Sensor Notes Global Apps

Music Blade: EDM Rhythm Sword
Music Blade: EDM Rhythm Sword is an exciting music runner game
Piano Tap: Tiles Melody Magic 6.2
Piano Tap: Tiles Magic - you can perform piano by simply tappingpiano tiles
Beat Shooter 6.4
Beat Shooter the music rhythm game. Beat Shooter EDM Music &Gun Sounds
Kalimba Connect 4.2
Kalimba Connect: Virtual Kalimba to play with 650,000+ song frommusic songbooks
Beat Pipe 2.2
Beat Pipe is a On Pipe 3d arcade game with music edm for everyone
Piano Detector: Virtual Piano 6.5
Piano Detector a great application to learning piano
Zombie Hide & Seek Horror
Zombie Hide and Seek Horror playtime - The awesome hyper casualgame.
Monster Smashers
Monster Smashers game is a super cool, easy and relaxing game.Smash and Run!
Monster Survival: Kissy Missy 6.2
Monster Survival: Kissy Missy with Hide 'N Seek Playtime - Theawesome hyper casual game. With two modes for you to choose: BecomeKilly Willy or Kissy Missy and go hunt the Monster or become theMonster and runaway from the creepy Killy Willy Kissy Missy. Enjoybrand new poppy game characters and zombie survival dolls in oldclassic hide and seek games. If you ever know about Monster Horror,it's playtime for you to get start in this game.
Beat Ball: Dancing Color Hop 2.2
Beat Ball: Dancing Color Hop is a dancing ball music game withmusic EDM rhythm
Dancing Shoot 3.7
Dancing Shoot the music rhythm game. Music lovers will definitelylove it!
Dancing Stack 5.1
Dancing Stack Ball is a 3d arcade game with music edm for everyone
Beat Slices 3.0
Easily become the master chef of the fruit cutting art and fruitchopping
Beat Go: Rhythm Street 3.3
Beat Go: Rhythm Street subway endless runner game for music gamelover
Robber Imposter
Robber Imposter is a survival hyper casual game for everyone
Drum Tap: Tiles Drum Beat 1.5
With Drum Tap, you can perform drum music by simply tapping drumcolor tiles
Bobby Run
Run fast and gather as many stick man as possible to save ourbeloved castle
Beat Road: Rhythm Racing 2.4
Beat Road: Rhythm Racing is a music rhythm motorcycle racing game
Piano Fever 5.8
Piano Fever: 3D Tiles - Piano with simplifies piano to play EDMmusic
Guzheng Master 5.5
Guzheng Master supports many playing techniques as an acousticGuzheng
Kalimba Master 2.4
Kalimba Master is a cute and customizable app version of thekalimba instrument
Koto Master 1.2
The koto is a Japanese plucked half-tube zither instrument
Pianist Master 5.4
Pianist Master is a great Piano app to play & learning pianoforamatuer and pro
Notes Master 4.9
Notes Master: Music Theory helps you to learn music in a fun&engaging way
Joolee Kalimba: Piano Thumb 1.9
Joolee Kalimba is a cute and customizable app version of thekalimbainstrument
Beat Rocket 1.5
The objective of game is to trigger fireworks explosions intimewith music