One of the best crazy rollercoaster sims➤ Unique view with even possibility to spin 360 with yourcamera➤ Easy roller coaster gameplay for everyone➤ Realistic roller coaster game➤ Enjoy the overwatch of the city!➤ Realistic sound effect of screaming passengers who are having fun!This time you will take charge of a rollercoaster and can youkeep the cars on track. If you go too fast you will crash.In Crazy Roller Coaster Simulator you will feel and live throughthe excitement of handling a crazy rollercoaster rideattraction.
Face Projector Simulator Prank 1.0
Face Projector Simulator Prank hologram faceofthe cell phone to the sky on a cloud! HD projector, projectedimagesand 3D holograms - believe that advances in technology willsoonallow it to equip each phone? We would like to see the face ofthesky, and the whole town to admire your portrait? Imagine how itwillwork out of the camera view on your phone today! Thesimulatorsimulates the operation of a video projector using aflashphoneThe camera phone on the screen defines a person saves the photo,theflash is activated and the screen gives the impression thatthepicture is projected on any surface!ATTENTION! Phone is not the real image projector and 3Dholograms!The projector only person feigns the work of the HDprojector,showing the photo on the phone screen. The camera phoneflash andonly mimic the performance of the projector for a morerealisticway! Raffle friends, showing them the simulator, and saidthat canproject a picture of his face to the sky as thefamoussuperhero!Face Projector Simulator will allow you to project a picture oraphoto on any surface.Face Projector video Simulator is future technology projectionwhereyou will have projector video / files / faces / hologram /photosfrom your mobiles. You can show other what you are seeing inyourmobile. You can project video from your mobile on any surface.Sharethis informative master piece of technology with friends andfamilymembers and do not forget to provide rating tothisapplication.Feature:► Totally Free App► Real Projection► 3D Hologram Maker► Easily See the Face projection of you or your loved one► Amazing Visual Stunning Effect► Surprise Everyone► View a Face Projection on Table, Wall or even the sky…Please note: This is just a fake projection screen, only tohavesome fun and entertainment purposes only. Phone imageprojectorsand 3D holograms are not real.
Blood Group Detector Prank 1.0
Fingerprint Blood Pressure Meter Prank isanamazing prank application. Do you want to collect a lotoflaughter, hilarity and cheer moment among the group ofyourfriends? Now you can check your Blood Group with using onlyyourfingerprint and perfect blood group scanner on your ownphonescreen to check your health. you will get instant result ofyourcurrent blood Group within 10 seconds.You know what is different in fingerprint blood Groupcalculator?The use of digital meter to show fake blood Groupreadings whichwill definitely inspire your friends and they mightthink that youare enjoying latest android device.Fingerprint Blood Pressure Meter Prank will provide you themosteasiest way of checking out your prank blood pressure ,heartbeatrate, blood sugar(glucose) rate ,blood group and will be the most accurate health Application.Glucose is a major source of energy for most cells of thebody,including brain cells. Carbohydrates are found in fruit,cereal,bread, pasta, and rice. They are quickly turned into glucoseinyour body. Most people with diabetes need to check theirbloodsugar (glucose) levels regularly.Get it now “Blood Group Meter Prank” application and hitmostmemorable and amused moments with your friends. it uses toprankyour friends till then android has not ability to calculatetheblood pressure/sugar/group and body temperature of a humanbody,but your friends don’t known about this. So fool themwithfingerprint blood pressure sugar prank. Application’s layout issonatural that nobody can determine whether it is real orprank?Application is easy to use and fit for almost allandroiddevices.You know what is different in fingerprint blood pressure or sugar?The use of digital meter to show fake blood pressure readingswhichwill definitely inspire your friends and they might think thatyouare enjoying latest android device. This app is just prankfakejoke funny scanner to calculate your blood pressure,sugargroup.Fingerprint Blood Pressure or blood sugar can Measure yourSystolicand Diastolic Blood pressures quickly.This application fairly tested on different devices in ordertoconfirm its ease and effectiveness.How to use this prank:Step 1: Select your GenderStep 2: Now place your finger gently on the finger scanning padandwait for the analysis.Result: Your Fake result will be shown automaticallyaftercalculation.Features:- Measure your Systolic, Diastolic and heartbeat rate- Measure your blood pressure , blood group ,blood sugar andbodytemperature- FREE fun for all- Realistic looking scanner-Simple to scan and easy to use-Works with Android mobiles and tablets-Simple and clear UI and beautiful designDisclaimer : Fingerprint blood pressure meter is a prank andfakeapplication and it is not capable to measure the blood Groupof ahuman body, all the reading that are used in this app are fakeandrandomly generated by app. It is developed for the sakeofentertainment and joy.
VR Videos 360 Watch & Download 1.0
Dive into new adventures thanks tovirtualreality 360 videos and explore your environment like you arein thescene, it's amazing ! VR 360 video you will be amazed withthisgrowing collection of dynamic video experiences. At yourdisposalare different sections of music, fiction, travel andextremeadventures:VR Video App 3D allows for the viewing of YouTube videos withacompatible VR viewer.- Diving and snorkeling- Car races- Fiction Movies- Roller coaster- Music Video 360- Football- Extreme sportsAnd a long list of videos that we updated.All of these adventures can view the technology ofvirtualreality thanks to Youtube from your Android phone. Werecommend theuse of helmets for live experiences as if it were acharacter inthe story.- Use 360°- Overview- Gyroscopic sensor device use to navigate the video- Play and stream videos online- Use as a video player- 4K HD High Resolution VideoRemember that this application is unofficial and is justashortcut to the free information provided by YouTube.Any problems or suggestions, please contact us.To view the videos only Chrome browser, YouTube orapplicationyou need to install.
Pregnancy Ultra Sound Prank 1.1
Are you looking for Pregnancy Ultra SoundPrank? Trick your friends by this ultrasound scanner app by showingthem that your phone has ultrasound scanning capability. This is acomplete fun gag free ultrasound app which will shock your friendsfor sure, the main thing is that you can trick your girlfriend thatshe is pregnant by showing her that your phone can do pregnancytest and you have ultrasound scanner installed in your phone , doultrasound scanning in quick steps and show her that she got apregnant ultrasound report!!Don’t show these ultrasound pranks in public you friends might getembarrassed. Let the fun begin with this ultrasound pregnancy test.count one more in your ultrasound app list with awesome pregnantscanner. Make an ultrasound with your mobile phone and watch thebaby of your pregnant girlfriend! There is this app is just a funapp, because it is technically not possible to ultrasound with aSmartphone.To use this just hold it to above their abdomen and move thisultrasound app over it and show them their kidney ultrasound,abdomen ultrasound etc , the main thing is that you can trick yourgirlfriend that she is pregnant by showing her that your phone cando pregnancy test and you have ultrasound scanner installed in yourphone , do ultrasound scanning in quick steps and show her that shegot a pregnant ultrasound report !! Make an ultrasound with yourmobile phone and watch the baby of your pregnant girlfriend! Thereis this app is just a fun app, because it is technically notpossible to ultrasound with a Smartphone. But this didn’t know yourfriends, so you can trick them with this free app.How to use- Start the ultrasound app.- Select image for ultrasound result test or for ultrasoundpranks.- Here comes the desired ultrasound scan test result.Disclaimer: This app is for fun and pranks only no Smartphonecan do real ultrasound so please use this ultrasound app for funand prank only , no ultrasound scan image is real in this app!!
