Signify Netherlands B.V. Apps

FloodTune 1.4.0
The FloodTune mobile app lets you connect with your PhilipsFloodTune luminaire
Philips ZoneScape 2.5
Scheduler and control of the ZONSCAPE hardware device
Philips Field Apps (306.37935)
These are B2B apps requiring authentication with userid andpassword. You must register first at beforedownloading the app. You will have access only to the specificregistered use case. Philips field apps are a suite of applicationsused to set various parameters of Philips products. Philips fieldapps are for a number of use cases: • EasySense – Programparameters of Philips EasySense Fixture-Mount Sensor • LumenSelection for EvoKit – Set specific light level of EvoKit in thefield • EasySense Industry IR – Configure and commission Industrysensors on ceiling
Philips PCA 1.4.14
PCA is the latest control application from the Philips.
Philips Mini 300 LED 1.6
Programming application for Philips Mini 300 LED luminaire forpetrol stations.
Interact Workspace 2.5.25-1
The Workspace app empowers to work smart while creating an amazingexperience.
Strand Lighting NEO Remote 1.6.2
Remote interface for NEO lighting control systems.
Philips Hue Bridge v1 1.2
This app can only be used in combination with the Philips HueBridgev1. ​ To ensure that we can regularly provide the majorityof ourusers with new features and functionality in the app we hadtocreate this specific app for the Bridge v1 as that bridge isnolonger capable of supporting all the new cool things that wearedoing.​ Therefor we recommend al our Bridge v1 users to upgradetothe Bridge v2 to keep getting the latest compatibility,functionsand features. The Bridge v2 is a smoother running device,moresecure and more integrated with the major virtual assistants.Ifyou already have a Bridge v2 you can use the main Philips Hueappto control your lights and enjoy the latest features.​ WHATISPHILIPS HUE?​ Philips Hue is a collection of smartlightingproducts (from bulbs to lamps and fixtures) that you cancontrolwith apps, sensors, switches, voice assistants and manymoreintegrations. To learn more about Philips Hue​
Philips Fashion lighting VR 1.3
Discover what lighting can do in fashion stores! Lightingisessential part of in-store design. Using the right lighting,youcan attract shoppers into your store, engage them whilebrowsinginside and even convert them into happy and satisfiedbuyers. Usingour Fashion Retail VR experience discover more aboutthe power oflight! Learn how dynamic lighting settings can createmotives andactions or how you can create theatrical effects insidethe storeand illuminate all clothing in a way that they will lookattractiveto customers. Using the right components and solutions,you cancreate the right lighting experience that will perfectlyworktogether with your brand and support the journey of yourshoppers.
Philips Hue 5.3.1
The official Philips Hue app to control every Hue product in yourhome.
Philips Hue Bluetooth
The most awesome way to control bluetooth lights and set theperfect ambiance.
Interact Pro App 3.5.14
Lighting commissioning and control app
Signify Service Tag 5.8.6
QR identification of Signify street lights to optimize maintenanceefficiency.
Philips Hue Sync 1.21.0
Use the Hue Sync mobile app to link your sync box to your on-screenTV content.
WiZ 1.29.0
WiZ smart light system
DiscoverMe LTP - Philips 2.0.3
Use DiscoverMe LTP app to discover Luminous Textile Panels(LTP's)in a network. The app will automatically forward you to theWeb UI(user interface), which is presented in the panel (LTP). Viatheweb UI of the panel, a user can control the panels in thenetwork.The user of the app should have or is already allowed toaccess thenetwork.
Philips EnvisionTouch 1.15.0
An application that provides control options for lighting, HVAC etcfrom mobile
Philips field app MC 1.8.0-b828
Mobile App to set up lighting that has MC-BLE technology inside.Itintegrates commissioning and configuration activities intoonesingle App for an installer and covers luminaire-based controlandroom-based control use cases.
Philips Lighting Catalogue 4.4
Discover the innovative Philips Lighting Catalogue App
Philips Outdoor Multisensor 4.0.0
Mobile App to configure the Philips Outdoor Sensor Bundle.
Philips Hue Training Campus 1.0.0
The intuitive way to learn about Philips Hue products.
