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My Spanish Tutor 1.0
Learn over 250 indispensable Spanish words andphrases. This app is ideal for beginning students of Spanish. Savesyou time by automatically adjusting to your way of learning.Vocabulary topics include Basic Phrases, Time, Shopping and more!This App is ad-free.===Features:- Dozens of useful Spanish words and phrases- Fun colorful graphics- Ad Free
Mandarin Coach 1.1.0
This fun game teaches dozens of useful phrasesin Mandarin. Although this game may not be appropriate for absolutebeginners, it can be valuable in learning pinyin and memorizingsome popular Chinese characters.The game contains no ads.
Sight Words Wiz 1.0
We designed this app specifically for adultliteracy students. This App covers all 220 of Dolch Sight Words.These words are critical for functional literacy. The app workslike a patient teacher, helping students to learn at their ownpace.Features:- Colorful graphics- Automatically creates a list of 10 words that need morework- Record custom words featuring your or your child's voice- Fun sounds and animations- Remembers and shows quiz results- This App is ad-free
French Express 1.0
Learn dozens of useful French words andphrases. Topics include Basics, Family, Shopping and more! Theaudio was recorded by a native French speaker, so you can practiceyour pronunciation to make it perfect!This App is ad-free.===Features:- Dozens of useful French words and phrases- Fun colorful graphics- Ad Free
Sight Words Show 1
Show your children this automated presentationto improve their Sight Words recognition. Select levels and wordsthat your child needs to learn.This app is deceptively simple, yet powerful. Just watch, listenand repeat. A must-have for your Sight Words toolbox!The app is ad-free.===Features:- Includes all five Dolch Sight Words levels- Adjustable speed- Switch between upper and lower case- Fun and colorful graphics- No ads
Spanish Adventure 1
What this is: The purpose of this game istoteach Spanish must-to-know words and phrases inreal-lifesituations. Experts agree that this style of learningworks betterthan rote memorization. Also, it's 10 times more fun!What this is not: A full-blown AAA-style blockbuster videogamethat would entertain hardcore gamers for countless hours.Themissions in this game will be straightforward and close toreallife.How to play:1. Move player by tapping on the target point. He will walk toitautomatically. If walking is too slow for you, double-tap onthetarget point and he will run!2. Talk with characters by tapping on the "talk" iconthatappears when you first tap on the character.3. You can inspect items (water bottle, ATM, etc.) by tappingonthe "look" icon. You can use an item by tapping on the"cog"icon.4. During dialogs between the player and the characters, youcanrepeat each phrase as many times as you wish. To do that,simplyswitch to the Manual mode and use the “Repeat” button. Whenin theManual mode, move to the next phrase by tapping on the“Next”button.Tips:1. For better memorization, use the Manual mode and repeatphrasesaloud.2. Not sure what the characters say? Switch subtitlesbetweenEnglish and Spanish (Menu>Options>Language).3. Use Menu>Save and Menu>Load to quickly jump todifferentparts of the game.More missions will be added in the future. Please use theFeedbackbutton inside the app to share your opinion andsuggestions.
Fractions with Trains 1.0
Teaching kids Fractions may be moreimportantthan you think. Indeed, the National Mathematics AdvisoryPanelsays:"Difficulty with fractions (including decimals and percents)ispervasive and is a major obstacle to further progressinmathematics, including algebra. ... A key mechanism forlearningfractions is to be able to represent them on a numberline."Our game has been specifically aligned with the followingCommonCore State standards:CCSS.Math.Content.3.NF.A.1CCSS.Math.Content.3.NF.A.2CCSS.Math.Content.3.NF.A.3The student's task is to help the cute panda get to thebambooforest. This is achieved by repairing gaps in the railroad.Torepair the gaps it's necessary to select the right raillengths,and this it where the students learn the meaning offractions.The game contains no ads.===Features:- Teaches n/2, n/3, n/4, n/5 and n/8 fractions- Aligned with Common Core State standards- Fun and colorful graphics- Visual and auditory feedback
Sight Words Bird 3.1
This engaging game will help your childrenmemorize 220 Dolch Words. The goal of the game is to touch cloudswith the appropriate word while controlling the bird. It takes lessthan a minute to learn, but offers hours of educational fun!Reward animations make the game fun to playParents or teachers can customize the game by selecting Sight Wordslevels and background music volumeWorks in window and full screen
My Chinese Trainer 1.0
Learning useful words and phrases in MandarinChinese is easier than you might think! Our new app works like apatient teacher, helping you learn at your own pace.To save your time, the app keeps track of right and wronganswers. This makes the "Play Smart" mode possible, puttingemphasis on words or phrases needing more work.Did you know that one of the best "tricks" in learning a newlanguage efficiently is to say foreign words aloud? For thisreason, we are including pinyin representation for all the Chinesewords included in this app. We recommend that you read each Chinesequestion aloud a couple of times before selecting the Englishtranslation. This will make your learning much more efficient andrewarding.If you like this app, please rate it here. Your support makes itpossible for us to continue adding more exciting features .The app contains no ads.===Features:- Clear, high-quality audio recorded by native Mandarinspeakers- Topics include Basic Phases, Shopping, Time, Courtesy andQuestions- Fun and colorful graphics- Visual and auditory feedback
Spell and Play 1.1
Learn to spell some of the most misspelled English words whilehaving fun!
iTalkSpanish 3.0
Fun way to start learning Spanish!
Math Pilot 1.2
Practice math the fun way!
Sight Words Sentence Builder: Reading for Kids 7.7
Did you know that automatic recognition of Sight Words isanessential part of functional literacy? This fun game coversalllevels of Dolch Sight Words and lets students practice themincontext. The game is fun and simple. Using grade appropriateSightWords, children assemble short sentences from given words.Theplayer receives visual and auditory feedback indicating whethertheresponse is correct. Once the student answers correctly,theexercise moves to the next sentence. - Top-rated Sight Wordsgame -More than 100 example sentences - Teaches all 220 Dolch SightWordsin context - Fun and colorful graphics - Visual andauditoryfeedback - Three visual themes
Sight Words Coach 6.1.1
Teach kids all five levels of Dolch Sight Words with this fun andfree game!
Sight Words Candy 1.4.5
Sight Words Fun! Play the Game and Learn to Read Fast!
Space Ticket - Astronomy Quiz 1.1b
Check your knowledge with these exciting picture astronomy andspacequizzes!