Video Downloader Facebook 1.0.3
Video Downloader for Facebook Videos isaperfect application to download videos directly from Facebookintoyour device. You can now save videos uploaded by you, yourfriends,Liked page videos and other viral videos you are taggedin.Video Downloader for Facebook Videos is the easiest VideoDownloaderapp to download and save videos from Facebook. VideoDownloaderFacebook allows you to browse through your Facebookaccount, yournews feed and your friends/pages walls using abuilt-in browser thatallows you to select the video you want todownload and save them soyou can watch it later and share it withyour friends via differentapps.How to use:1. Click on Browse Facebook.2. Login and browse your wall.3. Play the video you want to download.4. Click on download button to save videos.
Hair Razor Trimmer HD - Prank 1.0
Turn your smartphone into a real hair trimmer/clipper / razor now! This is one of the most realistic apps ofitskind, perfect for jokes and entertaining children simulating arealhair trimmer, clipper or shaver. Hair Clipper is not justanothershaver app! This is the one where you can fake allyourfriends!Scare the life out of your friends by pretending to shave theirhairoff! This is a free app. Hair Clipper, Hair Trimmer, ShaverYou canprank all your friends Scare them by pretending to shavetheir hairoffThe simplest clipper to use, offering a realistic hair clipperandreal shaving sound. Use this app like a soundboard. Press on itandthe sound effects will start playing. This is theultimateprank.Also check out our Electric Shaver or find the difference games.Features:- High quality sounds that change when moving the devicenearsomeone's head.(Recorded from a real razor)- Vibration to imitate a real clipper / razor .- Proximity sensor for a more realistic experience .How to use it:1) Turn on the razor / clipper by tapping on it , it willstartto vibrate and make noise (if it doesn't sound , try turningup thevolume of the device) .2)Get the device screen close to the head of the victim andthesound will change , creating the illusion that you areactuallycutting hair .3) When you want to stop the razor , just touch the screen againandthe haircut will be over (The image of the clipper will changetoshow you that now it's off).Whether you want to play a prank on your friends or if youjustwant to have a good time , Real Razor will provide you loads offunand a whole new experience using the newest features ofyourdevice..
VR Video Songs Watch &Download 1.0
The concept of virtual Reality was notthatcommon before. VR has opened new door for the people thatlikewatching movies, songs, and enjoy them to their fullest, mostofthe young girls and boys are nowadays addicted to watch newsongs,copy new dance steps and impress their friends. VR VideoSongsWatch &Download has made it very convenient for you to dothis,simply take you mobile device and install VR Video PlayerApp,download your favorite songs from your most liked movies, andwatchthem without any hindrance, HD view makes it more interestingtocontinue watching your saved /downloaded songs. You can alsowatchmovies on your VR display.With this App you can view HD 3D Stereo Videos and use a VRGlasswith two displays or use your Smartphone with a non displayVRGlass. You mobile is now a mini VR cinema, that gives you theeaseof operation, you are free now from the touch screen usage ofyourmobile, you just virually select the next song that you wanttoplay or add to your playlist.You might be thinking that what is the video format that canbeplayed in the VR Video Songs Watch &Download App?ShouldtheVideo format be; SBS, 3D, Oculus Rift, Goggle, GoogleCardboard?The quality of headset may also increase or decrease yourlevel ofexcitement.The videos you can watch and download can be recorded with a3Dcamera and if there is in Side by Side format, an image fortheleft, an image for the right eye. With a 3D device or videogoggles(Oculus Rift or sg Goggle Glasses) You can view thesevideos. Hereyou go, see a real 3D movie songs enjoy and roll alongthebeat.You need to be very carefull using the headsets, while you aredoingimportant syuff like cooking, driving or something thatmightinvolve your life risk, because your safety comes before fun.Features:⦁ Unlimited video length supported⦁ Superview 360° VR⦁ 360º 3D: Left and Right eye 360 movie for a full 3D VRsongexperience⦁ 360° panorama video⦁ Single video⦁ Screen size options⦁ Immersive 3D SBS⦁ Full HD MP4 Videos⦁ Move head up, doen, Right, Left⦁ Download the song you are playing⦁ Downloaded songs are saved in your device
VR Videos 360 Watch Live 1.2
Dive into new adventures through VR Videos 360Watch Live, Thanks to the virtual reality, now its easy to enjoythe rides, roller coasters, natural beauty, thrilling games, cardrifting, shooting, sniper attacks, commando games and much more ofthis type live with your mobile or device and explore yourenvironment like you're in the scene, it's amazing.VR is a growingand dynamic field, after installing VR Videos 360 Watch Live youwill be amazed with the live video experiences. Its in your playstore now, rush to install and enjoy different sections of music,fiction, travel and extreme adventures. Now watch YouTube VideosFacebook Videos or any other VR Video with this app VR Videos 360Watch Live.Are you depressed in your life? sad? nothing looks interesting toyou? but you something exciting to make your mood fresh? there is avery quick and handy option for you to stay at your place yet enjoythe VR 360 videos on your mobile live. Install the VR player,Select any video use the Homido and indulge watching sensationalvideos.Augmented reality was a dream but now dreams have come to real lifeusing oculus to watch VR Videos 360 Watch Live. you can use ahomido, oculus or a cardboard to enjoy VR videos. View beautifulscenes, tour new places, explore the un-explored, you have got achance to share new things with your friends that is moreinteresting than anything before.VR videos that you can enjoy using VR Videos 360 Watch Live can beof any type, the most commonly seen videos are;⦁ Diving and snorkeling⦁ Car races⦁ Fiction Movies⦁ Roller coaster⦁ Music Video 360⦁ Football⦁ Extreme sports------ ** ---- ## Features ## ---- ** ------⦁ Unlimited video length supported⦁ Superview 360° VR⦁ 360º Head Tracking: Side-by-side stereo 360° VR⦁ 360º 3D: Left and Right eye 360 movie for a full 3D VRexperience⦁ Side-by-side stereo 3D movie⦁ Top-bottom stereo 3D movie⦁ 360° panorama video⦁ Single video⦁ Screen size options⦁ Immersive 3D SBS⦁ Full HD MP4 Videos⦁ Move head up, doen, Right, LeftRecord all your 360° videos and images and copy it to your mobilephone. Then view it using headset like Cardboard.Integrated GoogleCardboard SDK.
Zakat Calculator 1.0
A real application to calculate Zakat ofallassets you have.Zakaat is fard and this Zakaat Calculator is for all Muslimstocalculate their zakaat in easiest way. Zakat is one of thebasicpillars of Islam. Every Muslim has to follow it and give hisshareof zakat. It’s defined that every Muslim has to pay 2.5% ofhiswealth for zakat. Now sometimes calculating this amount gets abittricky and tough. To ease these problems download“ZakatCalculator”. Zakat Calculator makes it easy for you tocalculateyour Zakat by asking your finical status and calculatingthe amountof Zakat you have to pay.App Features• Calculates in 5 different currencies- Pounds, Euro, Riyal, Dollar, Rupees• It calculates Zakat even if you are in debt or credit.• Calculates zakat on Gold• Calculates zakat on you Investments and Savings.• Does all the complicated calculations and gives you a amountwhichis to be paid.
