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Sailing Empire 1.2.0
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This is a sailing mobile game with a medieval background.Playersserve as admirers and set sail in this azure sea to fightthe foursides and explore unknown treasures! [Captain Capable,Occupy thePort] The player leads the captain to knock on the doorof eachport and open the exchange of each city. By leading themerchantshipping merchants to connect each city closely, the cityexchangesgoods through the caravan to let Each city gets moreresources.[Captain training, showing strength] As an admiral, youneed toknow the strengths and strengths of each captain in ordertoreasonably employ people in each battle, and to train thecaptainthrough restraint and the camp to which each captainbelongs, evenif there are certain battle captains. Affected by thefaction, youcannot fight, and you can calmly face the stormy waves.[Featuredgameplay, easy to get started] In addition to fighting theQuartet,there are some small games to relax the tension. Thearcherycompetition can not only exercise the accuracy of archery,but alsocollect the captain ’s debris through the number of rings;thisweek ’s regular opening to fight sea monster Activities,killingsea monsters can also get rich rewards! ========Informationaboutaccess permissions, etc.======== During installation, in ordertohave a normal gaming experience, the following permissions willbeobtained. [Storage permissions] Need to obtain storagepermissionsfor account storage and other functions. [How to revokeaccesspermissions] Android 6.0+ : The permissions can be setthroughSettings> Application> Permissions > Select toagree orrevoke access permissions. Android 6.0 and lower: Need toupgradethe Operating System to revoke access or delete apps.[Precaution]When revoking basic access permissions, it may causeresourceinterruption or game access failure.
Endless Galaxy
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In the universe of "Endless Galaxy":· Your journey begins in amilkyway composed of 13 constellations and 200 galaxies full ofstars. ·Building a powerful space station is the first step todevelop awhole armada of ships from multiple dimensions. · Duringlarge rallybattles, each ship and each gun will be realisticallysimulated.Joining a reliable legion and advancing together withallies are thebest choices to conquer the universe. · Players'legions can declaresovereignty over the galaxy and build legionbuildings (legionmines, wormholes) in the sovereign galaxy. · Inthe story mode, youcan also join the battlefield to command anarmada (although this isnot easy).Freely place each ship, lock inthe enemy, and releasepowerful weapons to defeat the enemy in asingle move. · But allthis is just the beginning. There areendless galaxies in thisuniverse, and cosmic phenomena (such asSuperposition State Galaxy)will break through the barriers of timeand space, letting you facea much larger universe...
女神聯盟 1.0.3
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