Simple Mobile Tools Apps

Simple Contacts: Address Book
Address book & contact manager for contact transfer, contactsbackup and restore
Simple Camera - Photo Capturing Camera App & Video 5.3.1
This handy camera app is usable for both easy photo taking andvideorecording. You can also make different photo frames withthisaesthetic photo editor and collage maker camera app. Youcanquickly switch between the front and rear camera in thisopencamera app, modify the save path or limit the resolution foryourphoto frames. This open camera app also helps you in definingphotoframes so that you can take pictures with high resolution. Youwillnever miss the important moments of your life. There aremanyhelpful settings available to make it even more personal,suitedfor your needs. Let's list some of them. The flash can beturned onand off or used as a useful flashlight, which is not seenoften.You can pinch the screen to zoom in and out or togglehorizontalimage swapping during capturing fantastic portrait photoswithdifferent cool photo frames. You can also perform objectremovalusing this camera app to focus on the main object in pictureratherthan allowing other noises to come in picture. Most cameraappshave failed to done so but this object removal camera app hastakenthe technology one level up by giving this feature in thisapp. Youcan also use face swap for fun photo frames with yourfriends andfamily. You can easily change the output resolution,quality, oraspect ratio with a few clicks, as you would expect froma modernopen camera app. This applies to both photos and videos.Thequality of the images and videos can easily be changed as peryourrequirement. You can also add photo frames to make your finalphotoor video look more stunning. After taking a picture you willseethe new photo thumbnail, by pressing which you can quickly openitin your preferred gallery using this open camera app. You willseea clear indication of when the photo gets captured,guaranteeingthat the file has been saved. The most advanced featurethat youcan see lacking in different apps is face swap. This cameraappalso gives you choice to face swap with your family and friendssoyou can enjoy fun moments with them. You can also make a collageofall your photos and videos with this collage maker camera.Theobject removal technology gives you an upper hand as comparedtoother apps as this feature gives your pictures a morestunninglook. Through object removal technology, you can get moreclear andnoise free pictures. If you want to launch this easy opencameraapp at pressing your devices' hardware camera button, youmighthave to disable the built in Camera app in Settings ->Apps-> Camera -> Disable. In case you prefer quality overspeed,you can enable an option for always focusing the camera inbeforetaking a picture, to make sure the result is crystal clear.You canconfigure it to use volume buttons as a shutter, or to turnonflashlight by default at startup. It has multiple othersettingsrelated to the shutter sound, flash, photo metadata, photoqualityetc. The output file path can be customized, so you candecidewhere you want your media saved. It supports both theinternalstorage and SD cards. It comes with material design anddark themeby default, provides great user experience for easyusage. The lackof internet access gives you more privacy, securityand stabilitythan other apps. Contains no ads or unnecessarypermissions. It isfully open camera source, provides customizablecolors and optionsof a collage maker. Check out the full suite ofSimple Tools here:
Simple SMS Messenger
SMS messaging and MMS messaging app for Android, send messagesfast, nice UI
Simple Calendar 2022 | Planner
Calendar widget 2022. Appointment scheduler & reminder. Agendaschedule planner
Simple File Manager Pro
Handy file explorer for easily searching or organizing your filesand folders
Simple File Manager: Explorer
Organize your Files and Folders. Simple Mobile Content Transfer,File Sharing
Simple Contacts Pro
Contacts address book for managing recent contacts and vcf contactbackups
Simple Flashlight
Led light controller with brightness control and customizablecolor, stroboscope
Simple Dialer: Phone Calls
Manage phone calls with this simple phone dialer app with phonebook
Simple Clock: Alarm, Stopwatch 5.9.4
The clock app has multiple functions related to timing. This appcan be used as a clock widget or as a alarm clock. You can alsochange live wallpaper in this app. This app is made to help youregulate your daily life and sleep better. You can also use thestopwatch in this app to count your time when you are running forhealthy lifestyle or for any other purpose. This app can also beplaced on your home screen for easy navigation. As a clock widgetyou can enable displaying times from other time zones, or use thesimple, but customizable and resizable clock widget. The text colorof the clock widget can be customized, as well as the color and thealpha of the background. You can also change the live wallpaper inthis app. You can also change the shape of clock widget accordingto your choice and show it on the home screen. The alarm containsall the expected features as day selecting, vibration toggling,ringtone selecting, snooze or adding a custom label. Waking up willbe a pleasure. It supports as many alarms as you want, so therewon't be any more excuses for not waking up and sleep better :)Gradual volume increasing is supported too, enabled by default. Acustomizable Snooze button is available too, just in case youreally had a good reason for using it. The alarm clock provided bythis app as simple as it can get. You simply have to add how manytimes you want and turn them on. During this, you can also takehelp from a guide built in this alarm clock app to help younavigate through this app to sleep better. You can sleep better sothis app can wake you up on the set time without disturbing yourlifestyle. This alarm can be placed on the home screen to make iteasy for you to access the alarm while you can work on other thingson your device. The main goal of keeping the alarm in this clockwidget is to help you schedule your time more effectively. With thestopwatch you can easily measure a longer period of time, orindividual laps. You can sort the laps in a few different ways. Itcontains optional vibrations on button presses too, just to let youknow that the button was pressed in case you cannot look at thedevice for some reason, or you are in a hurry. This stopwatch canhelp you getting in shape if you are doing yoga or having a run inthe park. You can put the stopwatch on home screen so that you caneasily access it and alter it according to your needs withoutopening the menu and finding it. You can easily setup a timer to benotified of some events. You can both change its ringtone, ortoggle vibrations. You will never burn that pizza again. The timercountdown can be paused too, not just stopped. Additional featuresinclude for example preventing the device from falling asleep whilethe app is in foreground or toggling between 12 or 24 hour timeformat. Last but not least you can decide if the week should starton Sunday, or Monday. It comes with material design and dark themeby default, provides great user experience for easy usage. The lackof internet access gives you more privacy, security and stabilitythan other apps. The dark theme in this clock widget can help yousetting your alarm clock at night without blinding your eyes withsharp color of your mobile alarm. Contains no ads or unnecessarypermissions. It is fully opensource, provides customizable colors,and choice to choose from different live wallpapers. Check out thefull suite of Simple Tools here:
Simple Voice Recorder
Record any audio or create memos easily with this simple audiorecorder
Simple Music Player: Play MP3
Clean music player with a customizable widget, sleep timer, batterysaver
Simple Gallery - Photo Albums
Manage & edit photo albums anywhere, no wifi or internetrequired!
Simple App Launcher
A customizable holder for your favorite apps, reorder icons as youwish.
Simple Draw: Sketchbook
Drawing and painting app for easy sketching & painting
Simple Notes
To do list widget with a notebook organizer, checklist, simpleshopping list
Simple Calendar Pro 22 Android
Calendar 2022 widget for Android. Appointment scheduler, planner,and reminder
Simple Gallery Pro: Photos
Photo editor & gallery. Crop pictures & edit photosoffline, no wifi!
Simple Draw Pro: Sketchbook
Draw with this quick sketchbook replacing pen and paper
Simple Notes Pro: List planner
To do list widget with a notebook organizer, checklist, simpleshopping list
Simple Calculator: Quick math
A beautiful calculator for quick simple calculations with smoothuser interface
Simple Thank You
A warm Thank You for supporting our modern & easy Simple MobileTools apps!
Simple Keyboard
Easy keyboard for inserting all kinds of texts, special charactersand numbers
Simple Launcher
A practical and customizable launcher for launching yourfavoriteapps easily