Automatic Call Recorder 1.0
If you have ever to receive an importantandnecessary call that has something important in it? Or you havetoremember a phone number or street address did you? while you areina rushy traffic jam or around too many people that it becomeshardfor you to hear the call voice? Shopping list that you hadlistenon call or you forget about anything else? Or just somesweetmemories and tender words of your loved ones that you wanttokeep?Receiving a phone call you want and choose which calls you wanttorecord. And you can select the calls you want to ignore sothatthey may not get recorded. Listen to the recording, add notesandshare it. Integration with Google Drive ™ and Dropbox are savedandsynced in the cloud allows the storage of the calls.Recordingyouencounter problems or wish to improve voice quality, try torecordanother audio source, or use auto-on speaker mode.Through Automatic Call Recorder, Recorded calls are stored intheinbox. You can set the size of the inbox. The number ofrecordedcalls is limited only by the memory of the device. If youdecide tostore the conversation is important, and it is stored in afolder.Otherwise, the old recordings are deleted automatically whennewcalls fill in your inbox.You have the option to activate immediately after a callisdisplayed with a summary menu can make a call. you can searchforContacts, phone numbers to find the recording.Automatic call recording which allows you to record allcallsautomatically with recording features that will make yourecord andlisten in a more comfortable manner. Call isautomaticallyconnected to high quality sound in 3gp file when savedor sync withDropbox account can listen to them at any time toenter. voicerecording is much clear and obvious in hearingnow.No matter the call is outgoing or in-coming, when you are oncallyou record it through the microphone of your mobile, itsautomatic,you need not to do anything before you startcalling.Automatic CallRecorder makes it easy to keep memories ofall times. Now you cansave the greetings from your friends andfamily on your birthdaysor events that mean a lot to you.***----Features----***Automatic Call Recorder gives you the easiest way to record allyourphone conversations and manage them.1. Record your incoming calls.2. Record your outgoing calls.3. no matter how long your call is, it is all recorded in oneMP3file.4. Organize your call records. You can view all your callswithoptions such as list by time, group by names or groupbydates.5. You can play back, or save your call to 3gp file on yourSDcard.6. You can send recorded calls via e-mail, any cloudstorage,messengers, Bluetooth, etc7. It’s FREE!Download the Automatic Call Recorder now, and enjoy savingvoicesof people that are important for you, and make them feelmorespecial. Thanks!
Electric Stun Gun Prank 1.0
Electric Stun Gun displays an image of astungun in the center of the screen. Touching the image will causeyourAndroid device to flash the Flashlight (if present) like astrobelight if present, vibrate, and make an electric shock noise.Havefun with your friends pretending like you are shockingthem!StunGun Simulator is basically a prank game which simulatesthefunctionality of an electric stun gun. The app displays an imageofa stun gun / electric weapon on the screen. By touching theimage,the phone will start to flash, vibrate, and make soundssimulatingan electric shock. Furthermore the phone camera willstart creatinga sense of transparent background to get as close asreality aspossible.FEATURES:* Enable or Disable the LED Flashlight while activating. (Onmostdevices)* Enable or Disable vibration while activating.* Enable or Disable the Electric Shock Noise while activation.* Disclaimer: Strobe light can cause epileptic seizures insomepeople with history of epilepsy. Do not point at the face ofanyonewhen light is active.Stun Gun Simulator is basically a prank game which simulatesthefunctionality of an electric stun gun. The app displays an imageofa stun gun / electric weapon on the screen. By touching theimage,the phone will start to flash, vibrate, and make soundssimulatingan electric shock. Furthermore the phone camera willstart creatinga sense of transparent background to get as close asreality aspossible.
VR Video Player - 360 Videos 1.0
Thanks to Virtual Reality, dive into newadventure of your environment, explore the things like you arealready there in the scene. Its Amazing! Virtual Reality videoplayer will amaze you with its growing collection of dynamic videoexperiences. Using the cardboard and a device supporting VR games,you can watch your favorite movies of all times, like snipershooting, hunting, wildlife extreme videos, roller coasteradventure, Music, Sports, Football, Dance and horror videos. It ismuch easier than it was ever before. You simply have your mobile inhand and a VR glasses or cardboard, install our app VR VideoPlayer, sync all your videos in mobile with this app and leave restof video players behind. you are surely going to love this app, andonce you have installed this you will forget all other apps, likesimple media player, music player, video maker, videodownloader.Virtual reality was a dream, but the dream can be visualized withOculus VR watching 360 live videos. You can have the joy of videoand cardboard used homido Oculus VR. Do watch with your friends,and the one you adore, in order to explore the beautifulcountryside to explore a new location, you have the opportunity toall of the other more interesting things to .The best thing about VR Video Player is that, it can play videosfrom anywhere, whether they are live, downloaded or already placedin your SD card. Using internet connection, you can play videoslive in VR Video Player and land into a new world of excitement.There are a number of movies, video clips saved in our mobiles, andwe are simply too lazy to transfer them to any device to watch themin VR environment, but the wait is over now, now you can play yourdevice videos in VR anywhere you want. You want to enjoy anyspecial occasion's video saved in your mobile with your friends,then you are relieved now. also simple videos seem boring once youhave watched them in HD or VR 360.You might be thinking that what is the video format that can beplayed in the VR Video Songs Watch &Download App? Should theVideo format be; SBS, 3D, Oculus Rift, Goggle, Google Cardboard?The quality of headset may also increase or decrease your level ofexcitement.You would have many pictures or videos of your real life, from yourschool, college and you surely miss your friends, you can make avideo of those pictures and watch them in VR video player, for amoment you will feel like you are back to that time again, and youare in the same scene. Bringing what is close to your heart. Stepinside the action.Game Features:Unlimited video length supportedSuperview 360° VR360º 3D: Left and Right eye 360 movie for a full 3D VR songexperience360° panorama videoSingle videoScreen size optionsImmersive 3D SBSFull HD MP4 VideosMove head up, doen, Right, LeftDownload the song you are playingDownloaded songs are saved in your deviceVR Video Player is the ultimate player for virtual reality and 3Dvideos that gives you full control and supports all modes.Configure any parameter of our VR player with its intuitive UI andget the most immersive virtual reality experience. The applicationprovides simple user interface and head-tilt commands so there isno need to pull out your phone during watching.Download VR Video Player now. It's totally FREE! and has manyexciting features.