Interact Light play 3
Create memorable lighting experiences
Interact Light play 3
Create memorable lighting experiences
Interact Agriculture 3.1.1
Allows you to manage/control an Interact Agriculture lightinginfrastructure
Philips lighting e-shop ID 2.0.B10S1
Philips lighting e-shop is an application to buy lamps from thenearest store.
Interact Personal Control 1.2.46
The app enables occupants to customize comfort settings in theirworkspace.
Interact Agriculture 3.1.1
Allows you to manage/control an Interact Agriculture lightinginfrastructure
Signify MultiOne Mobile 1.2.2
MultiOne Mobile app is a free and easy to use application toincludefield re-configuration of drivers through a smartphoneapp.Following features are supported: -Read and Write settings ofthedriver via Simplest(Internal NFC) and Bluetooth(NFCscanner).-Cloning of identical drivers(configure multiple deviceswith thesame settings).
Interact Retail Install 1.2.0
Interact Retail Install app connects your site into theInteractRetail IoT platform. This app guides you duringinstallationthrough all required steps to set up your site locallyandprovision it in the cloud. It’s intuitive design enables youtoreadily deploy without need for training.
Interact Agriculture (staging)
This applications allows you to manage/control Interactlightinginfrastructure for Agriculture purposes
Philips CoralCare 1.0
The CoralCare app allows you to easily program your Gen1 orGen2CoralCare fixtures wirelessly via wifi or Bluetooth: -choosefromuser friendly preprogrammed lighting schedules - easily createacustom 24 hours lighting schedule - share your lightingscheduleswith other refers - use direct control for maintenance, orcheckingon your reef inhabitants - gradually increase the intensityof thelight when introducing new corals, or installing newCoralCarelamps with the acclimatization phase function theintensity of thelight to match the needs of your corals.
Philips MC control app 1.0.0-b2
The MC control app provides end user light control - switchon/off,tuning of light intensity and color temperature, settingscenes,for lighting installations based on the MC-BLE technology.
Professional Lighting Catalog 1.5
Find professional lighting products from Signify; anywhere,anytime,and always up to date. At the touch of a screen discovertheinnovative Signify Professional Lighting Catalog app and accessallthe information you need for professional LED luminaires, lampsandlighting equipment. Use the app on your smartphone or tablettoexplore the full range of lighting catalogs with the verylatestinformation, technical downloads, and product photos. You canevenfind your local sales representative. The app’s Comparefeaturemakes it easy to find the perfect lighting solution and youcancreate your own personal favorites list and wish lists andsharethem via email. The Signify Professional Lighting Catalogappoffers you: • The complete professional lightingcatalogcontinuously updated with the latest information,technicaldownloads and photos. • Access to your local salesrepresentative.• Easy product comparisons, including technicalspecifications. •The option to create your own shareable favoriteslists and wishlists. • Ongoing access to the latest LED innovationsand productapplications. Download the Signify Professional LightingCatalogapp and have all the up-to-the-minute information you needat yourfingertips. Visit our website for
Philips Solar gen4 configurator 1.0.9
"Philips Solar Gen4 Configurator" is B2B App, complementary andeasyto use for monitoring and configuring the Solar luminairefromPhilips Lighting. This is designed to be use by Signifycertifiedpartners, service engineers, and installers. Following usecasesare available within this app: • Monitoring To monitorthereal-time luminaire parameters and the system health using theBLEtechnology. • Configuration Readout and configure thesystemparameters of the solar luminaire using the BLE technology.•Create Configuration Create the configuration files forcompatiblePhilips Solar Luminaire. Requirements: • Mobile phonewithBluetooth version 4.0 or higher and should be runningAndroidversion 6 or higher.
Signify LightFinder 1.2
Signify LightFinder: Get the right bulb with confidence.
WiZ Pro Setup 1.4.1
WiZ Pro Setup, your commissioning assistant.
Interact YellowDot 1.0.97
Signify LED Indoor Positioning.
WiZ V2 1.8.1
WiZ smart light system
Interact Field Assistant
Interact field assistant is an asset data collection app.
Philips Hue instore app
Meet the Philips Hue in-store demo app
Interact Sports Field Lighting
With the handy Interact Sports app you control the lightingaroundyour sports fields.
Interact light override
Easy control of city lighting at your fingertips!