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Liverpool Free Live Wallpaper 1.21
For people who love the LFC football/soccer team or just loveLiverpool as a city.A simple, elegant, low resource Liverpool themed wallpaper.It is possible to set the amount / speed / colour and size ofthe Liverbirds as well as a custom background picture or gradientbackground.Liverpool really need our support at the moment!YNWA!
Beautiful Hearts 1.2
Beautiful Hearts is a relaxing, simple andelegant live wallpaper that doesn't over-clutter your phone.It is simple to customise in any way you likeFEATURES- Set Amount / Speed and Size of Hearts- Choose up to 3 different colors for the hearts- Choose a two-tone background in any 2 shades of color- Alternatively select a custom image from your phone as thebackgroundKEYWORDSHeart, Love, Valentines Day, Custom, Color, Colour, Confetti,Wedding, Graceful
Simple Colors 1.21
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I have spent many many hours on this and other wallpapers, pleaseclick on a few ads if you appreciate the app. If you install an appthat is advertised I get only a small amount with no cost toyourself. Thanks!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Simple, No Fuss, Elegant Background.Two clicks to change the background colour to any color youlike, either solid or two-color gradient.*Please note this is a Live Wallpaper, so will only work if yourphone supports Live Wallpapers*
Awesome Widgets Pro 1.44
*NOTE* There is a problem with some phonesthat require the phone to be restarted before the widgets willappear*Please see reviews here:- Widgets gives you a choice of 40+ Toggles, Settings andWeather micro-widgets which are fully customizable. At the tap of afinger you can switch between 24 hour and 5 day weather, and withthe addition of a clock and up to 12 app shortcuts per Awesome Bar,you can take complete control of your Android device.Awesome Widgets allows you to have a truly unique home-screen.It provides over 400 themes/skins for both the Awesome Bar andAwesome Clock which can be instantly downloaded from within theapp. These skins can be mixed and matched to suit your individualpreference or alternatively you can create your own theme / skinquickly and easily.When adding your widget a preview is provided to show exactlyhow the widget will look with your selected skin and micro-widgets.Existing widgets can be customized at any stage allowing you totransform your home-screen thus providing ultimatepersonalisation.Awesome Widgets also enables you to easily access an increasednumber of widgets in an organised manner. It therefore becomes asingle tool which replaces a lot of disconnected widgets floatingaround the home-screen--------------------------------------------------------------------------News---------------------------------------------------------------------------Our skinning guide is now available at: - Feature Requests or Problems please let us know: - [email protected] is a full list of the current Micro-widgets: -Weather-------------------5 Day - Today5 Day - Tomorrow5 Day + 2 days5 Day + 3 days5 Day + 5 daysCurrent WeatherWeather + 3 hoursWeather + 6 hoursWeather + 9 hoursWeather + 12 hoursToggles-------------------Auto SyncAuto RotateBluetoothFlight ModeGPSTorch/FlashlightRinger/SoundBrightness (Low/Med/High/Auto)Screen LockWifiIndicator-------------------Battery Indicator + Usage Shortcut (accurate to 1% if your devicesupports it)Settings-------------------APN SettingsAccessibility SettingsApplication ListApplication SettingsBluetooth SettingsDate/Time SettingsDisplay SettingsDock SettingsFlight Mode SettingsGPS SettingsLanguage SettingsPassword SettingsSecurity SettingsSound SettingsText to Speech SettingsVPN SettingsVoice SettingsWIMAX SettingsWifi SettingsShortcuts-------------------Force the device to lockSend Email InstantlySend SMS Instantly* A Micro-widget is a small toggle switch or settingsshortcut-------------------Skins / Themes-------------------A Skin or Theme is a way to dramatically transform the look ofthe widget by changing the icon and background graphics. There area number of built in Skins provided for the widgets, but there arealso hundreds of downloadable skins available to download at theclick of a button.Some skins also allow customization of the colours of the iconsor background to have a skin that is totally unique to you.If you don't find a skin you like you can easily make your ownskin to support your favourite team or for an occasion or whateveryour like, be creative!Our skinning guide is now available at: - Shortcuts-------------------As well as the provided micro-widgets you can also add shortcuts toalready installed apps to the Awesome Toolbar. This means that youcan have up to 12 app shortcuts per row rather than the usual 4.This will save a lot of space on your home page.
Booger 1.03
Stretch and Squash the booger into the shapeof the holes in the walls as he falls down the nose at breakneckspeed. The faster you go the more points you get. Avoid the wallsor your snot will become infected! Hitting the walls with infectedsnot is Game Over!There are some great power-ups that will help you negotiate thegreat nose caverns of snot!SHRINK - Collect this nifty little powerup to shrink your boogermaking it easier to fit through the holes in the wallSTICKY - Collect this powerup to make the booger sticky and easierto move aroundMEDICINE - This powerup will instantly heal your snot if it hasbecome infected!Become a fan of Booger: -facebook you have any problems, please contact me and I will try toresolve them: [email protected] Boogering!
Awesome Snow Wallpaper Free 1.5
A relaxing winter snow live wallpaper to getin the Christmas spirit. The snow will also swish when you swipeyour fingerConfigure the Speed, Size and Density of the snow as well assetting a beautiful colour gradient as a background or a custompicture from your device (SD or internal memory)If you have any problems with the wallpaper, please contact medirectly rather than posting in a review as I have no way torespond: - [email protected] Holidays!PS. The widgets featured in the video are my Awesome Widgets,available here: -