VR Video Converter - Watch 3D 1.0
Along with watching and making videos onyoursmartphone, now you can even convert the videos on yourphone.These videos are converted from simple multimedia videos toVirtualReality videos. No matter what format are the videos in,it's notdifficult to convert your mobile videos, songs and otherfiles toVR. It is a simple process, two click technology, Yousimply loadany video file from your SD card or mobile device, andthenconverted VR file will be saved back to your device. In thiswayyou can enjoy a lot of VR videos, even many videos that youdon'tfind interesting to watch, are now damn cool and leisurous.Dive into new adventures through VR Video Converter - Watch 3D,Thanks to the virtual reality, now its easy to enjoy therides,roller coasters, natural beauty, thrilling games, cardrifting,shooting, sniper attacks, commando games and much more ofthis typelive with your mobile or device and explore yourenvironment likeyou're in the scene, it's amazing. VR is a growingand dynamicfield, after installing VR Video Converter - Watch 3Dyou will beamazed with the live video conversion experiences. Itsin your playstore now, rush to install and enjoy different sectionsof music,fiction, travel and extreme adventures.VR Video Converter - Watch 3D app works with any VirtualRealityviewer, such as Google Cardboard VR headset. Join us, andexplorethe future of media with VR Video Converter - Watch 3D,easilyconvert your videos and don't be bored by watching simplevideos.Watching virtual Reality videos, it seems like you are inthe sceneand you get to experience things for real. It converts theplainvideos to SBS (side by side) or HSBS (Half Side by Side).Basicallyvirtual reality videos are always divided into two halvesand theycan only be viewed through a cardboard or headset.VR Video Converter - Watch 3D lets you convert your videos towatchwith the help of Cardboard and allows you to enjoy your own 2Dand3D movies in a virtual cinema, for free (it also supportspanoramic360° and 180° movies)FEATURES- Converts normal video to SBS- Plays SBS & HBS video with correct aspect ratio- Converts SBS 3D & HBS 3D to normal video- Can be accessed from your SD card- Support for external SRT subtitles (same file name)- Mode for normal, non-SBS video- Delayed start mode for time to insert mobile in headset- Lightweight, Ad-free, No unwanted permissionsDownload VR Video Converter - Watch 3D now for free andenjoyunlimited videos conversion.
Fingerprint Age Detector Prank 1.0
Calculate your age with one touchfingerprintwith this prank app for free.Fingerprint Age Detector Prank is a free high techfuturisticfingerprint scanner that attempts to determine how oldyou arebased on your thumb print scan. Simply place your thumb onthescanning pad, wait for the scan and calculation to complete,andsee what the app thinks your age is! Want to know what isyourexact age? Then go with Age Scanner app. This fun free appwilltell you about your age with day, month and year. You have afunnyapplication to prank your friends and family.• This application have fingerprint scanning pad.• You can gently put your finger on this and waitforanalysis.• Your fake result is going to be shown automaticallyaftercalculation.• This funny application lets you know you about your age, if itisreally right or totally false but look like a real.Disclaimer:-• This application is not supported and not affiliated any typeofagency or organization.• Age Scanner is the totally fake application. This applicationisonly made for enjoyment.• Not use any type of name, trademark and other structure oftheapplication and owned by their respective owners.
Blood Pressure Checker Prank 1.0
An amazing prank application "Fingerprintbasedblood pressure Prank". If you are a prankster you woulddefinitelylove this application. Fingerprint Blood Pressure isactually aprank application which calculates your blood pressureand is madefor the people who just want to play pranks on othersand want toshow off the power of their latest android device. Itis a must haveprank application still in its initial stages. It isdesigned insuch a way that one who is not aware of android cannever getwhether it is a prank application or real. People wouldthink as ifit is a real Blood Pressure Calculating application.Blood PressureMeter Prank is a funny app which simulates a BloodPressure Checkerusing finger scanner. Your blood pressure SYS,DIA, and your pulseheart rate even your body temperature will bemeasured and displayedafter the fingerprint scanner scan yourfinger. It is a dream appfor the ones who want to prank friends orfor kids who want to playdoctor games.HOW TO USE:Step 1: Select your gender and tap on next,Step 2: Now place your finger gently on the fingerprint scanningpadand wait for the analysis.Result: Your Fake blood pressure will be shown automaticallyaftercalculation.Fingerprint Blood Pressure provides best and highdefinitionimage qualities. Fingerprint Blood Pressure is compatiblewithalmost every android device. Its also tested on variousandroiddevices i.e android tablets and android based mobilesphones. Allthe actions can be performed very easily without anyconfusion.Reliability is guaranteed of Fingerprint Blood PressurePrank.Fingerprint Blood Pressure Prank is specially designed in awaythat it will definitely work with all new devices andandroidversions too.Disclaimer: Fingerprint Blood Pressure Prank is forentertainmentpurposes only. It does not calculates you bloodpressure.Calculating Blood Pressure is not possible with yourandroiddevice's screen and camera. The displayed results arerandomnumbers. It is the best application for fooling yourfriends.Do not forget to rate us and give your feedback ofyourexperience to use Fingerprint Blood Pressure Prank or if incase ofa problem please write an email. We would love to resolveout yourproblem and we will try our level best to make it betterand moreuser friendly application. Your feedback will behighlyappreciated. Thank you.Enjoy Fingerprint based Blood Pressure Prank!
Boy-Girl Voice Changer App 1.0
Boy-Girl Voice Changer is an entertainmentApp.This app Changes your voice into Different girl tone,BoysTone.A great app to have fun while you are with a group of friends orina party.It Let you hear your Voice This is the best appforchanging your voice by applying effects on the audios. It isverysimple to use and can generate fantastic and funny effects.ingirls voice. Apply helium, chorus, monster, chipmunk, backwardsandmany other funny effects to your voice!Make a female's voice sound deep and slow, turn your friend’svoiceinto a robot, a squeaky chipmunk or sound like you are talkinginan echoing cave. There are 12 effects to choose from and moretocome soon! Simple Voice Changer allows you to recordanysound/song/music using your phone's built in microphone andapplyfunny effects to it.Usage: All you have to do is to press the record button, recordyourvoice and the app will convert the voice into girlvoice. you can also change the voice into girl voice ofdifferentage group.Features:✓ Baby voice.✓ ten year girl voice.✓ 16 year girl✓24 year girl voice.✓ old women voice.✓ Share (whatsapp, e-mail, dropbox, etc...)✓ Save recording✓ Create image with sound. You can share it on Facebook✓ Import pre-recorded sound✓ Create voice from text✓ Set as ringtone✓ Set as notification soundAdditional Features:*Scary Voice: The App will change the tone and frequency ofyourvoice ,As if some Ghost voice.(very scary Voice).Note:it's free and ad supported!
