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Mobile Boost (Optimize & Save) 1.1.0
Mobile Boost is a light app which makesyour phone faster than a new one. Clean junks, optimize, boost yourphone speed and save battery life. It connects togetherpowerful modules like memory booster, speed booster, battery saver,app optimizer, trash cleaner, cache cleaner, and app managertogether. Use it when your phone keep freezing up, battery isdraining fast, your device is lack of space or needs to cool down.Small application size (only 2MB) makes this app light and fast.Mobile Boost is designed for phones and tablets.Highlights of Mobile Boost:- Light and Easy to use.- Powerful Boost Feature- One Tap Boost- Advanced Battery Saver- Junk CleanTens of thousands lines of code gives you most powerful deviceoptimizer and battery saver. Why MobiBoost (Device Optimizer &Battery saver) is a must-have app:1. One Tap BoostJust one touch optimizes phone and kills unnecessary backgroundapps. Run it several times a day to get extra power from yourdevice. Supports advanced boosting algorithm, compatible with allandroid versions.2. Battery SaverReduce battery usage, by switching to optimal profiles. You cansave battery by disabling unused modules without losingfunctionality. Create custom profiles to fit your needs.3. Disk cleanerSmart scanning all over phone allows quickly remove cache garbageand cache files. Keep phone clean and fast.4. Apps Consumption MonitorMobile Booster detects and shows apps that cause overheating andaccording to your choice stop or uninstall them.Mobile Boost always will be free. This tiny speed booster, junkcleaner and battery saver will make your phone faster than a newone.
Voice Recorder 11.3.5
Voice Recorder & Voice Memos - Record audio, vocals and soundin high quality
Audio Recorder 10.1.1
Record voice memos, sound and talks in high quality with VoiceRecorder.
Voice Recorder Pro 9.1.0
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Audio Recorder - Dictaphone Voice Recorder Pro is a one of bestaudio recorders in Google Play with over half a million users andthousand positive feedbacks. Mostly known as professional, easyvoice recorder for Android devices. Use it for record voice memos,talks, music and songs in high quality. Designed for everybody,especially students, journalists and musicians. Audio recorder alsosupports external bluetooth microphone. Tags can be easily added toany part of the recording. Voice recorder recording quality islimited by the quality device's microphone. Fully compatible withAndroid Wear devices. Note: This app is not a call recorder.Advantages of Pro version - Scheduled recordings planner - App PINprotection - SD Card Support - No Ads –––WHY YOU'LL LOVE THISAPP?––– Group recording Group all your vocal recordings intodefined categories. Mark your favourite talks and memos. Placerecording tags, attach bookmarks, choose colors and icons. Highquality sound recorder With two simple taps configure all recordingoptions. Choose your sample rate. Enable stereo recorder andsilence remover. Use Android’s built-in effects to remove noise,cancel echo and control gain. Record your voice from externalbluetooth microphone or one of built-in microphones. Audio Trimmerand Cutter Select the best part from the recording then trim andcut the desired part of the audio for using in Ringtone,Notification tones, Alarm tones. Application is designed to makeaudio recordings editing so easy and fun. Wireless Transfer UseWi-Fi transfer to export data to your computer fast and easywithout any additional software. Just make sure that you areconnected to the same network and you can start transferring.Google Drive Integration With integrated google drive module youraudio recordings will be automatically synced with your driveaccount. It allows you access from all your devices. You can use itto create extra copies of data in case the original is lost ordamaged. All Features: - Supported formats: MP3, AAC (M4A), Wave -Android Wear support - Smooth playback - Wifi voice memostransferring - Display content from Google Drive - Export to andimport from Google Drive and DropBox - HD Bluetooth recording -Android App Shortcuts support - Support stereo recording -Recording in background - Integration with widget - Silence skip,gain reduction, echo canceler Do you love our app? Please rate andreview us!