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Idle War Camp 1.5.11
Sloth Studios
THE BATTLES HAVE BEGUN! Congratulations my lord! You have just beengranted command of the kingdom's war camp. It is up to you to trainthese peasants into mighty warriors! ... While earning a littlegold on the side! UNLOCK GEAR FOR YOUR COMMANDER Earn magical armorand weapons for your commander in order to improve your War Camp'sperformance! EARN GOLD WHILE AWAY! You don't have to be present toearn your fortune, while away your captain will collect earning foryou! UNLOCK DIFFERENT TRAINING AREAS! Start by training yourpeasants to use a simple club, then progress them to use moreimpressive weaponry like swords, axes, crossbows, pistols, halberdsand great-swords! A total of 12 different types troops to train onlaunch!