Brightest Color FlashLight App 1.0
Surprise everyone; here is the new versionofthe simple mobile torch. Every time you switch your mobile onformaking torch on, you get to open the same typical, oldmobiletorch. That is too boring and everybody has this same typeofbright bluish, sometimes LED and sometimes without LEDmobiletorch. You would have also been using the same torch for alongtime. But here is the time for change your colorless life intoacolorful thing. There are other flashlights like thefreeflashlight, clap to turn on flashlight, police lightslikeflashlight, random on/off LED, LED lights, Flashlight foryourmobile and many other featured apps like this, but hereweintroduce you the best ever Color Flash Light App, it runs onallthe modes explained below. In fact it has all inonefeature. You can turn this flashlight into the following modes, policelight,disco mode, rainbow mode, SOS flashlight, Signal flashlight,LEDbanner, candle mode and color frequency setter mode. All thesemodesare totally new and they look awesome when you turn them on.ColorFlash Light works on the simple LED bright light mode aswell, forthose who are more addicted to using simple flashlightand they nomore want any light changing thing in their life, sothey can carryon with that, but once you start using this rainbowcolored flashlight, no other flashlight can replace this, you willget used toit. Even if you don’t want to turn flashlight on, thereis amplelight in the room, but still you will try using it forsome time.Because it has bright and lively colors in them, thatmake your moodfresh.Have you noticed why you need colored flashlight? Because whenyouare on the streets and you have no street light working, thenyoucan use the yellow light in the mobile, similarly, when youhavecome up with something dangerous or not good, and you want towarnor give signal to your friends, simply turn your danger mode,redor police mode on. Color Flash Light is a very simple and easytogo app. Download this flashlight and let it go. Enjoy the colorsoflife with this appColor Flash Light has following amazing features;Multiple modes including police mode, disco mode, candle modeandcolor frequency changerStrobe/ light balancer to increase or decrease thelightfrequencySimple and easy to useOpens camera view and flashlightFREE to installRealistic sounds and vibrationDownload Color Flash Light now and get rid of oldtypicalflashlights and lamps, you will love this app. If you likeour app,don’t forget to rate and share it with your friends to makeacolorful start and disco light party time.
Smart Video Player HD 1.0
Smart Video Player HD for Android devicesisthe best video player in the market. Enjoy high qualityvideosplays smoothly . This Video player supports all videoformatsincluding AVI , MP4 , WMV , RMVB , MKV , 3GP , M4V , MOV ,TS , MPG, FLV etc. HD video player is the easiest phone videoplayer, has apowerful video decoding capabilities to easily supportyou playalmost all video files stored on your phone. Video PlayerHD is thebest Video Player, Media Player, Audio Player, MP3 Player,MP4Player, video player for all format is here.High Definition video player for android. Plays almost allthevideo formats. Android OS does not play many of the videoformatnatively so you need Video Player HD to play all your Videosandaudios. Smart Video Player HD is one of the most popularandgenerally downloaded video player for watching movies onPersonalComputers.Now Smart Video Player HD is also available for Androidmobiledevices. Smart Video Player HD for Android allows you towatchvideos in all formats by using software and hardwaredecoding.Smart Video Player HD Android version, just like PCversion, candownload matching subtitles for movies.Key function points:1, automatic identification of all the video files inthephone2, HD playback your video files;3, thumbnail display the contents of the video file4, delete files, rename, play pause operation;5, smooth playback of FLV files;6, recent playlist7, quick browser your video folder8. One of the best and essential application for your device.9, lists all video files10, music player with equalizer and presets11, bass and treble adjustment12, support for all video and audio formats13, multiple subtitle formats support14, video streaming support15, quick start and smooth and easy playback with videoresumeAdjust volume and brightness by double clicking on the screen.SmartVideo Player HD is the best video player app
Muslim Baby Names 1.1
Welcome to the FREE Islamic app for Muslimbabynames and meanings! This pro app has by far got the largestofflinecollection of Islamic Muslim baby names and itsgrowing!!According to a Muslim Hadith in Islam, children must benamedpromptly on birth. Hence Muslims must choose a name that has agoodmeaning, that will bring blessings to the kids throughouttheirlife.One should always remember that the name given to a child ishis/herfirst gift in life. The name must be meaningful. Why Muslimnameswith meaning ? The Prophet was very particular about it andhavealways changed names that were derogatory. The name chosenwouldmostly be the names of prophets, names combined with AsmaulHusna -99 names of Allah (Names of God), names from history orthetraditional Arabic names. This name dictionary app isacomprehensive name selector. Find Islamic Muslim baby names ofUrdu/ Arabic origin, in English, with meanings and translationforIslamic name for baby boys and girls.- Completely Offline and FREE!!- Muslim names provided for both boys and girls.- Meaning of names detailed in English, for everyMuslimnames.- Way for search via alphabetic listing of popular babynames(Islamic).- Search box provided for a fast search to quickly findIslamicnames and meanings.- Quick access buttons for previous, next and random namesoptionare given in this name finder, along with fluidic swipeoption.Download this FREE application on your android phones andtabletsto select a good and meaningful name for your new bornbabies.Muslim Baby Islamic names both for boys and girls withmeanings.Choose good name for your new born babies!Muslim Names for Children (Boys/Girls)- List of names by gender, distinguished by meaningfulbackgrounds;pink background for Muslim girl names & bluebackground forMuslim boy names.- Add to favorite option.- Largest collection of popular Muslim Baby Girl names &Muslimbaby Boy names.We have tried our best to provide accurate informationwithinsmallest possible size for android. Please verify accuracy ofbabynames and their meanings with an Imam (guide) at your localMasjid.We are dedicating this to all Muslims and non-Muslims alike,inhope to spread the knowledge of Islam and Allahu Akbar.
Super Bright LED Flashlight 1.2
LED Torch Bulb Flashlight instantly turnsyourdevice into a bright flashlight. The ultimate lighting tooltakesfull advantage of the LED light. A high power, free led torchbulbapp. An extra powerful and rechargeable LED Flashlight App.ThisTorch light uses the built-in camera flash to make this torchlightmore powerful and focused. The beam light of the Flashlight ismuchfocused. This is the brightest, simple and very useful cameraledtorch flashlight app. Now search your things in dark withthistorch light more easily.Use SOS / strobe features to make it more productive anduseful.This Tiny Flashlight is one of the best productivitytools.Try this free rechargeable torch light on the market!**********************************★★★ Features ★★★**********************************✔ Use built-in device Camera LED flashlight as a light source.LEDTorch✔ Its FREE Download Flashlight + Torch Bulbs App!✔ A real LED flashlight + lantern✔ Extra bright flashlight with supper beam light✔ Power up this Led Torch App during selfie✔ A flashlight, which is always available when you need it.✔ Builtin SOS, Strobe / Blinking✔ The brightest illuminator ever✔ Fastest startup flashlight✔ Strobe mode with sensitive frequency controller✔ Built-in SOS flashlight signal✔ Intuitive and elegant UI design✔Enjoy the cam LED light!************************************************Cool flashlight effect with emergency lights***********************************************Police used to have blue-colored emergency lights but after arecentrestock of vehicles, now the use of both blue and red colorisusual. Fire Departments make use of red only emergency lightwhileambulances either use red or both colors. You can have aplanet ofemergency lights effects using this ultimate torch bulbapp.✔ Police Lights Ultimate:Use your phone to display lights effects like a Police Carwiththree different Police light colors (UK, USA,RA)✔ Traffic Lights: :A very simple and cool light effect! Display Traffic lightstosimulate Traffic signals ( Red, Green,Blue)✔ Ambulance Light:Ambulance uses of red only emergency light! Make your deviceanambulance light with different standards in differentcountries(UK, USA, and RA)✔ Candle Light:Use Candle light effect as your torch light at night or onaromantic dinner.✔ Colorful Disco Torch Light:Disco Torch Light effect is a Unique,Colorful and Discolightfeatures✔ Dotmatrix LED scrolling Display Simulator:LED scrolling display allows you to write a message, selectthespeed, Text color, flashing and move the text to the sides. ArealLED scroller simulator✔ Night Bulb (Night Lamp) :Light Bulb is a handy screen lamp. It can be use as analternativeway of camera flash on devices that doesn’t have cameraLED. swapthe screen to adjust the brightness and color of lightbulb✔ Multi Color Screen Light:Use your mobile screen as a colorful torch light with fivedefaultcolors. You can change the screen color, brightness,coloropacity✔ Strobe blinking / Torch bulb Feature:Fast On/off Torch light with a single button, however someoldandroid devices takes time to turn on the camera led✔ Low Battery Indication / power save:Auto off Torch light when your mobile battery is very low, youcanadjust battery low level settings✔ Auto Turn on Torch light on Application startup:✔ Auto off Torch on App exit:✔ Turn On/Off Flashlight lock screen widget:Turn Torch bulb On/Off during when your mobile phone is lockedNote: The Flashlight App need camera permission ofyourdevice(flashlight hardware is attached the Camera, for openingthelight. It's the reasonable and necessary permissionrequest).
