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Castle Daemon 3.5.0
Castle Daemon is a strategic card game basedon the latest Unity 3D Engine of 2016. Players may match cards theyfavor to consist their own battle cards, and fight with other realplayers in real-time.Cards in the game are origined from different culture types likekingdom soldiers, tribe residents, elves, orcs and etc. Collect andenhance the cards you like, lead them into fantastic battlesagainst your rivals!Players can enjoy best game experience under WiFi mode or 3/4Gnetwork.Game Features:1. Each battle will be between real players. Destroy their defensetowers and base to reach victory!2. Get reward for battle cards, and collect various of cards;3. Find the best match for you from ever-changing cardmatches;4. Free operation of main character, and various ways to fight inbattles;5. Reverse your battle situation in one second with differentultimate skills.
Battle of Gods 9.6.5
Long time ago, the world had only one continent, with many godslived on it...... The gods' power could destroy the whole world,yet their ambitions would ruin everything. Wars never ended. Therecame the day, when wars and gods disappeared, the lands burst into4 parts out of sudden. What happened? No one ever figures out.After the gods were gone, a new species - Human, appeared on thelands. They inherited knowledge of the gods and They foundedcountries with inheritance of knowledge from the gods, togetherwith their ambitions, cunningness, fights and wars.... In a longtime, some more horrible power is breeding, which only awakensamong minority of people. They are called the "Heirs". They fightwith no holy purpose of saving the world. Instead, they fight forsurvival, family, and for fulfilling their endless ambitions! Theygather together and help with each others to fight against thewhole world, and that's where the BOG come from. 【Features】 1. Tobe a stronger !!! Growth: Upgrade God's Quality, Horcrux Enchant,Activation of Skills ... More fantastic things waiting to befound!! Gameplays: Challenge Warzone, Endless Forest, MirrorTemple, Apocalypse Tower, Pantheon... The road to be stronger isnearby from you!! Title Arena: Defeat strong rivals with micro-playon fingertips and interruptive skills, win higher titles!! 2. To beNO.1 !!!! World Ranking Match: defeat strong rivals from otherNations. To be No. 1 among the whole servers!!!!!! 3. To be goodleaders/ members in Legion!!!!! World: Whole Servers Competition,Legion Assemble, develop and defend your own castle in the wideworld. Join Legion, plunder abundant resource together with yourmembers. Monsters and Bosses are waiting for challenging!!!!!--->>> For any questions or comments on the awesome《Battle of Gods》, please reach out to us at :
Ultimate Glory - War of Kings 1.0
Want to marry the princesses? Dive into Ultimate Glory - WarofKings, become the king, marry the princesses! Recruitlegendaryheroes, build an powerful army & RULE THE WORLD!Explore exoticmagical lands thrown into chaos by terrifyingmonsters and powerfulenemies. Choose your favorite heroes, make newfriends, and chargefearlessly into war! Strike down your foes andbuild an empire!FEATURES ●Marry the princesses More than 7beautiful princesses arewaiting for you! ● An Open-World StrategyGame See, chat, and clashwith other players in this MMO strategygame! ● Rule as the EmperorClaim the throne in a battle royale forthe kingdom! Will yourlegacy as a empire be just or cruel?! ●Powerful Heroes Let themlead your kingdom to glory, or mix andmatch them to complete anRPG&SLG-style campaign that you willwant to play again andagain! ● Master Your Strategy Think of newlineups and perfect yourstrategy! Will you conquer enemy kingdomsand imprison rival lords?Will you liberate prisoners of war? Orwill your kingdom and empirecrumble to dust? Write your own legacy,only in Ultimate Glory -War of Kings!
War of Survival 1.0
"War of Survival" is a MMO, real-time war strategy game. Youwillplay a commander in the future world, build your own base,trainyour army, join an epic war, capture enemy bases, formallianceswith other players, help each other, and defeat those whoblockyour path to unify the world! Game Features [World War,Competewith players from whole world] Competing with players fromallcountries. Your opponents come from all over the world,defeatingall enemies and leading your own warzone to be thestrongest one.[Construct your own Base Center] Upgrade variousstar-ratedbuildings, research technology, train the army, trainmechs, buildtraps, and make your base stronger and stronger![Unique Mechsystem] All mechs have their own unique skills andbattle modes. Inthe adventure of barrier, the mech is a warriorwith strong power.When it goes to the Legion War, it will be agreatest general wholeads your soldiers to conquer all enemies. Ina way, it bring youa completely different combat experience.[Unpredictable Tactics]The soldiers are divided into Anti-riotInfantry, Grenadier,Sniper, Scooter and Gunner. Theircharacteristics are distinctwhile they also have fatal weaknesses.The key is to get the rightintelligence in time and make ato-the-point strategy, then you’llfind it’s not a hard thing towin, even though your enemy may havestronger might than yours.[Master the real-time situation] Siege,offense, defense, attack,all of these instructions, will be handedover to the player. Thestrategy and formation of troops on thebattlefield can decide theoutcome of a war. The most importantthing is that the player canexperience the real war, let you knowthe reasons for the loss ofthe battle in real time and learn fromthe lessons. [Clan rallybattle] Join a clan, build the war zone,discuss strategies and helpeach other with your allies. You canalso gather troops and alliesto launch an epic battle of 100legions against your enemies.[Zombie Hunting] Send troops to huntzombies. Eliminate the zombiesand get various rewards and preciousitems. Furthermore, you canshare the fruits of victory with yourallies and build a more stableenvironment. Fight together with theallies!
Legend of Kings 1.08
This is precisely the kind of battle game you are looking for -acreative gameplay with Controllable Battle & MMOStrategy.FREEto PLAY NOW! LEGEND OF KINGS will give you brand newexperiencesbeyond imagination! All we pursue in game for players isto bringback real battles that is visible and controllable. Withthediverse combos of 3 elements namely lord, heroes, soldiers,andeffectiveness between soldiers and lineup, you can evenoutflankyour enemy and save the battle. Besides, you will also needtoconstruct your own castle, make a customized lord, andworktogether with clan members to face global challenges!