Digital Selfie Camera App 1.0
Digital Selfie Camera App is a wonderfulcameraapp for selfie. It is professional but easy-to-use.Functions ofcapturing natural selfie, editing selfie and addingfilters aremerged into Selfie Camera. Just a few steps, yournatural beautywill show up in seconds. Selfie Camera, your bestchoice. Use thisapplication help you take picture, decoration forphoto whilepreview.You can add sticker to photo while preview and take picture whenyoulike. With Selfie Camera App HD you don't need any morephotoeditor. Because you can edit your pictures as you like beforeyoutake it.Key Features️1. Real time selfie filters, to preview your photo before usingtheselfie stick.2. Just one-tap to capture your moments with camera effects,lookbetter with the beauty camera3. Camera HD, save the high quality pictures4. Option to auto-stabilize so your pictures are perfectly levelnomatter what (see example image).5. Zoom via multi-touch gesture and single-touch control.6. Customized mirror mode selfie camera7. No crop for Instagram photo editor, easy to share8. Selfie editor with different photo sizes9. Blur background photo editor for InstagramTIPS:1. Tap the round button to take a selfie or press volume buttontoshot2. Slide up and down to adjust the brightness3. Tap to choose Vignette and Dermabrasion at the bottomrightcornerSimple selfie camera app, support selfie stick, meets allyourneeds, that is what Love Selfie promises to do.User-friendlydesign makes it stand out of all the camera editor andselfie stickapp. You will surely love selfie with it.
Music Player HD -Audio MP3 MP4 1.0
Music Player HD has powerful equalizer,Quicksearch all music files, custom background skin, free to getthisperfect audio player and media player. This is a music player,NOTa music downloader. The best music player and audio player youarelooking for! Stylish , Powerful and Fast Music Player withelegantdesign . Music Player HD lets you manage all your musicfilesquickly and easily .This audio player supports almost alltypes ofmp3 , midi ,wav , flac raw aac files and other audioformats.Music player HD is not only based on artists or albums, butalsobased on the folder structure. Music Player will guide you findallthe music files in seconds.Replaceable background skin make the Music Playerextraordinarilybrilliant.The unique equalizer make your music sounds more professional.Youare free to control the music style now. Music Player HD MP3 isthebest music player for Android phones. Play your favourite Mp3andothers files with style.Key Features:•  Support all the most popular music file formats.•  Browse and play your music by albums, artists, songs,playlists,folders.•  Custom tone music style and manually adjust the equalizer.•  Support Lyric files. Automatic scanning all the lyric files ,andmatching.•  Replaceable background skin, 22+ Gorgeous background skinsforyour choice.•  Support notification status: show album artwork, play/pause,skipforward in notification status.•  Headset support.•  Easy SEARCH. Find all your local music files never beensoeasy.•  Easy navigation - One touch to navigate in yourmusicplayer•  Quick search - Search for your music quickly•  Playlists - Build and edit your songs into playlists•  Party shuffle - Shuffle your musicHope everybody can enjoy the different music playexperience.
Paint & Draw - Coloring App 1.0
A wonderful drawing program for all agestofree your imagination and inner artist. Simple, neat while fullofpossibility. With Paint Pro, you have full control of brushstyle,colour, brush size, background colour etc. You can draw on acolourcanvas, or decorate any of your photos to make themmorebeautiful.Drawing and painting gives lots of fun and is great forthecreativity. This game is a free colouring book for toddlers andforchildren. We put many free colouring pages in the app which youcancolour and paint and share with family or friends. But formorecreativity it is also possible to draw your own drawing.App Features:-Easy to play-Share your drawing via email, Facebook, etc.-Save and load your colouring pages-Create your own drawing-Intuitive icons and navigation. Easy game playDraw and Paint is a skilled drawing application for yourmobiledevice.You can create very artistic drawings;on a picture on your gallery, or;on a new photo that you will take with your device'scamera;oron an empty sheet,by using rich drawing toolset and brush functionality. Then,ofcourse, you can save or share your creation. Have fun and beanartist with Draw and Paint!
Kidney Scanner Prank 1.0
Kidney Scanner Prank is a prank app and doesnot work in reality.Kidney Scan: After intravenous injection of a small amount ofradioactive material, a special camera records the radiotracer asit circulates through the kidneys and ureters. Data obtained by thecamera can provide an image of kidney structure, and can also berecorded by a computer and analysed to assess kidney function andblood flow. Different types of renal scans, using variousradiotracers, are performed depending on what information isneeded; often several types are done in succession.What is a CT scan of the kidney?CT scan is a type of imaging test. It uses X-rays and computertechnology to make images or slices of the body. A CT scan can makedetailed pictures of any part of the body, including the bones,muscles, fat, organs, and blood vessels. They are more detailedthan regular X-rays.In a CT scan, an X-ray beam moves in a circle around your body.This allows many different views of the same part of the body. TheX-ray information is sent to a computer that interprets the X-raydata and displays it on a monitor.During some tests you receive a contrast dye which may be givenorally or through a vein. This will make parts of your body show upbetter in the image.CT scans of the kidneys can give more detailed information aboutthe kidneys than standard X-rays. This can provide more informationrelated to injuries or diseases of the kidneys. CT scans of thekidneys can help your healthcare provider find problems such astumors or other lesions, obstructive conditions, such as kidneystones, congenital anomalies, polycystic kidney disease, buildup offluid around the kidneys, and the location of abscesses.Purpose of the Kidney ScanTo evaluate kidney function in a more accurate manner than bloodtests aloneTo detect kidney abnormalities, such as obstruction or reflux ofurine back into the kidneyTo identify whether high blood pressure is caused by impaired bloodflow to the kidney (renovascular hypertension)To detect organ rejection in a transplanted kidneyKidney Scanner Prank is a prank app and does not work inreality.
Live Video Projector Prank 1.0
Live Video Projector Prank will help youtoproject and watch HD and high quality projected videos onthephone. Live Video Projector Prank is just a prank app sincethereis no any real video projector available on the phone and nosuchway to project videos from phone on the wall. Live VideoProjectorPrank will just act like a real projector but this isjustsimulator. Live Video Projector Prank app is very simple touse,you can choose different videos and project on the phonescreenwall using the video option.There is no any real video projector on phone and no such waytoproject pictures from phone on the wall. You cannot get realhighdefinition video projection of high quality on mobile phonescreen.Choose different type of video to put projection simulationon it.The simulator simulates like working of a videoanimationprojector. This is just a prank app to play with family,friends.You can choose videos from your gallery or from animatedvideos toproject on the phone.App Working► Click start Button.► Select Video Album.► Select Video from Album.► After Video Play.► Play/Pause Video.Live Video Projector Prank is best video projector simulatortowatch hd videos like live cricket matches, Movies, footballmatchesand other live talk shows by using this prank projector.Disclaimer:There is no any real video projector on phone and no such waytoproject pictures from phone on the wall. Thisapplication,LiveVideo Projector Prank is just developed for fun anddoes not workin reality.
Hologram Simulator Prank 1.0
This app will simulate projection offuturisticholograms.This version includes great skull holograms. Touch arrows tochangehologram rotation. Hologram Simulator is a simulated app tohavefun with your friends, it cant projects real holograms out ofyourphone. a simulator 3D laser projection using the camera andflashthe phone! Make fun of friends by showing them the projectionofthe keyboard on the screen!In the game on the phone screen appears the image of luminouslaserkeyboard, turn on the phones camera flash, flashlight, and itseemsthat the surface is shining 3D image computer keyboard!Hologram 3D projection keyboard - just a joke! The camera phonecanproject images on any surface! Phone is not a device forgeneratinglaser keys for typing messages and - it is only asimulator, ajoke!Not far off is the day when the modern gadgets will be able toanyprojection of 3D images, and possibly committing 3D videocalls,but so far we can only dream aboutNote: Its a prank app and does not work in real. Enjoy it forfunpurposes only.
Love Calculator Love Meter 1.0
Use this application to know thelovingaffinity with your partner, together with the result you willsee asentence accompanied by a soundtrack.Love Calculator is a prank application. If you love someone solovecalculator will find that he/she love you or not? Lovecalculatorwill need your name and your lover name and give resultinpercentage. Love calculator just for enjoyment and forhappiness.Love calculator is prank application and in real notactually workbut just for fun and game which give some happiness inyour borelife. You make fun with your girlfriend with lovecalculator. Ourmission not break your relation but just make funwith the help oflove calculator.Disclaimer:Love Calculator is a prank application just for fun whichcalculateyour love with your lover and show result in %.Key Features:Love Calculator prank HD is fast and attractive.Love Calculator prank HD can fool your friend.Love Calculator prank HD have awesome design.Love Calculator prank HD make fun in between your girlfriend.Love Calculator prank HD is a prank application.Are you in love? Your partner or soul mate it is ideal for you?Areyou in search of true love? That a true and lasting love isbasedon trust, happiness and respect for others. (Lovecalculator),lovemeter will give you some answers to your questions.Enter yourname, your date of birth or even scan your fingerprintsand youwill be surprised. Here's a good game to determine yourvalentine.Come on! Download love calculator, put your love to atest and seeif he is elected. Share love calculator result withyour partner orfriends on social network.
TV Remote Control - Prank App 1.0
Use this prank tv remote to selectyourfavorite dish television channels for free. Control your TVwithyour phone with our free app TV Remote Control Prank! This appisjust for fun and it does not and can not control any TVdevice.This TV Remote application will be the best prankapplication toplay on friends. This application can be use as prankto bluff yourfriends or family members to change TV channel. Doshare thisapplication with friends and relatives. You can even showyourfriends and relatives that your android mobile has TVremoteapplication and make fun of themJust play fun and jokes by telling that you can control any TVwiththis TV Remote Control application.Get rid of the annoying regular temper problems caused by:• Losing your remote,• Batteries worn out,• Smacking your little sibling for breaking it,• Biting and / or boiling your batteries in water hoping itwouldresult in magically recharging them, etc, etc.Just right before one of your favorite TV seasons or show isaboutto start, OR your favorite sports game is about to start, ORyouwant to watch news and your TV remote control is not withinyourreach.It is always good and easy to use a single remote control devicetocontrol all you electronic equipment. As mobile phone have becomeamajor gadget that people always carry with them, so havinganapplication installed on your mobile device that works as aTVremote control will make your life easier. This free, powerfulandefficient application will make your life easy.Currently world’s leading television brands have been includedinthis application. We are working continuously to include maximumTVbrands, and the remote control app will be updated accordingly.Ifyour brand is not listed or the TV remote application isnotworking with your television, please drop us an email with yourTVbrand and remote model and we will work on to make thisapplicationcompatible with your TV brand.Features:• Power ON / OFF Control.• AV / TV.• Mute / Un-mute.• Channel Digits buttons.• Channel index and lists.• Volume Up Control.• Volume Down Control.• Channel Up Control.• Channel Down Control.• Menu Button with up / down and left / right Controls.Note:This app is just for fun it do not control TV in real.
Super Bright HD LED Flashlight 1.0
You can turn your mobile into an LEDflashlightby simply turning your app power on. When you turn yourmobileflashlight on, your device suddenly changes into an LEDflashlightand the LED bright light is there to help you withthings that youfind difficult to do in dark. HD LED Flashlight Appis an app thattransforms your mobile or other smart device intoflashlight modeand you can now simply lookup for your lost keys inyour bag, yourjuice bottles in your car and many other littlestuff that is way todifficult to find when there in no light orless light around, andyou desperately want to look at that thingin bright light. No needto worry at now, this is the best app youcan find to light yourway.There are other flashlights like the free flashlight, clap toturnon flashlight, police lights like flashlight, random on/offLED,LED lights, Flashlight for your mobile and many other featuredappslike this, but here we introduce you the best ever LEDflashlightHD LED Flashlight App, it runs on all the modes explainedabove. Infact it has all in one feature.If you live in a country where there is a huge issue ofloadshedding then it is the best time you can install HD LEDFlashlightApp and remove darkness around you. The batteryconsumption throughHD LED Flashlight App is very low and theperformance is upto mark.The bright blue light enhances things evenwhen the light is verylow, to make things more visible andsharp.The HD LED Flashlight App works on different interestingmodes,There are four very appealing modes in this HD flashlight,you canchange the mode of your flashlight by simply touching thatspecificbutton, every mode is distinct from the other and has somespecialfeature.Flashlight Features:Strobe/ light balancer to increase or decrease thelightfrequency.Simple and convenient flashlightBright blue light to see things more preciselySound button to show that your flashlight is on or offTilt button for shaking the mobile left or right to turn ontiltmodeClap mode makes it turn on/off on one clapthere are other 2 modes i.e watch and hover buttonDownload HD LED Flashlight App now and get relieved from alltypicalflashlights and lamps.
Fingerprint Weight Meter Prank 1.0
Weight Machine Scanner Prank app is awelldesigned prank app which will let you masseur/calculate yourbodyweight by just scanning your thumb. Weight Machine ScannerPrankwill scan your finger print and will let you know how muchyourbody weight is.simply place your thumb on the fingerprint scan machine thenholdfinger for 4-5 sec and wait for the scan to complete, and theappwill show your weight, measured in Kilograms not in imperialunits(pounds and ounces). You can totally play with friendsandgirlfriend with this app!Weight machine detector is made for entertainment purposes only.ThePerfection of the fingerprint scan is not meant to be usedinprofessional environment anyway.How to use the App:Weight Machine Scanner Prank is simply to use, just place yourthumbon the fingerprint scan machine and hold finger till scanningiscompleted, the app will analyze your weight based on fingerscanningand display your body weight.Features in weight machine► Start the application and tap on finger weight scanner.► Works on the basis of finger prints scanner► It will automatically start counting your weight during yourpressthe scanner► Very user friendly UI.► Real time BMI/Body Fat Percentage/BMR/Waist to hipratio(WHR)value.► Track weight any times a day.► Digital weight measuring readings.► Real animation of analog scale like in real analogweightscale► Both analog and Digital weight scale shows the weight readingNote: Its fake app and calculates the weight based onrandomvalues stored in it. its not real.
Brain CT Scanner FREE - Prank 1.0
CT Scan (Computerized Tomography) is averyexpensive medical test and everybody can't afford it.Computedtomography (CT) of the body uses special x-ray equipment tohelpdetect a variety of diseases and conditions. CT scanning isfast,painless, noninvasive and accurate. In emergency cases, itcanreveal internal injuries and bleeding quickly enough to helpsavelives. CT scans are sometimes referred to as CAT scans orcomputedtomography scans.Tell your doctor if there’s a possibility you are pregnantanddiscuss any recent illnesses, medical conditions,medicationsyou’re taking, and allergies. You will be instructed notto eat ordrink anything for a few hours beforehand. If you have aknownallergy to contrast material, your doctor may prescribemedicationsto reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. Thesemedications mustbe taken 12 hours prior to your exam. Leave jewelryat home andwear loose, comfortable clothing. You may be asked towear agown.This is a prank app to get fun and trick your friends. Do youwantto scan your brain with X-RAY? Get fun with XRAY SCANNER!INSTRUCTIONS:Place your phone over your left hand.Open Xray scanner app.Tilt up phone to scroll up xray image.Tilt down phone to scroll down.A CT scan, also called X-ray computed tomography (X-ray CT)andcomputerized axial tomography scan (CAT scan),makes useofcomputer-processed combinations of many X-ray images takenfromdifferent angles to produce cross-sectional (tomographic)images(virtual "slices") of specific areas of a scanned object,allowingthe user to see inside the object without cutting.WARNING:X-Ray scanner is a prank app for fun purposes only and does notworkin reality.
Mehndi Design Party Book 1.0
Latest Mehndi design are here for all overtheworld. In this modern era mehndi is very papular for ladiesinevery party. A best chance for Eurpion ladies especially forUSladies it's an amazing app to help them while choosingtheirfavourite tatoos. When choosing a tattoo design, one does notonlypick a random design out of the blue, white and green. Sincehavinga tattoo is a lifetime commitment and a decision that youwill haveto bear for the rest of your life, you need to know whatdesignreally fits you. Now Mehndi has become a culture for somemajorcountries. "Mehndi Design Party Book" helps you to impressyourpartner and friends with show-ing them your best mehndi. Beitweddings, Eids, karva chauth or other celebrations mehndiisconsidered as important part. Mehndi is an important part ofwomenof Subcontinent, Arab, and South Asian region.Mehndi/heenapracticed mainly in India and the Arab world. 2016mehndi deigns orhenna is the application of as a temporary form ofskin decoration,popularized in the West by Indian cinema andentertainmentindustry, the people in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladeshand theMaldives also use mehndi.This "Mehndi Design Party Book" Contain fabolus Mehndi Designthatevery girls wish. In This app all design provided you forofflinemode so you will not search every time to find latestdesign. HeenaMehndi Designs Arabic style, Rajhistani style, Indianstyle,Pakistani style, Modern and traditional heena style withfashion.Full Hands and feets Heena Mehndi designs to neck andshoulderdesigns and Tattoos also included in this "Mehndi DesignPartyBook". Choosing right mehndi design can also be a tedioustaskconsidering the different types of designs depending on whattypeof occasion or event one is attending or preparing."MehndiCollegue Design Book" thin with detailed with lots of colorsandMehndi designs thick and quicke. We have collect Indianmehndidesign, latest bridal mehndi design, latest and beautifuldesignsof mehndi, design henna latest mehndi for girls, latestcircle andcutest mehndi desigs, mehndi designs 2015, 2016 and 2017,mehndidesigns for hand and foot 2016, simple Indian mehndidesigns,pakistani mehndi designs 2015, latest mehndi designs hd,latest Eidmehndi designs photos, latest mehndi designs in Pakistan,latestarabic mehndi design, etc...
Mobile Location Finder 1.0
New and a special perspective to tracktheposition of android mobile device user is Mobile calllocationfinder. Mobile call location finder is an extremely bestandroidapplication on the Google Play Store with respect to traceout thelocation of the caller function technology. A pure mobilecalllocation finder system is placed in this cool app as anextremelyparticular G.P.S functionality tracking system isconstructed onthis true call wide variety locator android utilityto discover andfind the goal cellular quantity genuine vicinity andposition ofthe target numbers caller in any country. This popularandroidsmart phones call tracker utility has the various modernandsuperior features like the exactly tracking of the unwantedcallingdevice and position, finding the presence of lost devices,mapsmanuals, visitors manual, keeps your location more secretandsecure satisfactory and lots of different contemporarydsifunctions associated with the mobile smartphone numbers findingandG.P.S tracking machine.Mobile call location finder is extraordinarily pleasant softwareapphas such a completely identified unique assets by means of theuseof which you may without difficulty search and track the placeofany call on the smart mobile phone in any region of thearenabecause this cellphone true call location finder locator withtheexclusive languages and translation mechanism which hasextensiverange locator, helps you to track any unwanted phone callfromanywhere but connected to the phone in which the Mobilecalllocation is installed, and each different smaller and largerstateout of doors and within the international areas. Simple isthat youcan locate and find out the position of the choice callers,canmake the conference calls which means that 3 or more thanthreepersons at a time from anywhere in the world can make a mutualcallwhich is called conference call.This true Mobile call location finder has an exceptionalfeaturethat discover my android cell phone that in such case anytime youare busy and also you forgot in which you left your androidmobilephone in conjunction with you now not a hassle now, thisqualityphone number locator will discover its function and discoverit foryou. You may without problems discover and discover yourfamilyvicinity locations. By dealing with no difficulty, no issueand nohassle just open the phone call location variety locator appandsort the target telephone range and then cellular variety areaGPSgadget will get that one you love. Every other a quiet specificandfirst-class function that in case you aren't having aninternetconnection with your cellular smartphone, just no hassleand noanxiety, the telephone variety area of GPS will work withorwithout net connection enjoy the wondering call locating service just download“MobileCall Location Finder” and take a start of wonderingfun.